Western Dragon V3 - 2011

Difficulty: ***** super-complex Recommended starting size: 20 inches (50 cm) Finished size: 5 1/2 inches tall (14 cm) Expected time needed to fold: 7 hours

1. Colored side up. Fold and unfold.

2. Pinch in half and unfold.

3. Pinch and unfold.

4. Pinch and unfold.

5. Fold and unfold.

6. Fold and unfold.

Shuki Kato - Western Dragon 1.

Fold and unfold. Fold and unfold the small point into sixths. 18. 15. Unfold. Fold and unfold. 8. Turn over. 14. . Fold and unfold.7. Fold and unfold. Fold and unfold. 11. Kite-fold behind. Fold and unfold. 13. 10. 9. Shuki Kato . 16. Fold and unfold. 12.Western Dragon 2. Close up. Fold and unfold. 17.

Fold and unfold. Fold and unfold. Rabbit-ear the corners on existing creases. Rabbit-ear the corner. 24.Western Dragon 3. 28. 21.19. crease through all layers. 25. Unfold everything. Shuki Kato . Extend and reform the previous creases. Fold and unfold. 23. 29. Fold and unfold. 20. 22. Fold and unfold into thirds. Valley-fold the corner. Pleat along the center. Turn over. 27. 30. 26. . Like this.

37. Rotate clockwise 45°. Open-sink in and out on existing creases. Zoom in. but are drawn that way in the next steps.Western Dragon 4. 39. Begin to squash-fold. The creases do not need to extend to the edge. 42. 36. 32. Shuki Kato . Use the previous creases to help with alignment. Crease where shown through the first two layers. 41. 34. 33. Fold one layer to the left. Sink both sides in on existing creases. Fold the flap back to the right. Fold behind. Fold the flap to the left.45° 31. 38. Add the same creases on this side. Fold and unfold the top layers into sixths. Crease where shown through only one layer. 40. 35. .

Open-sink in and out. .43. Petal-fold. 45. 47. Shuki Kato . 51. Fold to the left. Petal-fold. Fold and unfold. 48. 44. Open sink the edge in and out and flatten completely. Fold one layer to the left. Open-sink.Western Dragon 5. 54. Squash-fold. Sink (spread-sink and close back up) the small corner. 46. 53. 50. 49. Fold the excess paper to the right. Fold to the right noting the reference. Unfold. 52.

57. the model will not lie flat. Repeat steps 42-55 on this side.Western Dragon 6. Spread-sink the edge. 59. Fold the assembly of layers to the left. Fold down. In progress. Fold the flap up while reverse-folding two edges 68. Shuki Kato . 56. Turn over. 65. Reverse-fold the edges. Repeat behind. Like this. Like this. 61. Fold one layer to the left. . Pull the top layer up while squeezing the sides in extending a central mountain-fold. 67. Fold one layer to the right. 63. Repeat behind. Fold the top edge down so that it points straight out.55. 64. 42-55 58. Fold two layers to the right. 62. 66. 60.

Closed sink. 72. 71.Western Dragon 7. Close the sides back up. Shuki Kato . 70. Sink in and out on existing creases. These flaps will not lie flat for some time to come. 75. Fold over as far as possible. Unfold. Reverse-fold in and out. 74. Fold back along the center line. 76. 73. Open both sides.69. . squashing a hidden edge. The sinks must be performed simultaneously and form accordion-like folds at the base.

86. 78. Sink inside. 80.73-77 77. Reverse fold. Squash-fold. Bring one layer in front. Petal-fold. Fold and unfold then zoom in. 89. 79. Repeat steps 73-77 on the left. Fold up. 87.Western Dragon 8. Squash-fold. 92. 90. Lift the edge and fold over to the right. . 91. 84. Fold and unfold. 82. Squash-fold. Swivel-fold to the left. Fold down. 83. Fold and unfold. 81. 85. Shuki Kato . 88. Zoom in again. Fold to the center.

101. Rabbit-ear both corners. Open-sink both sides. Repeat steps 87-91 on the left. Unwrap the top layers. 106. 109. Sink the sides in on existing creases. Fold the small flap down. Fold the hidden layers down. 110. 108. 112. Reverse-fold both sides.Western Dragon 9. 97. 99. Mountain-fold the top layer and valley-fold the second one. Fold the edges back up. Turn over. Shuki Kato . 102. Fold the remaining edges behind. Unwrap the top layer. Swivel-fold the edges down. . 104. Squash-fold. Petal-fold. Narrow the legs and tail simultaneously. 103. Squash-fold. Fold and unfold the top edge.87-91 93. 94. 95. 100. 105. 111. 107. 96. Fold up as far as possible. 98.

117. 90° 119. 114. Reverse-fold. Fold the wing up while swiveling the arm down. Shuki Kato . Fold in half and rotate clockwise 90°. 120.Western Dragon 10. 121. 118. 115. Sink the small edges (or just mountain-fold them). Pull out the three narrow edges. Reverse-fold. . Reverse-fold 114-117 114-117 116. Fold and unfold.113. Repeat steps 114-117 on the next 2 flaps.

Shuki Kato .Western Dragon 11. Sink in on existing creases. 126.to this. 133. 132. Bring some paper in front. This is a litte more complicated. The creases go from this. 127A. Fold inside. Sink in on existing creases. . 131. 130. Carefully release the top layer and bring it to the right. incorporating two reverse-folds at the base of the wing. 128.. Swivel-fold up.. . Pull the top layer down. Pull out a trapped edge (unsink). you will need to release some paper at the neck. 125. 127B.. Fold the farthest edge of the wing down. so check out the next step for details. Fold the top layer down. 129. 123.122. Close back up.. 124.

Perform a ton of connected reverse-folds. Open-sink. Fold and unfold. 145. 142. Tuck the top layers into the new pockets.Western Dragon 12. Shuki Kato . 136. 120-138 114-118 137. 143. . 144. Zoom in on the head. 139. x12 140. Closed-sink the bottom edge and reverse-fold the other one into the new pocket. Spread-sink. 135. 141. Repeat steps 120-138 behind. Mountain-fold the lower edge of the wing and reverse-fold the edge above. Sink the second layer on the side and pull out some paper below. Repeat steps 114-118 on the arms. 138.134. Mountain-fold and unfold along angle bisectors.

Pleat the top layer only. 152. 162. 147. Repeat steps 142-155 behind. Fold all the layers back down. Fold up. Unfold. 148. Open-sink. Now perform a series of connected outside reverse-folds. Begin to collapse. 160. Shuki Kato . 156. 151. 158. 163. Fold and unfold. 155. Collapse back down. Open up. . 161. 149. Open-sink. 157.Western Dragon 13. 153. 159. Begin to spread-sink the edge. Fold 2 more layers up. 142-145 142-155 x6 154.146. Fepeat steps 142145 on the next layer. Push the sides in on existing creases and swing the long flap up. Fold and unfold. 150. this is actually a straight line. Fold 2 layers up.

Squash-fold evenly. 175. Fold the first point to the right. 174. Fold a couple layers up and open the pocket. 173. 179. Close back up. Repeat steps 158164 on the next edge. Open-sink. 166. Shuki Kato . 170. Reverse-fold the next point into the last one. 169. 178. 165. Carefully invert the pocket and bring it to the side.Western Dragon 14. Fold the sunken layers down. 177. Repeat steps 158-176 behind. 158-164 168. Fold half of the layers up behind. Rotate clockwise 90°. 167. 158-176 90° 176. 172. Fold and unfold. Fold the point to the right. Reverse-fold the next point to the right as you fold some layers down. Fold two layers (including the small one) down. . 171. Like this.164. Fold down and incorporate a pleat.

186. Bring one layer in front (unsink). Open-sink the next edge. Untrap and fold one edge to the left. Begin to spread -sink the edge. Fold two points up . 181. Fold behind (this point is unused).180. 182. 190.Western Dragon 15. 183. Pull the edges out while you fold down. Open-sink the top edge. . Fold one layer to the right. Unsink one layer. Shuki Kato . Fold and unfold like you did in steps 158-159. 185. Pull the top point up as far as possible. 187. 191. 184. 189. 188.

203. Reverse-fold the point out to the side. 204. 193. Repeat steps 185-195 on this side. Close back up. In progress. 197. 195. Pull a loose edge out and flatten it to the right. Open the center pocket. 200. Shuki Kato . Release some paper from the left.Western Dragon 16. 198. 207. Swivel and close back up. . 194. Fold the first point down. 205. Squash-fold. Pull out a hidden edge. 185-195 196. Swivel the edge as you swing the large flap to the left.192. 206. 201. Swivel inside. 199. Swivel the edge as you squash the large flap. Invert the pocket and fold up. Push the sides in and swing the long flap to the right. Fold the long flap to the left. 202.

214. 210. Like this. 219. Fold the edges inside. 212. . Crimp the hips down. Fold to the sides while incorporating a tiny reverse-fold on the first layer (skip the reverse -fold if the figure is too small). 217. Swivel behind. Fold the model back in half and rotate counterclockwise 90°. Reverse-fold the jaw down. Shuki Kato . 221. Fold the corners in. Fold up. 211. 90° 216. 213. Fold the top point down in between the eyes. Add some final details.Western Dragon 17. 218. Fold behind.204-207 208. 215. Fold behind to lock the last fold. Repeat steps 204 -207 on the right. 220. 209.

222. fold it down. Shape the wing with gentle valley and mountain-folds. Squeeze the arms in and crimp (or pleat) the legs. 227. and shape the wings further. Like this. 222-224 224. Repeat steps 222224 on the other wing 226. 225. Reverse-fold the claw on the wing. . Now focus on the arms and legs. Fold the edge of the wing inward and zoom in.Western Dragon 18. Shuki Kato . 223.

229. Shuki Kato . 233. Crimp the arms and spread out the claws.Western Dragon 19. 232. Add a couple rabbit-ears for spikes and shape the model to taste. Like this. Model complete. Repeat similarly on the legs. Crimp the neck and tail.228. Outside reverse-fold each claw (only two are shown). 231. . 230.

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