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AH 385-01 ISLAMIC ART AND CULTURE, Spring, 2008

Daphne L. Rosenzweig, Instructor


A. Terms you should be able to define and/or date:

Islam Qiblah
Muslim Minbar
Definition of Islamic art Mihrab
Mecca Caliph
Ka’bah Sunnah
Muhammad Sunnis
Qur’an Ali
Surah Shi’is
Bismillah Islam
Mosque Five Pillars of Islam
Friday mosque Hadiths
Muezzin Jihad
Hijra Monotheism
Madrassa Hajj

B. Be able to identify and define each of the Five Pillars of Faith.

C. Be able to draw a plan of a mosque (Space will be provided on your test paper; this is
not to prepare in advance and hand in.), developing it directionally as if it were our
classroom, and identify all important features.

D. Be able to discuss either the early culture of Baghdad or the Great Mosque at Cordoba.

E. Be able to draw three typical Islamic patterns and identify (See Day One hand-out

F. Be able to discuss the meaning and varieties of “jihad” (based on lecture next week, and
book analyses).

G. Bring in your finished calligraphy project piece (based on the calligraphy class hand-outs)
to turn in (Make sure your name is on it.)

The mid-term includes:

Bloom and Blair, pp. 13-20, 57-78, and 139-189 (read in general for building types; know
about Baghdad and Cordoba Mosque)

Matar, pp. 2-64, 74-79, 82-89, 94-102, 104-105 (Cordoba), 109, 124-120

See also hand-out set, Day One (typical patterns found in Islamic art).

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