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and Planning the Future: Architect

Table of Contents What is my Dream Job?...............................................................................................................................4 Why is this the perfect job for me?........................................................................................................5 What are my goals? ......................................................................................................................................7

Outline I. Introduction II. Research Methods A. Qualitative B. Quantitative III. Conclusion

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Janet Lee Mr. Steigner Genre Literature 6/10/2013

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Finding and Planning the Future: Architect At age 7, I wanted to be a truck driver. The vast trucks driving close to my

neighborhood seemed almost like a rocket flying to space. However at age 9 when I realized that trucks are just like plain cars, I began to fall in love with the navy blue uniforms of the police officers. Later on when I went to middle school, I thought the most ideal job in reality is professor because my mom as a professor seemed to make a lot of money. I have changed since my childhood and my dreams have changed with me. At this stage of my life, I am starting to recognize the competition of the society and am searching for the job that I have the talents for and will enjoy. I. What is my Dream Job? There are two different dreams; the unrealistic dream that comes to you in your sleep and the other one that you vision as your future. You cant control your dreams at night, but you are able to picture your own future. In the imagery of my future, I see myself as an architect. An architect may simply seem as an artist sketching buildings and other structures, however there is so much more to the job of an architect. An architect works in construction by being involved with designing and constructing new buildings and making changes to old or ruined structures. Most architects begin their career at an architect agency. After developing their skills, well known 4
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architects work independently for their clients and manage the entire project from design to construction. Teams of architects also work with surveyors and engineers during construction (Architect: Job description). An architect not only needs artistic skills, but also requires engineering abilities to plan out measurements and bring the drawings to real life ("Interesting Facts about Architects?). In terms of education, only a bachelors degree is needed, but there are several other skills demanded (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). The business world of design not only desires for simple yet beautiful buildings, but most welcomes sketches that are innovative. To sketch fresh designs not seen by every other architect, creativity is a must. Even though new designs are appreciated, the sketches yet have to be realistic and business fitting in order to be sold. An architect isnt a job that requires various education and degrees; it is a job that asks for several other skills than a degree. II. Why is this the perfect job for me? When choosing a job, you cannot make a choice fully dependent on your personal preference. In order to succeed in your area of occupation, you need to pick a job that you have the right skills and talents for. I dont only wish to become an architect, because I am amazed by beautiful textures and designs of buildings. I have also recognized that my personality and strengths support me to succeed as an architect. Even though there are several architects, only a couple leave works that are historical. The architects that design memorable structures have a strong view that differs from the others (Vries, "18 Design Lessons You Can Learn From Architecture). In the arts, I have a clear point of view that is rather odd than common. Being a creative person, I think
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architect is a suitable job for me, because I can sketch designs that are different than what other architects have presented. As the design industry welcomes new sketches, I think I have a great chance of constructing a structure that may leave legacy of a sort. In addition, even though someone may be full of fresh designs, it requires confidence to take the risk to present the sketches. Even though new ideas are welcomed, odd ideas are refused from the business society. Several architects sketch structures that are beautiful in their aesthetics, however are afraid to present the sketch, due to the chances it will get negative feedback. Being a very confident person myself and on the work I do, I will benefit as an architect, because I will not be scared to design and present sketches that I view as fresh. Plus, since the competition between architects is very high, most of them begin their career working for an experienced architect or working with others in an agency. Especially in design where architects have different viewpoints, it is often difficult to collaborate and agree with others during sketching. As several intelligent artists are introverts, being an extrovert will benefit me. Companies prefer extraversion architects, because they are much more comfortable to request for certain aspects in their sketches (Craven, "Begin Your Career in Architecture"). Now in high school, I have to take a step closer towards the reality. I have to recognize my strengths and weaknesses and look for a job that not only I like, but fit me. Having the qualities of creativity, confidence and being an extravert, these characteristics will support me in my dream of becoming an architect.

III. What are my goals?

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Walt Disney once said, The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing (BrainyQuote). Even though people say, Dreams come true; nothing will happen unless you start taking small steps towards your dreams. In order to become the person I want to be and have the job I desire to have, I have goals I want to accomplish from the present. First, I want to become a student officer of MUN in my upper classmen years. In the beginning of this school year, I impulsively tried out and joined MUN. Even though I tried out because of the recommendation of my brother, I think it was a great choice. Through MUN, my speaking skills have developed so much and I am looking forward for the next three years I will be involved in the club. I am yet just a member, however I strongly want to be a student officer in my junior or at least senior year. In any job I try to get, competition will be harsh. Even though I have confidence, I sometimes see myself struggling to lead others. I really want to have the chance to serve as a student officer at MUN to learn under the other officers with great qualities as a leader. Second, I want to attend a Technology University. As mentioned before, an architect not only needs artistic skills, but also requires engineering abilities. I do have passion for art; however want to focus my career as an architect in engineering and think my enthusiasm in mechanics may specialize me as an architect. I want to go to a specified Technology University such as MIT and California Tech, because I wish to get specified education in engineering under the greatest professors. Last, I want to work for Gensler. When I was in middle school, my friend showed me a picture of the Shanghai tower from vacation. The tower was simply cube shaped, yet was

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elegant due to the smooth lining and curves along its surface. I was amazed how someone could build art that is big in size, but so precise like its sketch on a sheet of paper. After searching for the architect that designed the tower, I found out that the architect agency Gensler directed its construction. The tower inspired me so strongly that I still want to design and sketch for Gensler. Several famous architects work alone designing for big companies or individuals, but I want to begin my career at Gensler where I first earned my motivation. Dreams change very easily and there is nothing wrong about this. I might get a new dream or goal in not even a year. Therefore, it is important for me to set goals that wont only help me achieve my current dream, but will support me in any direction I choose to go. My short and long term goals for the future are becoming an MUN officer, going to a technology specified university, and working for the architecture agency Gensler. A strong goal is always a great motivation in life. My dreams may still change in the

future, however there is no harm of believing in what I am dreaming of at the moment. All that is left for me to do from now is to find ways to first achieve small goals that will lead me to my future. 8

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