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Abstract noun

An abstract noun is a noun that you cannot sense, it is the name we give to an emotion, ideal or idea. They have no physical existence, you can't see, hear, touch, smell or taste them. The opposite of an abstract noun is a concrete noun.

Examples of Abstract Nouns

In some cases, its a little difficult to recognize when a noun is abstract. Some nouns can function as verbs and abstract nouns are no exception. For example, see how the word fear is used in the following two sentences. (i) I fear the night. (In this sentence, fear shows action so its a verb.) (ii) The night was shrouded in fear. (In this sentence, fear is an abstract noun because you cant physically touch, feel, hear, taste, smell, or see it.

List of Abstract Nouns

Love Anger Peace Friendship Childhood Compassion Bravery Honesty Pleasure

Courage Trust Hate Integrity

Freedom Faith Justice Knowledge

Reality Joy Calm Despair

Concrete noun
Objects and substances that can be experienced through our senses are referred to as concrete nouns. That means we can touch, feel, smell, taste or hear them.

Examples of Concrete Nouns

You can touch, feel, see, and hear them. You can do the same for objects. We take in with our eyes all the sights of places we visit. Flowers, panther, cinnamon, sunset, rain, cookiesthese are just a few concrete nouns. The yellow flowers flowed from a glass red vase. Suddenly, a large roaring black panther appeared from behind the rock. Mothers kitchen always smells like cinnamon during the holidays. The sunset unfurled ribbons of red, purple, and gold across the sky

Some concrete nouns are countable nouns. Countable nouns have both a singular and a plural form. A brick. Two bricks. A book. Three books. A horse. Four horses Uncountable concrete nouns do not have a plural form. We cant separate them into individual elements to count. Milk, air, sugar, salt, wood, rice, electricity and water are also uncountable nouns. Concrete nouns can be collective nouns, common nouns, and proper nouns as well.