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Market research on videocon color television

Market research on videocon color television


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to know consumers and dealers perception about Videocon color television in jaipur city
to know consumers and dealers perception about Videocon color television in jaipur city

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Published by: fre@k on May 03, 2009
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This project report has been prepared as per the requirement of the syllabus
of MBA course structure under which the students are the required to
undertake industrial internship. We look our training at VIDEOCON
Industries Limited at its corporate office at C-Scheme, Rajasthan. Our job
during the training was to get an overview of the CTV of Market of Jaipur.

It was a first hand experience for us as that we were exposed to the
professional set-up and were facing the market, which was really a great

During training period, I had very touching experiences. When business is
involved, experiences counts a lot, as we know, experience are an
instrument, which leads towards success. As we all know working with
Videocon Industries Ltd., has been a pleasure.

Now I take this opportunity to present the project report and sincerely hope
that it will be as much knowledge enhancing to the readers as it was to use
during the fieldwork and the compilation of the report.

The Department of Management studies started in academic year 2006 aims
at providing comprehensive managerial skills to the incumbents. At large,
for an able technocrat, combinations of technical and managerial skills are
essential to meet the challenges of industry/corporate world. The
Department of Management Studies, has been doing yeomen service in this
Organizing regular workshops for academia-industry interface, trainings for
Govt. officials, professionals and students is just a glimpse of the
department's myriad activities.

Encouraged by the performance of the department of management studies,
PCE, and in view of the growing interest of students in pursuing MBA
course, the management decided to add new institution PSOM.

The goal of DMS, PGC right since establishment, has been to create a
dynamic environment that facilitates interaction and dialogue. The focus of
the department is on developing the ability to think, analyze and solve
problems, work in a team have good communication skills and continue to
strive for lifelong learning.

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