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Paper: Bio-chemistry Time: 2 Hours Roll: No______ Session: 20-June-2013 B: Write Brief and to the point answers for the following questions. Do not give any extra details. Each question carries equal marks. Marks: 25 1. What are the functional groups of alkenes, alkynes, alcohols, aldehydes and carboxylic acids? Also write down the suffixes used in their IUPAC names. 2. Write the IUPAC names of the following compounds. (a) CH3 |

| H (b) | H (c) | H | H

3. Give three examples each for aldoses, ketoses, disaccharides and polysaccharides. 4. Write any single clinical use of any of the five enzymes listed below, a). Lactate dehydrogenase, b) asparaginase, c) amylases, d). urokinase, c). Papain, f). Trypsin, g). Bacterial enzymes, h). tryosinase, i). Proteases. 5. Write the three main classes of hormones, give two examples of each? 6. Draw the labeled diagram for electron transport chain with arrows showing the flow of electron and protons. 7. Calculate the Net total number of ATPs (Excluding NADH) forms during glycolysis from five glucose molecules. Do not include ATPs formed from NADH during oxidative phosphorylation. 8. What are the two main protein intracellular degradation pathways? Write a brief note on one of them. 9. How beta oxidation of fatty acids take place. Just draw the pathways diagram showing how a specific number of carbons are removed in each cycle. 10. How glycogen is biosynthesized, write down the steps of (glycogenesis)?


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