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Chapter 10

Influencing Consumer Behaviors


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cognition. and market share data 10-3 . sales. and behaviors – Place marketing mix stimuli in the environment – Influence consumers’ affect and cognitions – Influence overt consumer behaviors – Consumer research data.Consumer Behavior Influence Strategies • Approaches to influencing overt consumer behavior – Obtain information about consumers’ affect.

Approaches to Influencing Overt Consumer Behaviors 10-4 .

Consumer Behavior Influence Strategies cont. • Influencing overt consumer behavior critical • Strategies influencing it: – Affective • Marketing mix elements are designed to influence consumers’ affective responses in order to influence overt consumer behaviors – Cognitive • Marketing mix elements are designed to influence consumers’ cognitions in order to influence consumer behaviors 10-5 .

and behaviors in order to influence other consumer behaviors 10-6 . cognitions. – Behavioral • Marketing mix elements are designed to influence consumers’ overt behaviors somewhat directly – Combined • Marketing mix elements are designed to influence some combination of consumers’ affect.Consumer Behavior Influence Strategies cont.

Strategies Designed to Influence Overt Consumer Behaviors .

Sales Promotion • An action focused marketing event whose purpose is to have a direct impact on the behavior of a firm’s customers – Trade promotion • Used to push products through the channel to consumers 10-8 .

– Consumer promotion • Persuade consumers to purchase products and visit retail outlets • Influence the probability of purchase or other desired behaviors without necessarily changing prepurchase consumer attitudes about a brand 10-9 .Sales Promotion cont.

Sales Promotion cont. – Types of consumer promotions • • • • • • • Sampling Price deals Bonus packs Rebates and refunds Sweepstakes and contests Premiums Coupons 10-10 .

• Four aspects of behavior that promotions are designed to affect – Purchase probability – Purchase quantity – Purchase timing – Purchase location 10-11 .Sales Promotion cont.

Purchase Probability • Consumer promotions are designed to increase the probability that consumers will purchase a particular brand or combination of products – Subgoals of consumer promotions • Get consumer to try a new product • Position a brand or company in the minds of consumers • Obtain a brand switch • Develop brand loyalty 10-12 .

Purchase Quantity • Design of consumer promotion influences purchase of a brand • Design is used to influence the number or size of units purchased 10-13 .

Promotion Effects on Consumer Behavior 10-14 .

Social Marketing • End goal is to benefit the target audience or the broader society • Concerned with influencing and changing consumers’ overt behavior – Increasing desired behaviors – Decreasing undesired behaviors • Also used to influence affect and cognitions as an intermediate step 10-15 .

and behaviors – involve both long-term and short-term strategies 10-16 . cognitions.A Strategic Model for Influencing Consumer Behaviors • Marketing managers develop strategies to accomplish particular objectives – focus on influencing consumers’ affect.

Steps in Developing Consumer Behavior Influence Strategies 10-17 .

Measure Current Levels of Consumer Affect. and Behavior • Methods used to measure overt behaviors – Information contact – Store contact – Product contact – Transaction – Funds access – Consumption and disposition – Communication 10-18 . Cognition.

• Scanner cable method • Two reasons to start strategy development – provide baseline data for determining the effectiveness of the influence strategy – help to identify opportunities and threats in the market 10-19 . Cognition. and Behavior cont.Measure Current Levels of Consumer Affect.

Examples of Methods .Measure Overt Consumer Behavior .

Measure Strategic Effects • Why influence strategies fail – Faulty objectives – Faulty strategy – Faulty implementation – Faulty measurement – Unanticipated competitive reactions or consumer changes – Combination 10-21 .

A Strategic Model for Influencing Consumer Behaviors.Marketing implications • Need to influence consumers’ overt behavior to achieve organizational objectives • Useful to follow a sequential process for developing successful strategies that allows success or failure to be measure 10-22 .

Summary • Approaches to consumer behavior influence strategies were discussed • Strategies designed to influence overt consumer behaviors were demonstrated • Sales promotion and social marketing were reviewed as areas that focus on overt consumer behaviors • A strategic model for influencing consumer behaviors was presented 10-23 .