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Think —What Is It You Really W ant?
TOP a m om ent in your daily routine and think. Ju st what is your real want in life? Take a pencil and w rite out your several wants. Then cross them o ff one by one until there remains the most im p o rta n t one o f all— your R E A L want. Examine this fo ld e r carefully. Do you fin d th a t REAL want listed here? IF Y O U D O — then feel assured tn a t the Rosicrucian teachings can help you bring it about. I have m entioned in this fo ld e r the real wants o f life — the things th a t make for full contentment, confidence, and happiness. Beneath each one is explained how the practical teaching o f the Rosicrucians can help you suppiant th a t want with a sufficiency. If one o f your wants is one of these — then nere is extended to you the way o f fu lfillin g it. It is with such w orthy m atters as these th a t the principies o f the Rosicrucians are concerned.


H ealth is the basis a f ’ev^ty-'HTÍman a c tiv ity . W ith o u t hW tffT we are extrem ely handicapped, regardless o f other qualifications. The Rosicrucians are not alone interested in making cures, w hether simple or phenomenal, but certain o f th e ir teachings are de-

vo te d to showing men and women how to care fo r th e ir physical and mental selves — how to work in harmony with the laws o f health and how to be a SELF DEPENDENT, not dependent upon methods o f healing. The Rosicrucian teachings are fam ed fo r th e ir knowledge o f the laws of health.

Peace of Mind
A fte r all, peace o f mind and happiness is the ultím ate goal o f manicind. To you happiness may mean one th in g — to me another. But one thing is certain, even though we may accumulate the greatest treasures of t h is world, if there exists within our

being a mental restlessness, an unfulfille d wish, we can never have th a t sense o f sufficiency, contentm ent, or oneness with the universe. Inspiring lessons o f the Rosicrucian teachings p o in t out how you may d ire c t your inner self so th a t you can bring into realization your fondest dreams and have REAL PEACE OF M IN D ,

The S p irit o f Real Brotherhood
The Rosicrucian Brotherhood is not merely a school or system o f study o f an impersonal nature. It is a fra te rn ity , a brotherhood in the true sense o f the word. Every m em ber is upon an equal status. The most humble N e o p hyte or supreme o ffice r evince to w a rd one another the s p irit o f fellowship. A side from the studies, i. e., lessons, lectures, charts, magazine, th e re is a d ire ct, unique. personal, S e r v ic e . The W e lfa re D epartm ent, the A d viso ry D epartm ent, are devoted to the consideration o f the w ell-being o f each mem ber. The display of com panionship and b ro th e rly interest binds members one w ith the other in the bonds o f personal association.

Personal Problems
Evervone at some tim e in life has a problem th a t is o f param ount im p o r t a n c e to h im . M any o f our problems would be easily over­ eóme if we could consult with someone who PERSONAL P R IV A T E is not only sym pathetic W EEKLY but woula p ro ffe r helpLESSONS ful advice. The Rosicru­ cian Brotherhood shares the problems o f i+s members. It does not wish its members to lean upon f-he organiza­ ro n as upon a staff, fo r the adjustrnent o f their difficulties, but offers in ad d itio n the more dependable m eihod o f showing the student how he, himself, may dom ínate the conditions o f his life.

Spiritual Development
Man is a dua! being, a physical e n tity imbued with a spiritual essence. C ali this inner self, soul, mind, in fin ite intelligence, what you will, still you are ever conscious o f it. th a t cons+itute you. ual forcé w ithin you. Your character, your ideáis, they are the part It is the sp irit­ To those who

wish to evolve, to develop personality and in d ivid u a lity so as to be in _',ttunement with the fin e r forces of /o J h e ir náture and the universe, they will find the Rosicrucian teachings most p ro ficie n t. Down through the ages have been preserved these an­ cient laws o f how man may attain spiritual illum ination.

Finding Your Place ¡n Life
W h y be a p ro d u ct o f Fate, Chance, and Circum stance? W h y assume the a ttitu d e th a t you are merely chaff ¡n the wínd o f events, th a t you must be blown hither and th ith e r, that you mustsubject yourself to ill fortune or abundance— w hatever the gods decree? You are not separate and a p a rt from the universe b u t you are an integral p a rt o f the in fin ite plan. You are here fo r a d e fin ite purpose — you have a duty to perform . The Rosicru­ cian teachings will reveal to you, through the weekly, helpful les­ sons, how you may come to know where you fí t into this d e fin ite D IA G R A M S plan. W h y shift about FOR when you possess inP R A C T IC A L herent talents and abilHELP ities given to you fo r a purpose?— Know th a t purpose and fulfill its mission.

Knowledge and Guidance
To every real ihinker — to the man and woman who spends a few moments every day to consider the serious things, th e r e a l im p o r t a n t things o f life, th e re are MONTHLY a few questions th a t M A G A Z IN E OF seem to remamunanswIN S T R U C T IO N ered. The mystery o f man's being? W h y are some prosperous; others in d ire need? Some have fame and fo rtu n e ; others are lowly? W h y allo f this when we are called divinely equal? W h y are some souls especially fa vo re d ; others p e rm itte d to suffer and know pain? W h y must man be placed here if the fu tu re life is the one o f real im portance? It is a real ¡oy, to the student, to unfathom these problems when studying the entrancing and y e t easily understood Rosicrucian philosophy.

C ertainly, you realize by now the merits o f a ffilia tio n with the kindly humanitarian Brotherhood o f the Rosicrucians. This Brotherhood is composed o f men and women o f all walks o f life — individuáis like yourself— who have the same determ ination, hopes, desires as you, and ye t con fro n t the same problems in their daily lives. The Rosicrucians are N O T a schoal o f speculative philosophers dealing in theories th a t appeal alone to the ¡ntellect but which are o f no practical valué. The Rosicrucian teachings ¡nstead are concerned w ith the m atters of HERE and N O W . If you learn to cope with ih e problems o f life and master the conditions which surrounó you, you w¡J] be sufficiently evolved to com prehend the g re a te r laws o f another plañe. If you are willing to devote a t least one hour a week to study and self ¡mprovement and are willing to take the in itia tiv e to bring into realization those things you aspire to, then the Rosicruc’an Brotherhood will provide you with the key to unlock the storehouse o f your treasured dreams. W h e th e r you accept, or hesitate and w a it— le ttin g valuable days and years go by— is fo r you to decide N O W .

Your Hom e Is Your Tem ple
In past ages, those who wished to avail themselves o f the secret truths o f life and nature, had to travel afar. In dista n t lands, there were g re a t temples, d e d ica te d to knowledge and enshrined against tim e. These edifices were the centers o f mystery schools, where learned masters and teachers explained the riddle o f life. Men and women endured many hardships and m ade tremendous sacrifices to travel to these tem ples. A t these tem ples, they learned the mystery o f th e ir being and how th e y could bring into th e ir lives Happiness, Personal Power, and achieve th e ir heart's innerm ost desire. Today, you need not traverse desert wastes, or ascend m ountain tops, o r be absent from fa m ily and friends fo r lona periods to attain life, light, and love. Your home may be your tem ple. You can select one cozy room, or even a p o rtion o f one, and by your sincerity of purpose and study, d e d ic a te it to your search fo r the real important things of life. In cheerful surroundings, fa m ilia r to you, in an atm osphere radiating co m fo rt and security, the Rosicrucians will bring these ancient practical truths to you. In the privacy o f your home, your temple, you may create in your life the things you really want. You may transm ute ab stract dreams into realities.

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