BS8110 Beam Design

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5.1.1. BS8110 Beam Design
Following the steps outlined in 5.1, the model is ready for the beams in Design Group 1, G1: BS8110 Beam to be designed. 1. Enter the Concrete Member Mode Click on the Mode tab Concrete Member on the left of the screen to enter the Concrete Member Mode.  This enters the mode and displays the Summary Page.  Ensure that the current design group is G1: BS8110 Beam and if not, select it from the drop list on the toolbar. Note how Members M4 and M5 are identified as 2 spans.  This is controlled on the Beam Spans table and by changing supports definition of the nodes. 2. Design the Beam Members Click on the Design Page on the left of the screen.  This will open the Design Options dialog box and display the members in the current design group that can be designed.  Click on the Design button to design all 5 members. All 5 members should be displayed in green and the Summary table shows the status for parts of all 5 beams as OK. 3. View the Reinforcement Layout for Member 4 Click on the Main Layout Page and select Member 4 from the drop list. In order to see the full extent of the beam, drag the separator bar below the elevation view of the beam up until it looks like the following: -

Note that the cross section shown can be moved graphically by dragging the section marker on the elevation view or moment envelope, or by setting the value in the section itself. 4. View the Calculations From the File Menu, select BS8110 Report Setup.  In the Items sheet of this dialog, highlight 'Design Detail' and move it to the Selected list by clicking on the > button.  On the Members sheet of this dialog, click on the << to un-select all the members, highlight Member 4 and click on the > button to move it to the selected side.  Click on OK to accept this Report Setup.   To view the resulting report, click on the menu item 'File>Print Preview.  The detail calculations will be displayed approximately on page 5 on a report of 14 pages:-



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