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own life, you are not using the powers that reside within you.

The Rosicrucians can show you, in simple language, and in simple methods, how you can ch an g e the course o f you r life, without interfering with your present social, business, or religious practíces. Each is his own creator of the future, once the secret, simple methods are known. T hou san ds, fo r hu n dreds o f years, h a v e fo u n d this to b e truc. Let us show Y O U the way. A beautiful book telling the whole story, revealing the simple system and how you may adopt it, will be gladly sent to you m th o u t obligation . Just fill in the coupon on another page and mail it.

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You will find th is F r e e book fascin fttin g and ins tru rtiv e . M ore than ton ed ition s have been given to hundreds o f th ousand s o f p erson s who a re g ra te fu l. indeed. as it starte d them on a new u n d erstan d ln g o f life and its m astersh ip .

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W e will send you a free copy o f th e in te re stin g m agazine. th e K osicru cian D ig est, if you s i ve below the ñam es and ad d resses of five p ersons who you think would like to receive the free book. T he M astery o f L ife. Y ou r ñam e w ill not be m entioned. Even if you do not send th ese ñ am es in to us, a t least fill out the coupon and receiv e y o u r copy o f the book.




(R em em b er— T h e R osicrucian O rd er is N O T a religious organization.)


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• R o sicru cian I'a rk , < San Jo s é , C alifo rn ia. ! S ir — P le a se send me w ithout o b lig atio n a g ift ! eopy o í T he M astery of L ife as 1 am in tereste d ! in lea rn in g of th ese tru th s. * M AM E............................................................................................... í A D D R E S S .......................................................................................




L I T H O IN U S . A.

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How infinitesimal man seems in contrast to the magnitude of the universe. T h e entire Cosmic scheme appears not to take him into consideraron. In the dim ages of the past the stage was set for a vast and intense drama. Th e earth was chosen as the proper setting. W hether it alone was so selected stilí remains an intriguing mystery. A t a time when the Divine Director saw that the drama had progressed to a certain point there entered upon the scene— Life! It was yet early in the earth’s drama— life was crude, coarse. It took many weird forms, but as it evolved into more complex creations it seemed to domínate the drama. It vied with itself in creating monstrosities, strange creatures, who stalked about unappreciative of the part they played. Tim e went on. T h e scene changed as refinement took place in forms engaged in the earth’s drama, and finally life alone held center stage — man reig n ed su prem e. W as he chosen to play the principal role in life? W as he to be prepared to rule in this universe or was man Iimited to acting only in the drama on earth — one little drop in the sea of infinity?
C O P Y R I G H T . 1949. S U P R E M E G R A N O L O D G E O F A . M. O . R. C . , IN C .

Centuries ago man awoke. He carne to realize that he possessed a faculty greater than the crude muscles he feared in the other ani­ mal life about him. Man could think, imagine, visualize. He could recall at will the events of his daily life. He could control those thoughts. He could shape them into images— dreams, plans. Slowly man learned how to use this mighty faculty of thought. Gradually he directed; he created a new world for himself. Under the mastery of his mind great structures aróse. Stupendous developments carne about— the pyramids, wondrous temples, art, language, literature. M an’s intellectual power developed. He grew only as he learned— but life is short. G e n e r a tio n s g a v e their brief span here to produce civilization.

A cry rang from man, uO ! why and when ce?” T he heart of man had spoken. M an carne to understand that if there was more than physical there was also more tha/i m crely the intel­ lectual. Some intelligence, some power greater than his own, governed life. This power that gave and freely took of life must be in an d o f him. This great consciousness, which spoke to him from the recesses of his inner self, gave him inspiration. It was consoling. No longer would man be Iimited to the earth— the forcé of the universe was in his inner being. If he could only direct the reins, what great wonders could be accomplished. He could control his environment, master his destiny, and no longer need he be a slave to circumstances. It was the P O W ­ ER W IT H IN — the bond that binds man not alone to the earth but to the universe.

W ith all of the advance of man intellectually he was Iimited— held back. He seemed to have to make tremendous sacrifices for ma­ terial progress. He was confronted on all sides by appalling obstacles, disease, poverty, pain, fear, hatred. T h e universe from which life had come seemed not to care. In a mighty rhythmic wave it took away that which it gave— life.

Are you perfectly satisfied with your position in life? Are you enjoying life to its fullest cxtcnt— truly abundantly? I f obstacles seem to prevent you from attaining the heights, the freedom from worry and strife and the enjoyment of perfect health and happiness, you are not mastering your