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ESTIMATE OF COSTS FOR GAC MEMBERSHIP Prepared for Restore Dekalb GAC Membership is $50.

00 per school / per year GAC requires a visit to each school every five years To begin the process all twenty-two high schools would have to be visited. GAC has offered for this to occur in late January or early February 2014. If approved the accreditation would be retroactive to the beginning of the school year 2013-2014. [Each consultant can visit two schools per day.] Over a five year period: Membership for twenty-two high schools would be $1100.00 / year or $5500.00 Visitation Consultant Fee $4000.00 Travel Reimbursement for each consultant each day at Georgia State reimbursement rate presently at $.55 or $.56 per mile. The exact logistics would have to be worked out with the Dekalb Administrative Staff. Membership in The Georgia Accreditating Commission with a visit to the local schools every five years would cost the Dekalb School System less than $12,000.00 every five years. That is $2400.00/yr. Robert J. Boyd GAC Consultant