A database table will only maintian the current data.

because a primary key is set on the database tables, so duplicates are not allowed. Normalized form. Dataware house: a dataware house is a database concept, which maintains both current and historical data which is then used for business analysis and decision making.

Maintianing of current and historical data: ETL business analysis and decision making: Reports ETL is the heart of the dataware house E : Extraction-- extraction of data from different sources; select count(*) from source T : Transformation-- giving a new shape-- sql queries L : Loading-- target database source table emp first_name durga sharath last_name sateesh subramanium

select concat(first_name,last_name) fullname from emp

target table fullname (first_name + last_name) durga sateesh sharath subramanium

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.. source primary key will not be the primary key in the ware house table or target table..Noida flatfiles tables of same database tables of different databases oracle sql server mysql teradata db2 . 1.