A professional designer in the making. Shikha Jain. err. Her life revolves between two things. . her specialty. And also. In his life he prefers everything chilled. which ofcourse are best served sizzling hot. but then a Sarcastic Pujari does not sound too good. is an 19 years old upcoming model (She is actually pretty but she is doing engineering. There is nothing he loves more than ice-cream. apart from brownies and girls. He is good at spreading happiness with his mouth. with something witty always up her sleeve. 5(1-4 have been kept secret to maintain the austerity of ROFLDiairies *wink* *wink*). forgive him if he says something stupid. ʻonlineʼ and ʻlast seenʼ. she likes all things wild.ʼ Pranav Advani is a 16 year old boy who has had 4 years of experience being 16. and photographing Bitches. Quite carefree and friendly by nature. unless its two scoops of ice-cream. She stands by the motto.The Group An eighteen year old girl struggling to come to terms with her new found “adult” status. well you know her. Only Prettier. is a 20 year old girl who swears her life by her DSLR and Macbook Pro which she tricked her rich boyfriend into gifting her. Photography is her passion. one day she wishes to create a new Statue of Liberty for which she herself will be modeling. He firmly believes that ʻUgly-ness is not an excuse for virginity anymore. we mean words. unless you are Mayawatiʼ. ʻNo one is ugly in this world till the time you know how to Photoshop. Namrata Pandit is our youngest contributor. she is the female equivalent of Arnab Goswami. She is a walking pair of Ovaries who disapproves of pretty much everything that breathes. She loves travelling and going on a world tour is on her bucket list at No. She plans to be a hot shot criminal lawyer because.) Shweta Patil. so therefore she is as good as Miss India to these engineering guys. does it? Quick to retort. Sarcasm was going to be her middle name officially. (5 marks for being a pretty face in an engineering college.. and consistently scores 105/100. you see?). he is suffering from Male Menopause. She is a Math lover. she is a bitch who will never bite. She is so bubbly that she will put a Thumbs Up to shame.

Mostly seen prosecuting a BMM/BMS course in some random college. (Potential Pati List) I know it's mediocre. if you're okay with spending the rest of your life with someone who cracks scientific puns. But I'm going to spare you readers the horror of imagining me using pick up lines and clarify that I was asking them about their career plans. girls. "So what are you going to do?" Now this may sound like an invitation to sapiosexuals because I've scored 90. Undoubtedly the best hubby you could bag. This boy is the one who has bagged all scholarships in school right from Middle school scholarship to Sambodh. I've been busy making a smug face and asking people their scores. I wear the same pair of Jockeys for three days straight". it takes a lot of practice) and asking boys. 1. this week more than anything else. . this variety shows its traits right since school. And boys can refer to this to ensure that they don't have to lejao their Dulhania on National Television à la Rahul Mahajan. 2. Occasionally raising one eyebrow (Yes. this boy is the Ultimate Slacker who passes off his sheer laziness to pull his pants up as a new style. The Hippie The exact contrast of the previous type. Homi Bhabha Young Scientist and National Talent Search exam. I've been striking a lot of them off my PPL. Pravinya. So here is an indicative list that'll make your job much easier. but I grew up looking at Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the city. subtly.Potential Pati List As HSC results are out. After contemplating the pay checks that each one of them might take home five years down the line.33% and I do a very fine job when it comes to hinting at it. you really want to stay away from this variety unless you look forward to staying awake for your Pati Parmeshwar as he comes home sloshed every night. (That should explain a lot of things!) I strongly recommend this to everyone. shallow and anti-feminist to select a groom solely on the basis of his pay check. more popularly known as "Yes. The IITian Easy to spot.

the dreaded CA. Will force you to live in a joint family where at regular intervals he'll point out to you how your expenses on that lovely pair of Steven Madden is entirely unjustified and you should be shopping at Bata instead. The Number Cruncher Yes. I will forever be indebted to you. Mostly Gujju or Marwari. This is a very broad classification of Adam's descendants and frankly none of them appeal to me. brooding millionaire who is passionate about saving the Siberian crane. If you come across a handsome. *The writer is a confessed listmaniac and her poor sense of humour has proved instrumental in driving away every single soulmate that has crossed her path.* .com. just drop me a line at: rofldiaries@gmail.3.

. The only and the most effective tip I would like to give you so that your able to burn your calories faster is watch and practice the yoga taught by Bipasha Basu instead of Ramdev baba's because even Ramdev baba watches her video to keep himself fit. Is there any way i can get bieber out of her head? Ans2.infact she loves gay's. Whenever we are together she keeps singing bieberʼs songs and it irritates me a lot. My weight is 120 kg. I do Ramdev babaʼs yoga every morning but it isnʼt helping. I am a 20-year old boy. Girls!! Why do you'll behave so badly with this poor guy?? Very bad.Am good looking but because of my weight no girl even looks at me. I felt really sorry for you after listening to your problem. Follow my suggestion and better dump her before its too late. I really feel hurt because of it. With a heavy heart I would like to tell you that your girlfriend doesn't love guys. 2.Can you please suggest how do i reduce my weight? Ans1.The look of her sexy body would make you do something that would reduce make your weight from 120kgs to 70 within a few months.My friend if your girlfriend is a big fan of justin bieber and if she keeps singing bieber's song even when you are with her then I think something is terribly wrong with her.Samsyaon ka Samdhan 1.My girlfriend is a big fan of justin bieber but I hate him like anything.

3. . After i saw the trailer of the upcoming movie Ranjhana. Take it as a compliment and be happy about the fact that they refer to you as Chunky pandey and not bobby darling.I am glad to know that people are still passionate about getting into bollywood even after knowing the level to which the quality of bollywood movies have fallen down to. And you never know. I am cent percent sure that you would get an opportunity to work as an actor in bollywood because if Dhanush can.I am a 18-year old college student. Whenever thereʼs any festival in my college.what can even ur college students do about it. 4. Coming back to you. What do you think about it? Ans. I am all the more motivated and confident that even i do stand a chance in bollywood. I really want to get rid of this “Chunky Pandey” tag can you please suggest how do i go about it? Ans. I am very passionate towards becoming a bollywood actor. I work as a clerk in my office.Don't feel bad because they refer to you as Chunky pandey. the host always make fun of me by referring to me as the Chunky pandey of my college.this tag might even help you meet the dream girl of your life. even you can or should I say even the sweeper of my building can. Now if god has blessed you with features similar to as that of Chunky Pandey's. I am a 32-year old man.

Not doggie style. you just need to find someone who'll find your OCD symptoms cute. Shortly after that you contemplate the most efficient way of biting off the human finger. . There. Bitches they come. I said it.Horrorscopes Something will be entering Uranus this week. Clearly. you perv: You are pointed at today. they gooo!" won't get you any female attention. No. he has no idea who your ex was. Your dentist asks you to "prepare for the worst five minutes of your life". yo. Simply put. This week is buzzing with activity. No. You'll find a honeycomb under your window. rapping to "Saturday to Sunday. You're not Barney Stinson.

the more punchable their faces will become. equally. So it's only fair to hate everybody. . You should probably come up with a new name for your pet. aquarius You don't want to single out anyone today. Bad luck follows you everywhere this week. The more time you spend with people. You won't get lucky. You will be up all Saturday night to get lucky. Fuck it.Don't hide your copy of Fifty Shades of Grey under the pillow.

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