ACCIS: Automated Command and Control Information System / Sistem de comanda automata si control al informatiilor ACOS: Assistant Chief of Staff / Aghiotantul sefului de stat major ACP: Allied Communications Publications / Publicatiile NATO despre comunicatii AFV: armored fighting vehicles / vehicule blindate de lupta AGI: Annual General Inspection / inspectia generala anuala AI: Area of Interest / Zona de interes AIT: Advanced Individual Training / instructie individuala avansata AMMO: Ammunition / munitie AO: Area of Operation / zona de operatii AOR: Area of Responsibility / zona de responsabilitate APC: Armored Personnel Carrier / transportor blindat AR: Army Regulation / regulament militar ArmdDiv: Armored Division / divizie blindata ASP: Ammunition Supply Point / punct de aprovizionare cu munitie AWLS: Amber Warning Light System; amber coloured warning light required by law to be fitted to all armoured vehicles in Germany / lumina de avertizare a vechiculelor blindate AWOL: Away Without Leave / absent nemotivat. BII: Basic Issue Items; authorized accessories and equipment (for example, tools on a tank) / accesorii si tehnica de lupta de baza BP: Battle Position / pozitie de lupta CAP: Combat Air Patrol / patrula aeriana de lupta CDR: Commander / comandant CFX: Command Field Exercise / exercitiu de comandament in teren CINC: Commander in Chief / comandant in exercitiu (in functie) CJTF: Combined Joint Task Force / Forta Multinationala Intrunita COS: Chief of Staff / sef de stat major DCP: Deployable Command Post / punct de comanda mobil DIVARTY: Division Artillery / divizie de artilerie EA: Engagement Area / zona de ducere a luptei ENCL: Enclosure; additional information on a separate page added to a memo or letter / anexa EOD: Explosive Ordnance Disposal / distrugerea dispozitivelor explozive ERA: Explosive Reactive Armour / blindaj reactiv FM: Field Manual, a book pertaining to a specific subject / manual de instruire FO: Forward Observer / observator inaintat FSE: Fire Support Element / element de sprijin de foc FSO: Fire Support Operator / operator pentru sprijinul cu foc FTX: Field Training Exercise / exercitiu de instruire in teren FY: Fiscal Year / an fiscal GPS: Global Positioning System / system de stabilire a pozitiei prin satelit HE: High Explosive / explozie inalta

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teren. Equipment / marime. Activity. Enemy.ICC: IFOR Coordination Cell / celula de coordonare a fortei de implementare IER: Information Exchange Requirements / cerinte pentru schimbul de informatii IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicles / masina de lupta de infanterie IMET: International Military Education and Training / educatie si instruire militara internationala IPB: Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield / pregatirea informationala a câmpului de lupta ISO: First Sergeant / plutonier KIA: Killed in Action / ucis in lupta LANDCENT: (Allied) Forces Central Europe / fortele aliate din Europa Centrala LAW: Light Antitank Weapon / arma antitank usoara LIVEX: Live Exercise / exercitiu real LMG: Light Machine-Gun / mitraliera usoara LOA . ora. trupe si comanda rachete MFC: Mortar Fire Controller / aparat de conducere a focului aruncatoarelor MOUT: Military Operations on Urban Terrain / operatii militare in zona urbana NCOIC: Noncommissioned Officer in Charge / subofiter la comanda NGS: Naval Gunfire Support / sprijin de foc al artileriei navale NICS: NATO Integrated Communications / comunicatii integrate NVIS: Night Vision Imaging System / system de vedere pe timp de noapte OP: Observation Post / punct de observare OPFOR: Opposing Forces POI: Program of Instruction / program de instruire pentru fortele adverse OPORD: Operations Order / ordin de operatii PCI: Pre-Combat Inspection / inspectia preliminara de lupta PARP: PfP Planning and Review Process / process de planificare si revizuire a PfP PX / BX – post exchange / base exchange / magazin intr-o baza militara /forte terestre/aviatie) ROE: Rule Of Engagement / reguli de angajare a luptei RTO: Radio Telephone Operator / radiotelefonist SALUTE: Size. localizare. and Time MICOM: Missile Command / misiune. activitate. Terrain. echipament SHAPE: Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe / Cartierul general al fortelor aliate din Europa SOP: Standing Operating Procedures / proceduri de operare in vigoare SOSCOM: Special Operations Support Command / comandamentul de sprijin al operatiilor speciale STANAG: Standardization Agreement / acord de standardizare STOVL: Short take-off and Vertical Landing / aterizare si decolare pe pista scurta PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory trial version .landing zone / zona de aterizare MAIT: Maintenance Assistance Instructional Team / echipa de intretinere tehnica MAW: Medium Anti-Tank Weapon / arma antitanc de calibru mijlociu MEDEVAC: Medical Evacuation / evacuare medicala METT-T: Mission. Uniform. Location. Troops.inamic.Line of Approach / linie de apropiere LZ . uniforma.pdffactory. Time.

calculator) fara trupe TF: Task Force / grupare de forte TCI: Tank Crew Instructor / instructor de echipaj de tanc TCN: TM: Technical Manual / manual tehnic TR: Training Requirement / cerinte de instruire TRP: Target Reference Point / punct de referinta la tinta USAREUR: US Army European Division / divizia europeana a fortelor terestre americane VCP: Vehicle Check-Point / Punct control trafic mobil VDU: Visual Display Unit / monitor WARNORD: Battle Warning Order / ordin de instiintare / avertizare NATO ABBREVIATIONS AAR: Air-to-Air Refueling / alimentare cu carburant in aer ACE: Allied Command Europe / Comandamentul Aliat din Europa ACLANT: Allied Command Atlantic / Comandamentul Aiat al Atlanticului ADAMS: Allied Deployment and Movement System / Sistemul Aliat de control al miscarii trupelor ADC2S: ACE Deployable Command and Control System /Sistem transpoatabil de comanda si control al ACE AFCENT: Allied Forces Central Europe / Fortele Aliate din Centrul Europei AIREX: Air Exercise / exercitiu aerian / de aviatie ARRC: ACE Rapid Reaction Corps / Corp de reactie rapida al ACE BN .: Battalion Commander / comandant de batalion CAX: Computer-Assisted Exercise / exercitiu asistat de calculator (simulare) CIS: Communication(s) and Information Systems / siatem de comunicatii si informatii CPT: Central Planning Team / echipa de planificare centrala CRSG: Central Region Signal Group / Grupul de Transmisiuni al Regiunii Centrale DIDIR: Directing Staff Directive / Directiva Statului Major Director EXOPORD: Exercise Operations Order / ordin de operatii al exercitiului FO-LAN: Fiber Optic Local Area Network / retea locala de fibre optice GOB: Ground Order of Battle / ordin de lupta pentru fortele terestre HNS: Host Nation Support / sprijinul nattiunii gazda IFF: Identification Friend or Foe / identificare amic .S3: training and/or operation office at battalion level and below / Birou operatii si / sau instruire la nivel battalion si mai jos TEWT: Tactical Exercise Without Troops / Exercitiu tactic de simulare (pe harta.pdffactory.inamic IOs: Interoperability Objectives / obiective de interoperabilitate JOC: Joint Operations Center / centru de operatii intrunite LIVEX: Live Exercise / exercitiu real LOG: Logistics / Logistica MAPX: Map Exercise / exercitiu pe harta MG: Major General / general maior MTI: MNC Task for Interoperability / sarcini de interoperabilitate ale principalelor comandamente NATO ( ACLANT si SHAPE) PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory trial version http://www.

S. Recon. ARMY EQUIVALENT BRANCHES OF SERVICE / ARMELE DIN FORTELE TERESTRE AMERICANE Abbreviations AD AG AN AR AV CA CH CM DE EN FA FI IN JA Armele si serviciile din fortele terestre americane Air Defense Aparare antiaeriana Adjutant General Serviciul personal Army Nurse Infirmieri militari Armor (Cavalry) Tancuri Aviation Aviatia fortelor terestre Civil Affairs Afaceri civile Chaplain Preoti militari Chemical Corps Chimie Dental Corps Serviciul stomatologic Corps of Engineers Geniu Field Artillery Artileria terestra Finance Corps Finante Infantry (Airborne. .NACC: North Atlantic Cooperation Council (has been replaced by Euro Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) / Consiliul de cooperare nord-atlantica (a fost inlocuit de Consiliul de parteneriat euro-atlantic) OF: Officer / ofiter OOA: Out Of Area / in afara zonei OPR: Officer of Primary Responsibility / ofiter cu reponsabilitate primara PCC: Partnership Coordination Cell / celula de coordonare a parteneriatului pentru pace PfP or PFP: Partnership for Peace / parteneriatul pentru pace PK: Peacekeeping / mentinerea pacii PSO: Peace Support Operations / operatii de sprijin al pacii SACEUR. Supreme Allied Commander Europe / Comandantul supreme al Fortelor Aliate din Europa SAR: Search and Rescue / cautare si salvare SATCOM: Satellite Communications / satelit de comunicatii SPT: Support / sprijin STC: SHAPE Technical Center / centru ethnic al SHAPE TCN: Troop Contributing Nation / natiune care contribuie cu trupe VOB: Visitors’ and Observers’ Bureau / birou pentru vizitatori si observatori VTC: Video Teleconferencing / teleconferinta video WWMCCS: Worldwide Military Command and Control System / system military global de comanda si control U.S. Army Branch of Service PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory trial version http://www. Special Infanterie (aeropurtata.pdffactory. Forces) forte speciale) Judge Advocate General’s Corps Tribunalul militar U.

MC MI MP OD QM SC SF TC VC Medical Corps Military Intelligence Military Police Ordnance Corps Quartermaster Corps (Logistics.pdffactory. and Maintenance ) Signal Corps Special Forces Transportation Corps Veterinary Corps Serviciul medical Directia informatii Politia militara Mentenanta Intendenta ( . Supply. aprovizionare si mentenanta) Transmisiuni Fortele speciale Auto Serviciul veterinar PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory trial version http://www.

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