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make gifts during your lifetim e.

U pon request, the Suprem e G rand Lodge of A M O R C will provide full Inform ation on the procedure for leaving a lcgacy to the O rder.

S u rv iv o r Bank Deposit
A nother type of bequest which does not necessitate the probation of a will is that of placing a sum of money in your bank as a joint account under your ñame and the Supreme Grand Lodge of A .M .O .R .C ., In c., San José, California, U . S. A. Payable otily to the Survivor.

Wltat íj cui Dues Paxi . . .

• AII donations should be made payable to A M O R C Funds, A M O R C , San José, California, U . S. A . (M em bers in the British Commonwealth may make their donations to A M O R C Funds, A M O R C , 25 Garrick Street, London W . C. 2, England.) • AII bequests should be made in favor of the Supreme Grand Lodge of A .M .O .R .C ., Inc., San José, California, U . S. A .

Contributions to A M O R C are deductible on U . S. A . Federal Income T ax Returns! Depending upon your income bracket, you may deduct contributions up to percent of your gross in­ com e! See your local tax authority for full particulars. Members outside U . S. A ., consult your national tax policies regarding such exemption for contributions to nonprofit organizations.


S u p r e m e T e m p le
San José, California, U . S. A .
H -4 B 537 LI THO IN U. U. A.

C O P Y R I G H T , 1937 • S U P R E M E G R A N D L O D G E O f A . M. O . R . C - , I N C .

j f ust how your dues m aintain the financial integrity o f A M O R C — how they are apportioned to A M O R C expenses — is shown h e r e w ith .................

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I f you really appreciate what you have, it’s your duty to tell others! Prom otion fulfills the responsibiíity o f perpetuating

1. People
The greatest portion o f course goes to P E O P L E — employees who spend countless hours iri s e r v ic e to y o u r n e e d s ; p e o p ie w h o, like yourself, must be com pensated for their services in keeping with a basic standard of living. T h e re is an endless cycle o f activity: the authoring o f books, articles, and other literatu re; of writing thousands o f letters to members all over the world; the clerical help necessary to handle untold thousands o f requests fo r inform ation, supplies, and needed study m aterial. are working so A ll these and m any others that

and extending to thousands of people the ideáis to which you now subscribe. It takes form in radio program s, free literature, public lectures, televisión broadcasts,new spaper and magazine advertising, etc. T h e ul­ tím ate enjoym ent of your ideáis will be realized only when the p e o p le a r o u n d y o u r e s p e c t them and give them valué. T h e im portance of giving PRO ­ M O T I O N due share can not be minimized, fo r it is the life blood o f A M O R C as a social entity.

with amazing reguíarity, in the quiet o f your own home, it becomes possible for you to absorb the world’s most honored literature.

6. Research
In Rosícrucian íaboratories, li­ brarles, tvork rooms, and in the field. experimcntation and research continué unabated. Stafí members of A M O R C and members of A M O R C ’s International Research Council devise new methods of clarifving the age-old teachrngs — of adapting che over-all presehtation of these eternal truths to a m odem society.

3 . Printing
T h e third member of th e “ B ig T h re e ” is P R IN T IN G . I ts enorm ous appetite consumes more than 17% o f your m onthly dues. But don’t forget it provides you with the biggest share of your physical contact with A M O R C too.

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7. B u ild in g s- G ro u n d s
Rosícrucian Park with its distinctive architecture and exotic settings constitutes a center of activtties for its world-wide membership. It is the visual symbol of the O rder— the institution to whích you can point with pride. W íthín these extensive quarters is carried on the administration of your membership. In the quietude of this place, members come from throughout world for rest, instructíon, and inspiration.



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4. A d m in is tra tio n
This portion of your monthly dues feeds a m u l t i t u d ? of s m a l l e r costs, from paper clips to electronic cotnputers. U nder it come aíí utiíity expenses, office supplies, insurance, travel, janitorial ítems, maintenance, etc. Like all other expenses these are scrupulously guarded a~ gainst waste and abuse.

5. P o s ta g e
T he aíí-im portant line of com m unicatio n between the Grand Lodge and you is mail— and so P O S T A G E takes a no­ table share of every m onth's dues. R egulanty of mail delivery is often taken for granted, but behind it is tremendous expense — a great f a c t o r in A M O R C ’s total program .



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T axes? F o r a nonprofit organization? T o be sure. A lthough A M O R C is tax exempt under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, there are local taxes, levied by the City of San José and the County on the real property oí A M O R C , which must be paid.



Now. . . lA/hat About Extras?
Y o u r dues bear the necessary expense of m aintaining m em bership as you know it today. B ut beyond the inim ediate needs of this personal relationship is the visión o f a greater A M O R C — the cultural and hum anitarian activities which are its obligation to mankind. F or exam ple: W hen funds become available, construction will begin on a d a y n u rsery for children of preschool age. T h is unit alone— w here young minds will be carefully trained according to advanced Rosicrucian ideáis— can signal the beginning o f a new era in education for all the world. A M O R C ’s present program consists of m aking countless gifts o f books to tibraries; o f extending the free use o f its docum entary cinem a films to schools and societies the world over; o f m aintaining free museums, a planetarium , and an art g allery; and of sponsoring numerous other worth-while program s and organizations. T h is program is possible chiefly because o f the ex tra h e lp given by gratefu l members in the way o f m onetary contributions. A n organization such as A M O R C cannot assess each m em ber a fixed am ount above dues. Such a practice would deny the teachings themselves to m any members who are not presently in a position to aflford more than their dues. A M O R C ’s position must always be to m ake available the benefits of R osicrucian m embership at absolute cost. AII extras, therefore, must come from v o lu n ta ry co n trib u tio n s on the part o f members— ac­ cording to each one’s ability to contribute.

Take Your Cholee. . .
A Contribution Method Best Suited to You
It is only natural for every m em ber of A M O R C to want to particípate in its over-all scope o f activities— to want to contribute som ething. It is for this reason th at we suggest workable program s for each of you, program s which will be convenient for everyone. D onations of various amounts are made by hundreds o f members each year. T h e y usually constitute a little portion of extra funds found to be on hand after home budgets are balanced. In this way you dónate only what is convenient for you. Y ou set no obligatory amount for yourself.

P la n n ed Donations
M an y members set definite contribution goals fo r themselves. T h e y plan to put aside so much per week or so much per m onth for A M O R C . By this method they assure them ­ selves o f carrying out their good intentions— under the natural law o f A M R A . U n d er this plan, e v e r y p e n n y cou n ts. T h e im portance o f small amounts cannot be overemphasized.

Lega do s
A bequest o f money, bonds or property is the finest memorial you can provide fo r your­ self. Such a g ift to A M O R C , written into your will, assures the continuation o f the ideáis to which you now subscribe. D eath , or transition, is inevitable. W ills and testainents — no m atter what the am ount— are therefore a responsibility each individual should assume. T h e possessions you leave can thus be given in the same thoughtful spirit as you