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judul jurnal formaldehid
judul jurnal formaldehid

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Published by: Gita Rulianti on Jun 20, 2013
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- Flow injection analysis of formaldehyde leached from denture-base acrylic resi ns tsuchiya,h., hoshino, h., kato, n.

takagi 1993, Journal of Dentistry, 21(4): 240-3 -Leaching and cytotoxicity of formaldehyde and methyl methacrylate from acrylic resin denture base materials Tsuchiya, H., Hoshino, Y., Tajima,k., takagi, n. 1994, The Journal od Prosthetic Dentistry, 71(6): 618-624 -Release of formaldehyde from denture base polymers Ruyter, IE., 1980, Acta Odontol Scand, 38(1): 17-27 -The detection and estimation of residual monomer in polymethylmethacrylate Smith DC, Bains MFD 1956, Dent Res 35:16-24 -Enhanced tissue response to denture base polymers in formaldehyde-sensitized gu niea pigs Kallus TK, 1984, prosthet Dent, 52:292-299 -Allergic stomatitis caused by self-polymerizing resin Glunta JE, Zablotsky N, 1976, 41: 631-636 -Formaldehyde in dentistry: a review of mutagenic and carcinogenic potential Lewis BB., Chestner SB. 1981, J Am Dent Assoc, 103: 429-434 - Release of formaldehyde from dental composites Oysaed H, Ruyter IE, Kiev en SIJ 1988, J Dent Res, 67: 1289-1294 -Effect of an ultraviolet light-activated coating material on reduction of the l eaching of methyl methacrylate and formaldehyde from denture acrylic resins Tsuchiya H., Yamada K., Akagiri M, Tajima K, Miyazaki T, Takagi N, Itoh U, Sato M 1993, Dent Mater J, 12: 253-238

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