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Mobility and Core Series Manual
*For full demonstrations of each movement and for the Self-Myofascial Release Series, see the XFT Strength System Video Series* Mobility Series 1- Stationary Series • Pike ankle flexion x 10ea • Push-up to a T x 5ea • Quadriped hip rotation x 5ea • Quadruped thoracic rotation x 5ea • Bear crawl hip flexion x 10 • Suppine wall slides x 5 • Hip extension hold x 30 secs • Half kneeling reach and twist x 5ea • Toe touch to overhead squat x 5 Mobility Series 2- Dynamic Series All movements are 10-15 yards • Knee Tuck to Lunge Reach • Quad RDL to Ankle Tuck • Inchworm to Spiderman Twist • Lateral Squat Mobility Series 3- Explosive Series All movements are 10 reps • Power squats • Power split squats (5ea) • Pogo jumps • Lateral balance drills (5ea) • Explosive pushups Core Series 1- Quadruped Series • Full Body Extensions x 10 • Opposite Arm/Opposite Leg Extensions x 10ea • Same Arm/Same Leg Extensions x 10ea Core Series 1- Plank Series All Movements are 10ea • Plank Arm Reach • Plank Leg Lift • Side Plank Hip Lift • Single Leg Hip Extension