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1. In a horizontal plane, a total force of 90 N acts on a 30 kg body starting from rest.

Calculate the velocity (m / s) after moving 10m 2. a car of 103 kg traveling at 60 km / h strikes a sliding pole 10 cm before stopping. The force (in N) acting on the car? 3. a girl slides from a height of 3.5 m through a slide or slide 7m long (in a straight line). Assuming a kinetic friction coefficient of 0.05, calculate the final speed (in m / s) reaching the girl at the bottom of the slide. 4. if the arm muscle contracted a girl 5x10-2 m to reach a 0.16 kg ball eight meters up. What is the average force (in N) exerted by the muscle? 5. an athlete takes 1.5 seconds to lift a 150kg bar from the chest to the top (h = 65cm). what work in kJ develops in this case? 5. 300 g body slides 80 cm along a horizontal table. How much work (in J) performs the frictional force on the body if the coefficient of friction between the table and the body is 0.20? 6. Calculate the weight (in N) of a person consuming 7.8x105 cal to climb a summit of 1200 m, if the average efficiency of the human being is 25%. 7. Calculate the efficiency of a 75kg person 1.0x106 consuming calories when climbing a mountain of 1.0x103 m. 8. How many calories a person consumes from 75 kg up to a top of 1.0x103m? (Efficiency is 20)