June 20, 2013 Contact: Joe Hogan 315.935.

4914 Hogan Calls for Miner to Release her Travel Schedule With Syracuse facing bankruptcy, a closed fire station and Mayor Miner spending a lot of time outside of Syracuse, it’s time for a Mayor who focuses on our City Syracuse, New York – Despite an impending city bankruptcy, the loss of an important city fire station and a stagnant economy, Mayor Stephanie Miner has been spending a considerable amount of time outside of Syracuse. Hogan is calling for Mayor Miner to release her official travel schedule detailing how much time she has spent out of the city since she has been Mayor. Her role as State Chair of the Democratic Party and critic of Governor Cuomo has made her a media target and left us a part-time Mayor. Just today, Mayor Miner was to attend the important Syracuse Schools Joint Construction Board meeting, but she was in New York City speaking at a media event. She is also expected to be in New York City again on Monday the 24th to attend a political dinner. “We elected Stephanie to be the everyday Mayor of Syracuse, not to be a media pundit or state party boss. It doesn’t make sense and I fail to see how either her political part -time job or full time media spat with the Governor helps improve the fiscal crisis in Syracuse.” He added, “Being Mayor of Syracuse isn’t a hobby or part time job. Showing up coun ts and unfortunately, Mayor Miner is more interested in her statewide ambitions than in tackling public safety and the impending bankruptcy in a meaningful way.” Hogan concluded, “Whether you are the Mayor of Syracuse or the Village of Homer (Mayor Miner’s hometown) – people deserve an elected official who will put them first. I will be a full-time Mayor for all of Syracuse and leave the statewide politics to others.” ###

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