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Alexandra cazeau


What are the SAT?

The SAT is the most widely used college admission test

and which college who will have to accept you and if you didnt pass it you can still accept to some of the other college like community college. Also SAT is a test administered to high school students in order to assess their ability to succeed in college, independently of high school grades and other indicators. The SAT is a paper based test, consisting of multiple-choice questions and five possible answers along with an essay and ten free response math questions.

Why do students take SATs?

Students take SATs test because it help you

decided on what college you should go it depends on how well you did. Also help you have a great opportunity to accept from any college that youll like to hire only if you do well on it.

List 3 fact about the SATs

First of all if you answer a question correct

you gain one point but if its incorrectly you lose one fourth point The SAT consists of three major sections like critical reading, mathematics, and writing. What you need to getting done as a students and what you need to improve more.

What type of math question are on the SATs

1) What is the average (arithmetic mean) of all the multiples of ten from 10 to 190 inclusive? C is the answer because when add up all the multiples of 10 (10 + 20 + 30 +190), and divide by the number of terms (19) and The middle term out of 19 is the tenth term in the series = 100.
A. 90 B. 95 (C). 100 D. 105 E. 110

2) ( 2 - 3 ) =24

SAT math question

3) An amusement park charges $8 for an adults' ticket, and $6 for a children's ticket. On a certain

day, a total of 150 tickets were sold for a total cost of $1020. How many more children's tickets were sold than adults' tickets? (30) 50 60 90 120 A is the answer for that

SAT math question

If a is increased by 50 percent and b is decreased by 20 percent, by what percent is the area of the lawn increased?

A 15%

(B)20% C30% D45% E70%

When b decreases by 20%, it goes from 100 feet to 80 feet, since 20% of 100 is 20. So the original area was a x b = 100 x 100 = 10,000 square feet. The new area is 150 x 80 = 12,000 square feet. So the area has increased by 12,000 10,000 = 2,000 square feet.

Challenging questions(SAT)

Machine A can produce 1,000 sausages in 4 hours. Machine B can produce 1,000 sausages in 8 hours. Working together at their respective rates, how long will it take the machines to produce 1,000 sausages? A 1 hr 40 min B2 hrs (C)2 hrs 40 min D3 hrs E4 hrs 20 min

If it produces sausages at a rate of 1000 in 4 hours, then it makes 250 sausages per hour. Machine B produces sausages at a rate of 1000 in 8 hours, making its hourly rate 125 sausages per hour. Working together at their respective rates, therefore, the two machines produce 125 + 250 = 375 sausages per hour, and so it will take them hours, or 2 hours 40 minutes to produce 1,000 sausages,So I would say c is the answer.

UMASS Boston(SAT score)

UMass Boston has a student faculty ratio of 16 to

1 and offers 65 undergraduate degree programs, 39 masters degree programs, 13 doctoral programs and 14 certificate programs. Also thats their average score that they have on the SAT.
SAT Critical Reading: 430 / 560 SAT Math: 460 / 585 SAT Writing: - / -

UMASS UMASS Amherst Scores(SAT)

Test Scores -- 25th / 75th Percentile

SAT Critical Reading: 460 / 570 SAT Math: 485 / 580 SAT Writing: 450 / 550

UMass Dartmouth - SAT Scores

Test Scores -- 25th / 75th Percentile
SAT Critical Reading: 460 / 570 SAT Math: 485 / 580 SAT Writing: 450 / 550

I guess those are the three college that I have

thinking of attending on.