Don’t excuse yourself from today on the pretense of your past. Therein lies the truth. and talk you through the night’s shadows? It’s so much easier to fight this war when you’re the last in line. What will you become? What will become of you? Your mind is the mountain before you. the knowledge that you exist amidst your insecurities. Can you hold the water responsible for your wayward behavior. . You’re broken. Have you dried up entirely? The walls of a church don’t make it holy. That’s alright. That makes us who we are. concrete or cohesive. It’s what’s authentic that completes the sum of its parts. 002 EXISTENCE This hollow feeling. Lift your head up high. You’re hurt. Are you at your wits end yet? Security isn’t glitzy or glamorous. It’s what we know we aren’t. and never shutting up only to never speak aloud. You’re broken. Will you always need someone to hold your hand. that makes us who we are. Put the victim on the front lines and left for dead. That’s alright. You’re hurt. now transcend the skies. Your mind is the mountain before you.001 THIRTY AND SEVEN You are infatuated with what consumes you. You’ve reached the summit. Stop acting like there’s no other option but to let the waves carry you away. anymore than it blames you for its gripping currents? Erase the proof but your shame will remain. This might be what it takes to wake you up. Cover up only to coward out.

Sit tight while sold a science and proved what’s impossible. but who are you to decide what’s right? Don’t say another word. Where does our anchor lie? There’s no identity in other’s insecurities. but we can’t climb the waterfall. You ask me to be blameless. but it shatters mine to see people follow you. left to drown in an ocean of apathy? 004 WHITE WASHED Push your controlling values aside. It’s about personal choice. Hold on. I thank you for this pen and ink ammunition. You’ve crossed the line. We can fight the current. I won’t hesitate to put you in your place. Thank you for the inspiration. We’re told everything will be alright. and dissect your own life. however. It’s not about my beliefs. It breaks your heart to see me consume. left to drown in an ocean of apathy. . You’re the straw that’s crushing my back.003 OCEAN OF APATHY Everything looks the same. Hush up. Why are we led by a misled generation. You are the salt that’s burning my wounds. You are the straw that’s crushing my back. It’s all so watered down. Why are we led by a misled generation? Everything true and complete is cut out. Let’s go. Hold up. It might really hurt this time. and swept under the floor boards.

and spare us the pain. deeper and deeper. Waves thirst for our passing. We are strapped to the teeth. but it’s all in the heart that carries weight. We have become what we have feared. We cannot swim under these conditions. this shield it bears His name. Open your closed mind and close your open mouth. but our swords are lodged tightly in our throats. Pray for Heaven’s titans to rain down. Don’t judge until you’ve taken it all in. How many have you pushed away. We’re drowning quicker and quicker. Your mouth is like a grenade. 006 THE ESCAPE ARTIST Open your closed mind. You’re pushing more than you’re pulling. because in the end you’ll pray to stay above the flames. Every word that you say passes through my ears before it even escapes your lips. We’ve abandoned this vessel and left the captain for dead. blowing everyone away. We’ve become one with this world.005 MARIANAS TRENCH This ship is sinking. Close your open mouth. . We’re going under. You’re pushing more then you are pulling. Prepare to engage. Our armor tight to the skin. Prepare for the struggle. and how many have you saved? Pick and choose based on a face. We are going under. being one with this world. No one learns from someone they hate.

Drums 010 RATIONALIST See yourself to the exit. You skeptic. He that opens his lips to wide shall bring on his own destruction. Color is black. Japan. My storied life is coming to a graceful descend. DW Hardware. to better this world. It’s this notion inside all of us to prioritize through our selfish eyes. lying here in desperation. we live in misery. Some say may those who curse days. Inc. All that you’re proving is your ignorance.Guitar Brent Rambler . who died. Old mountains will crumble. 008 PARADOX Bite your tongue until it bleeds.victoryrecords. and this time there’s no black box to capture your last words. This is the time to turn down our heads and turn up our hearts. Mesa Boogie cabs. I will build you up again and you will be rebuilt. rest in peace. In loving memory of David Clapper. 009 MERIDIAN He who survives the sword will find favor in the desert. The earth will swallow the water. A&R: Jonathan Dunn Executive Producer: Brandon Ebel Management: Kenny Gabor. D’addario strings. The face that stares back in the mirror should carry nothing but pride. Australia) Tom Taffe for ITB Art Direction by Invisible Creature. All that is real is blurred by your notion of reality. I won’t forget the ones I’ve loved. The clouds refill the oceans. All songs written and performed by August Burns Red © 2009 Thirsty Moon River Publishing (ASCAP) / Eggroom Publishing (ASCAP) Produced & Mixed by Jason Suecof at Audiohammer Studios Mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Additional vocals on “Indonesia” by Tommy Rogers Tommy Rogers of Between The Buried And Me appears courtesy of Victory Records (www. Zildjian Cymbals. Say goodbye. Brubaker . Maxon pedals. and the white on his flag brings colors to shame. This is my time to be with my Lord. Chuck Andrews for ChannelZERO Entertainment Booking: (US) Matt PIke for The Kenmore Agency Booking: (UK. Because now you know you won’t ever fly fast enough to make time stand still. Ampeg heads and cabs. you are an inspiration. and battles begin. This pain is worth more then what you have to say. and learn.Guitar Dustin Davidson . I am the painter making this mess a masterpiece. I’ve never been so tired. is color blind. A situation we can’t make any sense of. the reason for all the riot. Lie down your guard and surrender. when he can’t even explain his own composition? Don’t you see it’s bigger than you? He sleeps in the mountains of Indonesia. I used to think I’d last forever. Sacrifice costs all of us everything. Now I’m praying for the light to just carry me away. I will build you up again. We need you here more than anything right now. I’ve never felt so weak. Nothing is real. Design & Illustration by Ryan Clark for Invisible Creature. what’s tangible. listen. Tucking away what’s true. we will strengthen ourselves. we’ll feed our flame before wasting time on everyone else’s. It’s in the quiet of this place that all things come to life.Bass and vocals Matthew Greiner . curse this day. Lie down your guard and surrender. With more problems and less pride. You believe in unbelief.Vocals J. . 012 CRUSADES I used to be so young and invincible. we’re busied up and burnt out. Swallow your pride because silence is golden.B. This is dissonance. I’ve seen peace end. You can’t hide from this. Band photo by Parker Young August Burns Red plays: Ibanez guitars and basses. and there won’t be pieces to piece back together this time. Choose your words carefully. He that keeps his mouth keeps his life. I won’t forget the lives I’ve touched. but I swear to you that I’m not giving up. This is the portrait of the humble and broken. Everyone together. You’re crashing faster. As the days go by. is white. and Evans drum heads August Burns Red is: Jake Luhrs . How does a man wrap his mind around eternity. If everything’s relative. Vic Firth sticks. Peavey Amps. 011 MEDDLER This moment will to pass us by.007 INDONESIA This plane’s going down in flames. There’s no scale to balance this out. Even hope hides in the shadows. Stop. Truth Drums. The gallows were not supposed to look like this. This plane crashed down in flames with a man who lived. and stronger ones will rise. Planet Waves cables. then why the emptiness in our souls? Trying to untie the knot we thought we were untying our entire lives. and I wouldn’t pay a penny to hear your thoughts. Say goodnight. Oh God. The mistakes of my youth are finally catching up to me. To be the bull behind the rampage. Inc. you.Vaughn Lewis. Europe. We can’t afford to watch you resort to this. Now you’re the hypocrite. it’s getting harder to hold my head up high. Can’t you see you’re ringing? You’re ringing out.

The Human Abstract. Aahnie. DP & everyone at Bandmerch. Skyeatsairplane. Matt would like to thank: David Clapper for being an inspiration. Kenny. Jeremy Weiss. Tissue. two awesome tattoo artists who are both great dudes Tod Bain at American Tattoo (todstattoos. Van. D. Unkie D. Jeff Barrios & Phil Smith from Truth Drums.. From First To Last. Mom & Dad for the continued support and the rest of my family (Trina. Mike Eaton & everyone at ChannelZERO Entertainment. Studio A. Chan. As I Lay Dying. Ronn Miller. (www. Ronn Miller & Rondovision. Steve Lombeier & D’addario. Greg & Scuba. act . Mat Pileggi. Shawn and Veil Arms. and sometimes Kip & FB. I am also very thankful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for not only saving my life. We are one. our friends at The Chameleon Club. Painski. Jason Suecof. But unless there is someone there to share the emotion. Justin. Bonus. Mike Taft at Ibanez. Michah Dean Johnson. Jake would like to thank: I’d like to start by saying anyone can stand on a stage and perform: sing. Collins. Vaughn. Jake and Burn Down Rome. Taft. David Salinas at Enthos. Christopher Hondru. Ben Davies & Vic Firth Sticks. Saun.. D. Chooch. Jason Suecof. Beef and BTBAM. Luhrs & Davidson families. Magrein. Jon Dunn for always believing in us. Crystal. Ozom and Peter Says Denim. MV. Bonus. Mike Taft at Ibanez. Jesus Christ for blessing us and keeping us safe each and every day. Crane. Jeff Cohen. Mike Taft & Ibanez Guitars.emote. Mark Bubb & Atticus. Sean Hen (in the pocket!). Josh Bowman. . Jon Dunn (for always believing). jk. A&M pizza for still ruling. It’s hard to believe that you are gone but I love you. Evergreen Terrace. Van. Jason Suecoff (Sueeeecof!) & Audio Hammer Studios. Sarah & Brian). and Bucky for giving me reason to miss home. Jade Brent would like to thank: My awesome family. David Ellefson & Peavey. Charles Andrews. Circus Circus. JB would like to thank: The 2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies. no one to explore the meaning with. Rick. the Martins family. Tim Gibson. Chrys Johnson at Loud Technologies. The Martins family. Justin & Morgan My Boys! From Sleepers Awake. Kevin Lyman & the Warped Tour. everyone but Jack in TOTA. Beans. Bane. C. Stickam kids. this record is for you. Alyssa Manning. Pileggi. you know who you are. and the entire Tooth & Nail/Solid State family. especially my Grandma Tonee and my friends all over the world. The Bled. Jeremy Frost. Suecof & Ronn. Ambe. Matt Pike & Merrick Jarmelowicz at the Kenmore Agency. Misery Signals. Cardenas. Chrys Johnson & Ampeg. Ryan Clark.” & everyone who cares about this rig. Crane. com). love you Chan. Heens. and Kip for making tour a blast. Mucous Membrane. You will be missed. Bonus. Vaughn Lewis. Every Time I Die. Jon Dunn and all of the staff at Solid State/Tooth & Nail. Brandon Cardenas. dance. Tommy Rogers. James Wesley. Jesus Christ. Nathan Wilden. Lewis. Krypt Keeper. Pike. Shaped By Fate. Soap Boy. Jig. Beast. Haus. The good folks at Ferret. Nunez. and all of my amazing friends ‘back home. Wizzle. Thank you and God Bless Dustin would like to thank: All of my wonderful friends and family back home. Seb. Tim McKee & Mesa Boogie. The Greiner. Lindsay Cairns for her continued support. Unearth. the performance is meaningless. Jonathan Dunn. Rambler. Cain & Phoenix the Dogs. Jigs. Jeff Breil & everyone at CI Records. Paddy & Michael for driving us around Europe. Drew.August Burns Red would like to thank: Jesus Christ. Reggaeton. Arnaud Bennen & Kings Road Merch. Skywalker (texting!). Boise Mom and Dad. Life Center Ministries. minus Chan. Texas In July. Broadcast The Nightmare. I am who and what I am because of what you give me.’ Carson Slovak (and family). MJ. Nunez. Beav. Rachel. and last but not least all of my friends from home. Mitch Lewis and family. TB. Crooked. Jason at Guitar Center Lancaster. and Bonas for living out the dream with me. but giving me the strength to carry on. Brubaker. Ronn Miller. Jeremy Weiss & Jeff Breil for all of their help. Mark Lewis. Jordan and AILD. Breil. I would like to dedicate this album to my Uncle Dulany. Sarah Malaney & Zildjian Cymbals. Fisher. Suicide Silence. Ryan Timothy John Don Lee. Justin McFerrin. Maxon Pedals. Kenny Gabor. Bane. Fans are everything. Ben. Jegger. Tim Gibson and his many motorcycles. Greeley Estates. Strong Management. Tom Taffee. Chris. Brandon Ebel. Rafael Perez. Jesus Christ for never letting go of me. Kip. and Jesus for giving me this opportunity. all of the dudes that make touring sweet. Without you there would be no one to share my feelings with. Darkest Hour.S. Tissue. Carson Slovak. Beast. Arnaud. everyone at Red Bull. whom I cherish more than life itself. Emmure. Tissue. Tom Taffee. and lastly. Chilis. My parents for continually welcoming this ‘homeless boy’ home. and Justin for helping us along the way. and Still Remains. Between The Buried And Me. Beezus. JD. Pipin’ Hot D Willis. This Or The Apocalypse. Justin. Jeanette Coffey at Ultimate Ears. Stickam “regulars. Bert & InTune Guitar Picks.connorwatch. I would like to thank all of my family. no one to give my energy to and receive energy from. Panda are my biggest inspiration. A Skylit & Thomas Kenney at Classic Electric (classicelectrictattoo. Jade. All That Remains. everyone at ChannelZERO and Solid State. Carmen. Steve Vega & DW Hardware. Patrick Kirshtner & EMG Pick Ups. Paul & Sandy Brubaker for giving me a wonderful place to stay when I am in town. Andy Barding.

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