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The Eterna!





From Infinite Cause to Man
Who has not at some time gazed in awe at the inky canopy of the night sky? Myriads of shimmering lights perfórate this veil of mystery. What relationship have thesedistant worlds to our own? Are Ufe and selfconsciousness but a chance phenomenon of Earth alone? Are there but blind ponderous forces creating in ceaseless change the forms which man experiences in his moment of eternal time—and is man, too, butone of their passing expressions without purpose or destiny? Since time immemorial, men havesought to understand the Absolute. Is it a conscious determining cause? Does the human mind have a bond reaching beyond its shell, the body, which ties it fast to the infinite cause? If so, by what means can man draw inspiration, personal power, an inner peace from such unión? Down through the centuries, the Rosicrucians have sought and found answers to these challenging questions. Their answers have satisfied self and enriched personal living.

W ho Are The Rosicrucians?
The Rosicrucians are men and women who have been motivated by the eternal quest for truth. Being brought together by a common purpose, they—centuries ago—instituted the Rosicrucian Order. It is a nonsectarian fraternal body, devoted to the investigation, study, and practical application of natural and spiritual laws. The purpose of the organization is to enable all to live in harmony with the Creative, constructive Cosmic forces for the attainment of health, happiness, and peace. The Order is internationally known as "A M O R C ” (an abbreviation) and the AM ORC in America and all other lands constitutes the only form of Rosicrucian activities united in one body. The AMORC does not sell its teachings. It gives them freely, with many other privileges, to affiliated members. Thoughts about our Cosmic origin and the desire to awaken and utilize fully our latent powers and talents are not limited to any or class of people. Consequently, Rosicrucians are to be found in every walk of Ufe and in every civilized land.
Sectional view of Rosicrucian Park, showing facade of the Science building.

Truth that Makes Men Free
W h a t th e R o s ic ru c ia n s T e a c h
T h e R o sicru cia n teachings are sim ply preserited. T h ey co n sist o f fascinating revelation s of natural and C o sm ic law s, wirh p ractical ap p licatio n s to da i 1y living. It w ould be im p o ssib le to list here the great variety o f useful and inspiring su b jeets that these teachin gs co n ta in . T h e fo llo w in g a re h u ta few o f the many to p ics, selected at ran d o m : • T h e m ysteries o f tim e and space • T h e hum an co n scio u sn ess • T h e p h en o m en on o f in tu itio n • T h e perfecting o f the hum an body • S e lf, p erson ality , and C o sm ic C o n scio u sn ess • G rea t tru th s d em o n strated and taught
b y the an cien ts

Renow ned Personalities
Ih e t*e Men W 'ere R osicrucians
In every cen tu ry , h u m ble m en and w om en , and th o se p ro m in en t in the arts and scien ces, h av eb een proud to be m em b ers o f the R o sicru cian O rd er. B elow are bu t a few o f th o se w hom h isto ry and legetid rep ort having been associated w ith the R o sicru cia n O rd er.

Statesm an, p h ilo so p h er, scien tist, and Im p erator o f the R o sicru cian O rd er.

k a a c N ew to n ( 1 6 4 2 - 1 7 2 7 ) Hnglish m ath em atician. scien tist, a n d p h ilo s o p h e r w h o e v in c e d in terest in the R o sicru cian teachings.

• D ev elo p m en t o f the
C r e a t iv e p o w e r o f

F ren ch p h ilo so p h er, m athem atician , and hu m anitarian w ho was associated w ith the R o sicru cian activ ities o f his co u n try .

A m e rican p h ilo so p h er, in v en to r, and statesm an w ho was associated w ith early A m erican R osicru cian activ ities.

t ie r m a n p h i Io s o p h e r a n d m a th e m a t ic ia n w h o s e r v e d as secretary of a R o sicru cia n Lodye.

Interesting facts you should know . . .
So that you may become better acquainted with the functions and activities of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, we present the folio wing pertinent facts:
• T h e R o s ic r u c ia n O rd e r is recognized by the governments in the lands in which it functions as a cultural, nonprofit, fraternal order. • It disseminates over 6 ,0 0 0 ,0 0 0 pieces o f literature throughout the world annually. • In Rosicrucian Parle, San José, California are maintained a Science Egyptian Museum, and a Planetarium. • Rosicrucian maíl is one o f the largest on the Pacific Coast. Its postage expenditure amounts to more than $ 1 ,0 0 0 ,0 0 0 annually. • The Rosicrucian Order is not a religious sect. It includes in its membership persons o f every faith and those who are nonsectarian as well. • Persons o f either sex and anv race, o f good moral character, are accepted alilce and given equai privilege$.

The Rosicrucians Invite You . . . .
to learn something inore about their worldwide activities and their advantages to you. The Rosicrucian teachings have a pructicul upplica' tion to the daily affairs of living. There is no attempt to place the minds of the members under bondage to any authoritative dogma. The romantic history of the Rosicrucians, as a centuries-old organization, and what they can do for you as a free thinker i n a modern world, is fascinatingly set forth in our free booklet, An Introduction to AMORC. To obtain a copy, merely fill out the coupon below and mail it to the address shown. It will be sent you without obligation. ACCEPT THIS FREE BOOK
Scribe T.H.Q. R osicrucian O rder, A M O R C 1342 N aglee Avenue San Jo sé , CA 9 5 1 9 1-0001 PJease send m e a free copy of the booklet, /] ;/ Introduction To A M O R C

W orld w id e A ffairs
Everyw here There Are Rosicrucians
A n g n la A rg e n tin a A u stra lia A u stria B a rb a d o s Belg ium Benin B o liv ia B ra zil Cam eroun Cañada Central A frica n R e pu blic C h ile Co lo m b ia Congo C o sta Rica Cuba D enm ark D om in ican R epu blic Ecu ad or El S a lv a d o r England Firilan d France Fiench G uiana G erm anv Ghana Greece G renada Guadeloupe Guatem ala Guyana H aiti H onduras Iceland Israel ita ly Ivory C o a st J a m a ic a Jap a n Lu xem bou rg M a la y s ia M a rtin iq u e M a u ritiu s M éxico M o ro cco N etherlands N eth erland s A n tille s New C a le d o n ia New Z e alan d Nicaragua Nigeria N orw a y Panam a Pa ragu a y Perú Ph ilip p in es Portugal Reunión S co tla n d Senegal S ie rra Leone S ing apo re Sou th A fric a S pain S urin am e Sw eden S w itz e rla n d Tah iti Togo Trin ida d-T oba go United States U rug uay V en ezu ela W ales Zaire Zimbabwe