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Learning Mathematics has never been so much fun!

Based on the theory of multiple intelligences of Howard Gardner Explora would lead one of the best experiences for children and adults in the world of mathematics. This proposal establishes that for many of us mathematics have always meant fatigue, fear, boredom, frustration and a pain in the neck, probably because our first experiences with the subject were not exactly the most playful and sometimes anti-educational. Explora would offer the child a pleasant, fun and dynamic experience in the world of mathematics that would mean a reliable basis for such intelligence to be developed in the best way, all that through the characters of Buddy Math Lab.

Math Buddy Lab
When the child enters the Buddy Math Lab will be received by 8 characters with different personalities that would represent a form of learning, linguistic, bodily-kinesthetic, visual-spatial, interpersonal, emotional, naturalistic, musical, and logical-mathematical. In this way the child can choose the character that best fits him or her, and then make a small 'ice breaker' with the purpose of reaffirming that actually this is the right character. Following this the Math Buddy (the character), which is simply a representation of how the child learns, will accompany the child throughout an adventure full of fun, interactive and exciting challenges. June 10th 2013 By: MTA. Ismael Concepción Nova Page 1 of 3

MATH BUDDY LAB PROPOSAL –EXPLORA These mathematical challenges will follow the same learning style of the selected character, if the character that was selected had a musical style; all the activities will include sounds, rhythms and tone sequences. The Math Buddy will not solve the challenges of the child, however the same will become a guide, a facilitator, a mediator and a tutor in the teaching-learning process, resulting in the child having the opportunity to build his/her own learning and become meta-aware of it. This would be an experience that would benefit both children and adults, as these characters make the perfect representation of the adult (teacher or parent) in the lives of children in their personal and cognitive development. All the rooms would be perfectly adaptable to the character with whom the child is at the time.

Each room of Math Buddy Lab would use technologies, such as: Smart Boards and Interactive Games The Math Buddy would guide the child throughout a series of mathematical problems that will result to be playful, fun and interactive for the student. The participant will earn points that at the end of the adventure will become stickers to collect in the math notebook, it will remind the student of the experience in Explora during Math class, giving him or her confidence as relating the teacher with the Math Buddy, this will help the child to perceive mathematics and those who teach it in a more positive way. Video conference At any instant of high difficulty during the adventure, the Math Buddy may contact Elite Command via video conference; the child will be able to ask questions to solve specific problems or challenges.

Web broadcasting Explanation: In this day we have the visit a student from 5th A, one 5th B, and another one from 5th D, their classmates stayed in school, parents at home or at the office, though they have a password that will allow them to enter in real time to the challenges of the child through the web, and will also be able to support through messages on social networks. It also would give the option to be handled as a rally, competition or just an adventure.

June 10th 2013

By: MTA. Ismael Concepción Nova

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Social Networking
With the guidance of the Math Buddy the child will have access to Facebook and Twitter, being able to share with his or her friends how good it is to have such an adventure in Explora.

That which is attractive and of great benefit to the present generation and future generations can also be of great disservice if we do not wake consciousness here and now, I am talking about technology; given the fact that it makes life easier but with the risk of eminent mental laziness. We should combine technology wisely with reasoning and meta-cognition.

This proposal invites to reflection on the development of mathematical thinking and the exercise of the mind, creating a more objective conscience and a less deceivable brain.

As Galileo Galilei said, "In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual"

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June 10th 2013

By: MTA. Ismael Concepción Nova

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