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what they think works best in a given situation. (uniquely personal) .The way teachers teach is a personal interpretation based on the experience they have and.

learning and classroom interaction.Teachers create their own roles based on their theories about teaching. .

Classroom atmosphere Students’ capacity Students learning on their own Statements how teachers see their roles Students’ interest Planned lesson High Quality Learning .

Planner  Manager  Quality controller  Group organizer  Facilitator  Motivator  Empowerer  Team member  .

Different cultures .

S. Chinese EFL teacher: Textbook must be correct. otherwise . Egyptian EFL teaching: word by word Taiwanese EFL teacher: Always teacher’s fault Japanese EFL teacher: Group work is not a planned lesson. program for foreign students: Teacher should know what students need to know. EFL teacher in Brazil: Teacher as an Expert. . Teacher = Incompetent or lazy.U.

What makes a teacher great? .