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It has been one week since the incident at Jalan Macalister that took the lives of three people

when the lightning arrestor on top of the kris-shaped building crashed onto the road right in front of the Pakistan House mosque near Lorong Susu. Last Thursday, June 13th, a heavy storm lashed the area and its strong winds blew down the giant metal structure located on top of the building that houses the main office of a powerful political party. At first, news reports said that a communications tower was involved in the incident but it turned out that the buildings very massive lightning arrestor built in the mid-1990s was the culprit. The crash killed three people, including a man who was driving by in his car. As it came crashing down the huge metal structure took along with it an upper section of the buildings wall and the whole thing falling about 70 metres to the ground below was said to have weighed over 100 tons. The impact completely pulverised the car passing by and dug a huge hole in the road sending what remained of the flattened and badly mangled vehicle several metres deep into the ground. The body of the driver has still not been recovered. The incident could be regarded as a bad omen for local folks. Many indications do exist that some people still remain eager to upset the (political) apple cart of the local folks. Be aware.