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Microbiology lab

Endospore staining Alaa khaled nemer mostafa 21010898
Arab American university

Background: Mainly Bacillus and Clostridium produce endospores when they are in the harmful conditions. 3. 2. Steaming for 5 min … wash will water. Procedure: 0. Smear -----. There is 2 methods to stain endospores the schaefferfulton and the dorner method. And sufranin … wash with water.> heat killed. Add malachite green. Check Red bacterial cell Result: Dark green endspore. 4. in this lap we are going to use the schaeffer-fulton method. Endospores are resistant structure that bacteria produce to protect it genetic material. 1. .

Discussion: We use in this method the steam heating because the endospore is so thick that the dye cant penetrate it so we use the steam to penetrate it. . We use 2 dyes to stain the cell and the endospore and can distinguish them under the microscope.