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3. S O M E T H IN G T O R E A D .

See that a free copy of the R osicrucian D igest is available somewhere in your city— in librarles, hospitals, doctor’s offices, bookstores, or newsstands. Also, check libraries for copies of A M O R C books. 4. V IS U A L A ID S . W rite to the A M O R C Technical Department, San José, for particulars regarding free use o f films and sound tapes for use with clubs and societies. 5. F A M IL Y . Remember, any two members of an immediate family may enjoy Rosicrucian membership for just a little more than the cost of one— under a C om pan ion M em b er­ sh ip plan.

6 F R O M E A R L Y B E G IN N IN G S .


Rosicru­ cian training for children of all ages is available. M ake their lives easier by starting them on the right path. Ask for details.

7. F O R U N S E L F IS H S E R V IC E . T h e Rosi­ crucian Humanist Award is given to nonmembers who have displayed humanitarian principies above and beyond their duties. Send news items of such persons or other corroboration of their humanitarian activi­ ties with your recommendation.

8 . . . . AND M AN Y O TH ER S.

For other ideas, or for more details on the above, write to the E X T E N S I O N D E P A R T M E N T , R O S IC R U C IA N O R D E R , A M O R C , SA N JO S E , C A L IF O R N IA .

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H E world, blacked out by the darkness of night, moves relentlessly toward the East. On the dawn horizon, the sleeping, colorless coid of night gives way to the warm enchantment of day. As the earth approaches the morning light, it can no more remain in dark­ ness than it can stop its diurnal rotation. W h at has really happened in this glorious transformation? T h e glamour and activity of day were only lying dormant in the night. A ll the color— all the life— all the sounds o f earth are in the night, but day brings awareness of these wonders of creation. So the great Truths of Life lie dormant in every individual. A ll those things which will add to man’s mastership and enjoyment of life lie already within his reach.

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This task of spreading the knowledge we possess is not impossible, ñor even difficult. It consists chiefly of persistent and continuous dissemination of information. Darkness is not something that has to be lifted off man’s shoulders like some great weight. It does not have to be attacked as though it were some oppressive forcé. It is a purely negative condition which exists only because of the absence of light.


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Act N ow !

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W ith every thought, with every experience, with every bit of reading, man moves relentless<ly into the orbit of Light and Knowledge. O ur task is set— to confront men and women everywhere with information about themselves— about the world in which they live. Keep reminding them that the Rosicrucian O rder, A M O R C , exists— that it offers a solution to the great questions of Life. Bring man to the dawn horizon where the greater Light will reveal what always abounded about him, cloaked only by the darkness of ignorance.

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1 . BE P R E P A R E D . Have a mínimum of free literature on hand at all times. This should include one copy of each o f the booklets,

Who and What Are the Rosicrucians, Recognition, and The Mástery of Life; one or
more applieation forms; and a small supply of A M O R C literature. A t least one of the above should be on your person, for the opportunity of using it may arise at the most unexpected moments. 2. W O R D O F M O U T H . Bring up the subject of A M O R C whenever related topics are being discussed.