Alone in the night I imagine how it would be if I were up there with no air All alone in the night The

stars makes it bright And brings back my sight While I'm all alone in the night jordan sampson He is the light of my life I wouldn't be here right now if he wont here I do not kno where i would be if he wont here Thats why i do jordan sampson A Dying Tiger moaned for Drink 566 A Dying Tiger moaned for Drink I hunted all the Sand I caught the Dripping of a Rock And bore it in my Hand His Mighty Balls in death were thick But searching I could see A Vision on the Retina Of Water and of me 'Twas not my blame who sped too slow 'Twas not his blame who died While I was reaching him But 'twas the fact that He was dead Emily Dickinson

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