Oracle Financial Modules: Overview

Oracle Financial Modules • • • • • Oracle General Ledger Oracle Payables Oracle Receivables Oracle Assets Oracle Cash Management .

Oracle General Ledger provides highly automated financial processing.Oracle General Ledger • Offers a complete solution to journal entry. and financial reporting needs . allocations. budgeting. It also provides tools for effective management control and real-time visibility to financial results — everything you need to meet financial compliance and improve your bottom line. consolidation. .

Oracle General Ledger Module .

GL: Reports .

.Oracle Payables • Lets an organization process more invoices with fewer staff members and tighter controls. Helps save money through maximum discounts and prevention of duplicate payments.

Oracle Payables Module .

AP: Reports .

It also helps you manage transactions.Oracle Receivables • This enables you to manage tasks related to raising invoices. receipts. and guarantees. deposit notes. debit notes. . and collections and track payments from customer after a sale in complete. credit notes.

Oracle Receivables Module .

AR: Reports .

reclassifications. Standard management tasks-such as asset transfers. .Oracle Assets • Ensures that an organization's property and equipment investment is accurate. Oracle Assets automates asset management and simplifies accounting tasks. disposals. Oracle Assets gives you visibility into your assets. Using a unified source of asset data (with data from your Oracle applications as well as external feeder systems). financial adjustments.

Oracle Asset Module .

FA: Reports .

ensuring liquidity and optimal use of cash resources. Cash Management gives you direct access to expected cash flows from your operational systems. .Oracle Cash Management • Oracle Cash Management is an enterprise wide solution for managing liquidity and controlling cash. You can quickly analyze enterprise wide cash management cash requirements and currency exposures.

Oracle Cash Management Module .

CM : Reports .

Financial Closing • Monthly and Year-End Closing .

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