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Who: the town's people of Happisburgh are living on the edge of Norfolk's

North Sea coast. They used to be far from the sea but are now living on the edge of.

What: the town once a great place roughly 300 meters from the ocean, but
now not so much as it has had 250 meters worn away by coastal erosion. There houses are now on the edge of a mini cliff leading to the shore line, and when the tide comes in, the sea.

When: the 250 meters of land were lost during the years of 1600 and 1850.
They were eroded away slowly as usual and the town was losing their land. Now some of the houses that were hundreds of meters away are now only tens of meters away and risk falling over the edge.

Where: Happisburgh Norfolk is in the U.K. it is near a place called Walcott

which is also parsley affected by coastal erosion.

Why: coastal erosion happens because the water from the ocean breaks
down the sand and dirt of the shore (which is called erosion)and so the shore line keeps on getting further out and may even turn into a mini cliff.