E - Sermon

Treasures from Heaven

Overtaken By Blessings!
While at a prayer meeting I was led to read in Amos chapter 9. The following verse stood out but did not immediately make any sense;

I spent some time meditating on this and asking the Lord what it’s application is to me and the Church today. Now for those of you who are wonderful students of the bible, this is no new revelation, but it is confirming what I believe the Lord wants to see happen in our lives and in the Churches where people are trusting Him and have been sowing for months if not years into the kingdom of God. And I do not only mean ‘money’ when I use the word ‘sow’. This is a prophetic word to you to encourage you to not give up! There are those of you who have given your time to serve faithfully in the local Church. You have gotten involved in various community projects that reach out to the lost, and yes, you have also invested money into the work of the Lord. You are people of faith, yet still you wonder when the harvest is coming your way? Everyone else is blessed except you. All the ‘other’ churches are growing except yours. Sounds familiar? This is what this prophetic word is saying to you;

I pray that this word will take root in your heart and that every discouragement goes as you choose to continue in His purpose. You For His Kingdom Pastor Tony Sands

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