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Academy of finance and economy

my school purposes to prepare you to be president to learn how to dealt with the economy and finance

The first president of the united state

George Washington was the first president of the united state He served 1789 to 1793 he served two terms . Over all for when he Served as a president I gave him a b, he protect his people he Said anyone whos willing to hide slave will get arrested he listen to his people he did what he think was right to protect his people. So thats basically why I think he deserved a b he could Have an a if he didnt say that the slave owner has the right to, Arrest and bring the slave before the court. Better luck next time

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the united state He served 1801 to 1809 grading Thomas wasn't easy , it Wasn't easy because he didnt barely do work he had an nc Which was no credit there wasnt much to say about him He was hypocrite he was an hypocrite because he Pregnant a slave and know he said that black people are pest He didnt give them their freedom

George Washington
George Washington first president of the united state 1789 to 1797 I gave him a b because the way he handle the farmer he could Have an a if he didnt do it the way he did I also gave him A b because he was humble and simple , he was also Prepare, he avoid war as a good president would do . the thing that he did to the farmer was that he They have to raise tax while their treasure was empty Many of them refused to pay their tax,

Second president of the united states

for the first semester I gave John Adam a c , I gave Him a c john Adam was the second president Of the united state he served one term he served 1797 to 1801 ,he avoid war he didnt want any trouble So he decided to pay for all the ship that had seized. in the other hand when France didnt want to Leave the united state alone he should have defend His country.

John Adam
John Adam second president of the united state He served one term, I gave john Adam an aOn his report card, he was a really a good president, Because he try to protect his country by not letting The French come to America without paper. He could have an a+ if he didnt try to Limit peoples freedom , because no matter what People should have their speech of freedom.

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson served two terms as a president, 1801 to 1809 he was incredibly awesome, he was strong , he Really tried to help his people. His grade was a b- he could have an A+ if he didnt passed the embargo act, which were to stop merchandise, From coming into the united state this act made 55,000 Seamen lot their job seamen lost their job. In the other hand he was really trying his best to help his People because he try lots of acts but it didnt work.