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Review of lithium

Review of lithium

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advantages of the battery
advantages of the battery

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Published by: SilenceWales on Jun 19, 2013
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A lithium battery is really a class of lithium metal or lithium alloy because anode material, the usage of non-a queous

electrolyte solution batteries. First appeared in the lithium battery through the great inventor Thom as Edison. Because chemical properties of lithium metal is quite lively, making lithium metal processing, pre servation, Dell laptop battery use, environmental requirements are extremely high. Therefore, l ong-term lithium batteries weren't applied. Characteristics of lithium batteries 1, includes a higher energy than the weight, the amount energy ratio; 2, hollywood, single lithium battery voltage of three.6V, adequate to three nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal h ydride rechargeable batteries in series voltage; 3, self-discharge small can be stored for some time, this can be a most prominent advantages of the battery; 4, no memory effect. Nickel-cadmium batteries lithium isn't going to exist so-called memory effect, so do not need discharge before charging lithium batteries; 5, extended life. Under normal operating conditions, HP laptop battery the lithium battery charg e / discharge cycles more than 500; 6, could be quickly charged. Lithium batteries can usually be between 0.5 and 1 times the proportions of the current charging, the charging time is shortened to at least one to 2 hours; 7, might be freely used in parallel; 8, because the battery doesn't contain cadmium, lead, mercury as well as other chemical toxins, environment al pollution, is the most advanced green batteries; 9, the purchase price is high. In comparison with other rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries costlier. Structure of lithium batteries You will discover usually two lithium batteries appearance: al and rectangular.

Compaq laptop battery cylindric

Battery internal spiral winding structure, which has a very fine and highly permeable material in polyethylen e film isolate negative and positive interval formed. Comprises a good electrode made up of lithium and cob alt dioxide and lithium ion collector formed by a thin film of aluminum current collecting electrode. A bad el ectrode formed by the sheet-like carbon material of the lithium ion collector and copper thin film constructe d from the composition on the current collecting electrode. Battery is filled with a natural electrolyte solutio n. Also designed with a safety valve and also the PTC element, so the battery in an abnormal state and output short circuit to guard battery from damage. Single lithium battery voltage of 3.6V, capacity are unable to infinite and thus, often a single lithium battery series and multiprocessing to meet up with the requirements asions.

Acer laptop battery of various occ

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