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Insiders Guide to Tai Chi by Bruce Frantzis

Insiders Guide to Tai Chi by Bruce Frantzis

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Published by: dimmo on Jun 19, 2013
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Long forms provide tai chi’s maximum benefits. Long forms are designed
to exponentially increase the flow of qi at regular intervals during the form.
Unlike short forms, the long forms of the Yang, Wu and combination styles
are divided into three clear sections.

At the end of each movement phase your energy revs up to a higher level.
In other words, the more movements there are the bigger volume of energy
you accrue per minute of your practice routine. There is an even bigger
jump experienced in energy accrual when you do a long form’s second and
final sections.

Long forms require the most work, commitment and perseverance and are

initially more difficult to learn. Some find it hard to remember what move

comes next, especially if they do not have someone to follow or have not
practiced for a while.

“Energetically, each new and different individual posture
provides added benefits to your whole body’s qi

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