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AH 365 History of Western Architecture Test One Study Guide

Rosenzweig Spring 2008

A. Take-home essays.

Bring to class in computer-generated form (printed, not hand-written), with your

name on the top of each page. Staple set. The essays should be well-organized, and
reflect your own research. Cite sources carefully. NO Wikipedia.

1. List ten outstanding characteristics of the Villa Capra (Rotonda). 10 points.

2. Citing the Vitruvian As, Bs, and Cs, compare the United States Capitol and the
British Houses of Parliament; their architects, their building history, the intent of
their style, and how the plan of each works. 25 points.

3. Summarize the information contained in Nuttgens Chapters 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, or
15. You choose which chapter has information which is most interesting to you:
list major works and names and summarize information about styles and intents.
15 points.

Total point count of take-home essays: 50

B. In class:

1. Identification of, and discussion about, certain masterpieces of architecture and/or

plans, from Nuttgens illustration numbers 105 & 106 (Parthenon); 120 & 121
(Pantheon); 223 (Palazzo Rucellai); 225 (Tempietto); 234 & 235 (Villa Rotonda);
282 & 283 (Chiswick); 309 (Monticello); 312 (US Capitol); 317 (Houses of
Parliament); 334 (Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts); and 343 (Sagrada
Familia). Know architects, place, dates, styles.

2. Mix and match terms and definitions, from Glossary of your O’Gorman text

3. Identification of the style of certain buildings which you have not seen in class

4. Definition of styles as listed on your test sheet.

Total points of in-class test: 50 (point distribution still to be determined)

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