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PHILIPPINE INSTITUTION 100 (PI 100) The Life and Works of Jose Rizal second Semester A.y.

2012-2013 Prerequisite: Senior Standing Credits: 3 units No. of Hours: 3 hours per week Instructor: Irene Bel R. Plotea Course Objective: At the end of the semester the students are expected to 1. Critically study the life and works of Jose Rizal in the context of his milieu 2. Determine the role of Rizal and his writing in the development of Filipino nationalism 3. Elicit and analyze the relevance of Rizals heroism and ideas vis--vis contemporary events and developments in the Philippine society. Course Requirements Attendance, Quizzes and Written Reports 2 long exams Final Exam Oral/ Creative Reporting Culminating Activity Class Project

10% 30% 15% 15% 15% 15% 100%

Class Policies 1. The university rule on class attendance will be strictly enforced. If the student reaches 20% (6 absences) he/ she will be automatically dropped from the subject. You are considered late if you come to class 15 minutes after the bell rings. 3 late is equivalent to 1 absent 2. You are required to read all the assigned readings before coming to class. 3. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the exchanging of ideas during the class; through recitation in the form of airing ideas, responding and asking a question or clarifications. 4. Mobile phones and gadgets are not allowed to be use during the class hours unless it facilitates learning. 5. During the oral presentation, students will be formed into groups and specific topics will be assigned to them. Reporters are required to deliver to topic in the most creative way. The use of visual aids is encouraged. Criterion for Grading the Oral/ Creative Report: Content 40% Relevance 20% Creativity/ Originality 20% Presentation 10% Group Rating 5% Entertainment 5% __ 100% 6. There will be 2 long examinations in this course and 1 final exam failing to take the exam, the student will get a score of 0% for that specific requirement, unless you provide a valid certificate from the UP Health Service that you were seriously ill during the time of examination. 7. For the creative presentation, students will be formed into groups. You are required to perform specific chapters from Noli me Tangere and El Filibusterismo and 2 other literary pieces written by Jose Rizal Criterion for Creative Presentation Content 40% Relevance 20% Creativity/ Inventiveness 20% Presentation 10%

8. 9.

5% 5% __ 100% As part of the course requirement, student should be able to transmit the relevance of Jose Rizal to the younger generation either to the out-of school youth or students from different elementary and high Schools near them. For the culminating activity, the class will join the other PI class in 19th Century Philippines: Ang Pagsasadula . Other matters regarding this activity will be announced soon.

Group Rating Entertainment

Grading System

Your grades will be measured base on the percentage given in the course requirement. Your final weighted average score will have the following equivalents: 96- 100% 92- 95% 88- 93% 84- 87% 79- 83% 74- 78% 69- 73% 64- 68% 55- 63% 0- 54% 1.0 1.25 1.5 1.75 2.0 2.25 2.5 2.75 3.0 5.0

Course Outline
Part I. Overview A. Bakla Ba si Rizal? Anak ba ni Rizal si Hitler, Mao at Hirohito? B. Rizal and the Beauty contest: Vital Statistics Matters C. Imperialism, History and Writing and Theory D. Rediscovering the Meaning in History and The Rizaliana Scholarships E. RA 1425 Part II. Rizal: Ang pagkilala A. The Life of Rizal B. Rizal in the Context of 19th Century Philippines C. Rizal and Education D. Enlightenment, Deism and Rizal E. Spanish Krauisism and Rizal Part III. Literary Works a. A la Juventud Filipina b. El Consejos de los Dioses c. Junto Al Pasig d. To the Flowers of Heidelberg e. The Indolence of the Filipino f. Reflections of a Filipino g. Philippines a Century Hence Part IV: Writings from the Margins A. Noli me Tangere 1. The Noli me tangere as a Catalyst of Revolution 2. Humor and Craftsmanship in the First Chapter of Noli Me Tangere

3. Rizala and Revolution B. El Filibusterismo 1. Three Faces of Evil in El Filibusterismo 2. National Liberation 3. Veneration without Understanding and its Decline Part V. Rizals Love Life Part VI. Rizals Nationalism A. Nationalism: Nation, People and State V. Nation State B. Andersons Imagined Community and Quibuyens Anderson Rereading of Rizal and Philippine nationalism C. Rizals Concept of Filipino Nation D. Remaking if the Philippine History E. On the Concept of National Community F. Nationalism, Imagery and the Filipino Intelligista Part VII. Rizal in the Eyes of other Hero Part VII: Hirit ni Rizal para sa Kabataan Filipino


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