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accom plish nothing, and of course ex ert no effort.

A t the other extrem e are those who burn them ­ selves out by never w ith draw ing th eir light. T heir m essage becom es overpow ering, and though they m ay flare up in a g re a t surge of seem ing accom ­ plishm ent for a tim e, th eir efforts too are not productive of real grow th, nor do they ex ert too m uch m ental effort. The m oderate view requires diplom acy, the balancing of points of view. I t requires co n stan t attention, b u t m oderateness is the real gainer in the stru g g le for ascendancy. It is well to rem em ber this in your approach to friends who m ay be prospective m em bers. W hile on the one hand keeping quiet about AM ORC is of no avail—pressing the point beyond the lim it of in terest on the p a rt of others is likew ise of little avail.

N ow here are other points of in terest which, if carried out, will help m ake AMORC stro n g in recognition and m em bership. 1. U se R osicrucian seals on all your m ail. W ith hundreds of thousands of these a t­ tra c tin g the eyes of people m onth a fte r m onth, we can­ not help w inning public a t­ tention. These seals are available throug h the R osi­ crucian Supply B u reau—100 seals for 60 cents.

2. W hen you read som ething in the Rosicrucian Digest th a t you feel would be of general in­ terest, copy th a t section and subm it it to your local new spaper. Give the title of the article, the author, the nam e of the m agazine, and the issue from w hich the section is taken. Send it to the editor w ith the com m ent th a t the p a rag rap h or quotation m igh t be of interest to the p aper’s readers. This can be done w hen­ ever the subject m a tte r of a Rosicrucian Di­ gest article m igh t throw some new light on a topic of cu rren t in terest to the public. 3. W atch for the nam es of persons who are prom ­ inent in civic affairs—who are sponsoring or p articip atin g in som e constructive activities in the com m unity. Send them a special piece of literatu re, such as the Creed of Peace. 4. U se the R osicrucian bookm ark w henever pos­ sible; leave one in any book you m ay happen to page through or read. It has a very effec­ tive appeal. 5. Become fam iliar w ith the inform ation in the sm all booklet, Who and W hat Are the Rosierucians. H ave well in m ind the first section on P age 4 of this booklet as your first answ er to queries regard ing the Order. 6. F or any of the above m aterial, for application blanks, or for extra literature for free distribu­ tion, g et in touch w ith the
EXTENSION DEPARTMENT - AMORC Rosicrucian Park San Jose, California

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From Spark to Flame
The problem th a t prim itive m an had w ith fire w as not so m uch a question of fuel to keep the fire going, b u t ra th e r one of g enerating the heat th a t w as needed to s ta r t his fire. B ecause th a t initial sp ark w as so hard to come by, he very prudently kept his fires going. The guardian of the flam e in those days held a very prom inent position, as one can well im agine. This practice of guard in g the flam e w hich w as so necessary to the physical w elfare of the people readily becam e a sym bol of m an's desire to preserve the light of know ledge. This flame, too, w as h ard to come by, and m any w ere the steps tak en to prevent its going out. As does any flame, know ledge needs constant fuel and atten tio n . The fuel m ust be new people throug h whom know ledge has fu rth e r expression. The atte n tio n m ust be yours—to see th a t fuel is gathered and exposed to the flame.

and then, As A Courtesy .. .
H o w n ic e it would be if you could now extend to your new a p ­ plicant a special c o u r te s y , so m e sm all gift as a token of welcome to help break the ice, as it w ere— to send him on the P a th he has chosen w ith good feeling! W ell, here’s how we can pool our re­ sources tow ard this end. . . . We will share w ith you the purchase of a spe­ cial gift, if you so choose, to be given to any new applicant you enroll. (Com panion m em ber­ ships do not apply for purposes of this special offer.) The special gift we have chosen is the high quality, long-playing recording by the Im p erato r of AMORC, on the subject: “The Science of M ysticism .” W hile this full 12-inch, tw o-sided record is an a ttra c tiv e g ift in itself, its value as a proper in­ troduction to the whole subject of m ysticism m akes it an outstan ding gift. If you w ish to tak e ad vantage of this arrang em en t, sim ply send the coupon on the next page, w ith the signed appli­ cation. the ap plican t’s reg istratio n fee, and your check to cover your special price for the record, “The Science of M ysticism .” ($1.50, w ith this plan only.) This offer expires A pril 1, 1960. M ake use of the coupon on the next page, if you are using this plan. W ith or w ithout the above plan, try to subm it an application as your share in this y e a r’s E xtension P rogram to help AM ORC grow.

AMORC, San Jose, C alifornia G entlem en: E nclosed you will find th e sum of $1.50, to gether w ith an AMORC app licatio n and registration fee for a single m em bership, for w hich please send m e the recording, “ T he Science of M ysticism .” N am e: A d dress:

Secondary Projects
T a lk in g It O v e r The idea of g ettin g together to talk things over has in recent years gradually becom e the p a ttern of settling differences. I t is surely the m ost sensible w ay in w hich to accom ­ plish a “m eeting of m inds.” People who will nei­ th er express them selves nor listen to o thers’ opin­ ions have not y et experienced the satisfaction th a t can be derived from th is interchange of thoughts. If you w ant others to respect your viewpoint, how ever, you m ust respect theirs in the interchange. B eing a good listener is half the a r t of talk ing it over.

A Pleasant Task
F o r you it m eans touching off the sp ark of in­ terest in som eone you know. E ncourage this p er­ son to read m ore concerning the O rder—to read the M astery of Life. Tell him how the O rder helps the individual to find answ ers to his prob­ lem s—how it helps him to und erstand the world in w hich he lives, and how it helps bring con­ stru ctiv e and desirable changes in his life. E ncourage this person to com plete his appli­ cation for m em bership. Rem ind him th a t he is alw ays free to discontinue his studies a t w ill— th a t the nom inal dues are asked only for the period th a t he desires active m em bership. Coach him in the filling out of his application form . . .

Moderation Again
This is an o th er exam ple of m oderation and its subsequent perm anent effects. The tw o extrem es on eith er side of m oderation are too often used, because they require least effort. Those who hide th eir light under the proverbial bushel basket