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Marriage and family Unit 3.

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Changing attitudes to Marriage and cohabitation

Lots of people now have sex before marriage. Lots of couples now live together before marriage. The average age of marriage has increased. Most marriages do not take place in Church. Contraception is used so sex before marriage is more popular and family size is maintained. Media portrays sex and marriage differently.

New laws make it cheaper to get a divorce. Equality of women- no longer prepared to put up with their husbands treating them badly. Most married women have their own wage and independence. People are living longer- marriage is longer. Lots of families have parents who are not married. Remarriage is common and so is re-constructed families. Mothers out at work so grandparents are looking after children or stay at home fathers. Single parent families are also common.

Changing attitudes to divorce and family life

Changing attitudes to Homosexuality

Changes to the Laws make it easier to be openly homosexual. No longer arrested for public affection More equal rights for homosexual couples. Media coverage of gay relationships etc. Allowed to adopt.

Christian attitude to sex outside marriage

God gave sex for procreation within marriage to make a Christian family. The Bible says sex before marriage is sinful. Catechism say it is wrong. Adultery is wrong as it breaks wedding vows and is banned in the 10 commandments. Adultery is condemned by Jesus in his teachings.

The Purpose of Marriage in Catholic Christianity

Sacrament- God to unit male and female in love. Relationship of love and faithfulness. Support and comfort. Gift of children and to bring them up in a Christian family. Receive Gods grace and strengthen through the sacrament. How is this shown- Vows, Bible readings, homily, preparation course, priests asks the couple if they will accept the gift of children.

Christian attitude to divorce

Catholic Non Catholic Christians ( Protestants)

No religious divorce or remarriage Marriage can only be ended through death. allows civil divorce if the children will benefit but the parents cannot remarry. Jesus in Marks Gospel taught divorce is wrong. Covenant with God cannot be broken. Catechism say divorce is wrong. Remarriage results in bigamy. annulment

Divorce is wrong but they allow it if the marriage has broken down. They will allow remarriage in the church if they promise to learn from the mistakes from pervious marriage. Jesus says divorce is acceptable in certain situations in Matthews Gospel. Lesser of two evils and most loving thing to do. Jesus taught about forgiveness.

Why family life is important for Catholics

Purpose of Catholic marriage is to have children and bring them up as Christians. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches family was created by God and is the basis for society. Within family life children will learn right from wrong. Family life is where faith develops- baptism, confirmation etc.

How Catholic Parishes help with the upbringing of Children

Support the local catholic schools to help provide a catholic upbringing. Running classes for fist communion and confirmation to develop faith. Running children's liturgies so parents can worship with children and they learn about God in their age range. Running youth clubs and youth activities to help keep them off the streets.

How Catholic parishes help keep families together

Welcome families to worship together. The priest offering help and advice for family problems. Homilies at mass encouraging and strengthening family values. Providing leaflets on how to deal with family problems. Providing financial support and links to Catholic family charities'.

Christian attitudes to homosexuality

Catholic Evangelical Protestants Liberal Protestants

Catholics believe there is nothing wrong with homosexual feelings or relationships as long as there is no sexual activity, because this is the teachings of the Church and supported in the Bible and Catechism.

Evangelical Protestants believe that homosexuality is sinful because it is condemned in the Bible. They hold prayer groups to ask for help from the Holy Spirit to help change their sexual preference.

Liberal Protestants believe that homosexuality is acceptable because it is natural, and Christians should love and accept everyone. Bibles views on homosexuality are not relevant to modern understandings because they are restricted to the time period of Jesus.

Different types of Contraception

Natural methods Artificial methods

Natural methods of contraception require Artificial methods of planning, love and commitment by avoiding contraception either sex in a women's fertile period. prevent sperm from meeting the egg, stop a You use your natural body to work out when women producing eggs to plan children. or stop the fertilised egg from staying in the Monitor hormones. womb. They can be used in any type of Rhythm method/ Natural family planning sexual relationship. Promoted among Catholic Christians Condoms, The Pill Coil

Different Christian attitudes to contraception

The Catholic Attitude The Attitude of Non- Catholic Christians

They say families should limit family size through using natural family planning. They do not use artificial methods because Pope Pius XI condemns it. Natural methods are encouraged in the Catechism. Some artificial methods are considered early abortions. Some barrier artificial methods of contraception stop the unity of couples.

They allow all forms of contraception. Christians promote love and justice and this is promoted through the equality of women in the use of contraception. God created sex for enjoyment and to strengthen marriage not just for procreation. There is nothing in the Bible that forbids the use of contraception. It is the best way to prevent the spread of HIV and Aids.