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H e r e i s So m e t h i n g
A M O R C , T h e Rosicrucian Brotherhood. Rosicrucian Park, San-^ose. California. T endose rem ittance to subscribe to the R O S I' C R U C IA N D I G E S T for................................... months so that I may become acquainted with the teachings o f the Rosicrucians as presented by the A M O R C to the world. It is understood that if I decide to unite with the Brotherhood within ninety days after I subscribe for the magaaine, the entire amount enclosed herewith will be used as part payment on the Five Dollar Registration Fee for membership.



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Rates: 4 months $ 1 .0 0 6 months $ 1 .5 0 12 months $ 3 .5 0

J p O R many years there has been only une real mystical magazine published in America. That is the P R IV A T E magazine issued by the Rosicrucian O rder. It is called the Rosicrucian Digest, and it is beautifully printed, highly interesting and instructive magazine, N O T SOLD ON G E N E R A L N E W S S T A N D S or in book stores.

P R I N T E O IN U . S . A .

A nd their magazine is liinited solely to persons who have been invited to join the Rosicrucian Brotherhood or indícate an interest in higher thought. the money paid for the subscription will be allowed on their Registration Fee. Fidelis. before joining the Order. Spencer Lewis. T herefore. W e assure you that each and every article will provoke thought and give you mental excrcise. WHAT IT CONTAINS Keep in mind the fact that the Rosicrucian Brotherhood is connected in every civilized land with the oldest and most reliable myslic sources. T h e following are titles o f some articles that appeared in one issue of the R O S IC R U C IA N D IG E S T . M any of the masters of its branches in foreign lands are em inent mystics whose writings and teachings have been known for many years and who are looked upon by Europeans as the greatest leaders in their chosen work. T h e magazine carries no outside advertisements but filis every page with the most helpful inform ation procurable. etc. T h e M ystery of Life. they are an example of the information packed between the covers o f this helpful monthly magazine: Imagination. but is given F R E E L Y to you. T he Laws of M ental Creating. T h e M ystical Life of Jesús. T he big idea back o f all the R osicrucian work is to teach others how to demónstrate in their own lives. rather than simply tell about the demon' strations made by others. "Reading maketh a full man. they are simply and forcefully w ritten. T h e Rosicrucians have access to more ancient records. T h e subjeets o f the photos are of a mystical nature.EXCLUSIVE It is a very exclusive magazine. T h e M aster K . Royle Thurston. B U T we will also permit prospective members to subscribe for it. T h e T each ' ings of the Masters of T ibet. Raymund A ndrea. VERY PRACTICAL Like all the Rosicrucian teachings. and many others. N ot that the articles are difficult to comprehend. but practical cxplanations of laws and simple principies which every reader C A N D E M O N S T R A T E F O R H 1M SE L F and use in his or her daily affairs. if they wish to join. T h e Cosmic G cnie. And think of itsfo reig n and Am erican branches with the highly trained masters and teachers and workers. T he Eternal T ru th s. T h e subjeets covered pertain to Concentration. Fra. Mystical Laws." — BACON . so that they may get some idea as to what the Rosicrucian teachings are like. T he Vibrations of Ñames. Running From Life. Each photo is so arranged that it can be framed and alone is worth the cost of the magazine. R eincarnation. Some Mysteries of an Expanding U n i' verse. T h e Rosicrucians never sell their teachings and do not coni' mercialize their principies.. YOU MAY HAVE THE MAGAZINE T h e magazine is sent free to all M E M B E R S of the National Rosicrucian Lodge. Colors. T h e R O S IC R U C IA N D IG E S T contains long articles each month by these master teachers and instructors including those by D r. more illuminating manuscripts and more mystery schools than any other organization in the world. Ju st fill out the subscription form and mail it today and you will find the magazine a V E R Y G R E A T P E R S O N A L H E L P IN Y O U R D A IL Y A F F A IR S . T h en . Pages From the Past. these articles in the magazine are not theories. its magazine is composed of non'sectarian articles. INSPIRING PICTORIAL SECTION Each issue contains several reproductions of famous art raasterpieces. Building the Pyramids. T h e Secret of Praying. Sin. helpful but not limiting or biased. H . T h e Development of the Inner Faculties. Allow me to remind you that the Rosicrucian Brotherhood is N O T A R E L IG IO U S O R G A N IZ A T IO N . and M usic. but will inake your mind journey along different channels.