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Automation System The history

1970-1982 1970-1982 DataChief DataChief I, I, II II and and III III
ƒƒCentralised CentralisedAlarm, Alarm,Monitoring Monitoringand andControl Controlsystem system ƒƒDeliveries Deliveriesto to100 100vessels vessels ƒƒPioneers Pioneers

19821982- 1999 1999 DataChief DataChief 7, 7, 1000 1000 and and 2000 2000

ƒƒDistributed DistributedAlarm, Alarm,Monitoring Monitoringand andControl Controlsystem system ƒƒMicroprocessor, Microprocessor,colour colourgraphics graphics ƒƒDeliveries Deliveriesto to2000 2000vessels vessels

1999 1999 -- 2006 2006 DataChief DataChief C20 C20

ƒƒHighly HighlyDistributed DistributedAlarm AlarmMonitoring Monitoringand andControl Controlsystem system ƒƒNo Nocentral centralcomputer computer ƒƒHigh Highspeed speedredundant redundantfield fieldbus bus ƒƒDeliveries to 1500 vessels Deliveries to 1500 vessels

2007 2007 -> -> K-Chief K-Chief 500 500

ƒƒUpdated Updatedpresentation presentationSW SW ƒƒNew NewOperator OperatorControl ControlPanel Panel
KONGSBERG May 27, 2008 1

The K-Chief automation concept

ƒ Alarm monitoring ƒ Machinery control ƒ Power management ƒ Propulsion control ƒ Cargo & ballast monitoring and control ƒ Information management ƒ Ship-shore communication ƒ Remote diagnostics

KONGSBERG May 27, 2008


The K-Chief automation concept
A distributed automation concept build on common hardware and software modules providing in operation quality and efficiency ƒ High reliability
- Fully redundant and segregated network - Redundancy available at all levels – from operators stations to power supplies - Real time processing provides quick response for optimum operation

ƒ ƒ ƒ

Ease of operation
- Intuitive user interface provides efficient and safe operation

Easy maintenance
- Common hardware technology allows for easy maintenance and repair

Cost optimisation
- High maintainability, reduced needs for spare, yields low life-cycle costs - Reduced installation costs
KONGSBERG May 27, 2008 3

2008 4 .The K-Chief automation – scaleable to your needs Individual systems One solution KONGSBERG May 27.

2008 5 .Automation System The K-Chief 500 ƒ Modular Functionality – – – – Modular hardware and software Software independent of hardware “LEGO” hardware by flexible DPU’s “LEGO” software by function modules ƒ Modern technology – – – – – – Commercial “off-the-shelf” (COTS) technology Type approved computer (Intel Pentium) Windows XP operating system Distributed process control and signal processing Single board DPU’s “Intelligent junction boxes” Redundant Control Area Network (field bus. CAN) KONGSBERG May 27.

monitoring and control systems .From small alarm systems to highly integrated alarm. 2008 6 .K-Chief 500 – key features ƒ Individual systems & one solution .Time stamp of alarms and events > 10msec .Configurable from 16 to 20 000 I/O channels ƒ Local processing provides a responsive system .Fully redundant and segregated network .Distributed process units .Power supply ƒ Built-in safety features —Earth fault monitoring —Built in self test (BIST) KONGSBERG May 27.Advanced control functions provides improved operational economy ƒ Redundancy available at all levels .Operators stations .

System configurations .Internal self check with alarm KONGSBERG May 27. self contained and process independent .Integrated engineers watch call status indication .K-Chief 500 – Building blocks ƒ Operator stations (OS) .Trend systems and reports .Standard and customised graphics Graphics Graphics ƒ Operator control panel .Multipurpose.Tracker ball for control of in mimic pictures .8.4” LCD screen with Touch with function keys.0293 0293 .Group alarm indication. 2008 7 ADAD. standard and customised . one key button for each function .Alarm presentations .Remote sound off .Command control and transfer .

LCD version ADAD.0279 0279 ƒ Watch Cabin Unit (WCU) for engine room alarms in the engineer on duty's cabin and in public quarters. 2008 .0424 0424 ƒ Extended alarm system ƒ Watch Bridge Unit (WBU) for engine room alarms and watch responsibility to and from the bridge.LCD version ADAD.0278 0278 ADAD.LED version . . .0284 0284 ADAD.LED version .K-Chief 500 – Building blocks ƒ Midi operator stations (MOS-33) – Local monitoring – Local maintenance & troubleshooting – Back-up for ROS ADAD.0280 0280 8 KONGSBERG May 27.

interface to sensors and actuators – Alarm detection and process control – Time stamp of alarms and events – Installed directly on engines and compressors ADAD.0296 0296 KONGSBERG May 27.0281 0281 ADAD.0289 0289 ADAD.0327 0327 ADAD. 2008 DPU RDi-32 / RDi-32a DPU RDo-16 DPU Rai-16 DPU RAo-08 DPU Rai-10tc Process Segment Star coupler PSS dual Process Segment Controller dPSC 9 .K-Chief 500 – Building blocks ƒ Distributed process units (DPU) – Intelligent junction box.0283 0283 ADAD.0282 0282 ADAD.0294 0294 ADAD.

Automation System Integrated Alarm Monitoring & Control ƒ Applications: – – – – – – – Alarm and Monitoring Auxiliary Control Power Management Cargo Monitoring Cargo and Ballast Control HVAC Automation (Air Condition) Management Support KONGSBERG May 27. 2008 10 .

summary & history. . . Exhaust Gas temperature monitoring. 2008 11 . .Performance monitoring.Alarm groups. events and .Extension Alarm System for bridge & cabins for UMS operation.Running hours & counters.Engineer safety system.K-Chief 500 – System architecture Alarm & monitoring system Functions & Features . . . .Logging of alarms.Trend monitoring.Alarm monitoring with colour graphic presentation. KONGSBERG May 27.

Valve control . Network Process Network (Dual LAN) OS 1 OS 2 ENGINE CONTROL ROOM CARGO CONTROL ROOM OS 3 OS 4 HUB DUAL LAN HUB DUAL LAN GLOBAL CAN (DUAL) GLOBAL CAN (DUAL) dP SC LOS dP SC LOS DPU DPU dP SC LOS dP SC LOS DPU DPU Alarm Sensors DPU DPU DPU DPU Alarm Sensors DPU DPU DPU DPU Local Operating Station (LOS) DPU DPU DPU DPU Local Operating Station (LOS) DPU DPU DPU DPU Process Control Power Management PROCESS AREA MACHINERY Process Control (#1) Process Control (#2) PROCESS AREA CARGO KONGSBERG May 27.Cargo and Ballast Control Fleet Adm.Power Management .Compressor control .K-Chief 500 – System architecture Alarm.Heeling control .Purifier control . monitoring and control system BRIDGE WBU OS 5 OS 6 ACCOMONDATION WCU's Fleet 21 Master " PDG Features .PID controllers . 21 Master PC " Adm.Boiler control . 2008 12 . standby start .Sequential start/stop .Restart sequence after black-out .Pump control incl.

2008 13 .Instant and up to date information available at any time Extract of redundant propulsion KONGSBERG May 27.K-Chief 500 – Supports vessels’ redundancy ƒ Redundancy . immediate transfer of data .A truly scaleable hierarchical and segregated network .Fully redundant controller area network (CAN). local time stamp.PSS provides star topology with galvanic isolation .Event based. fast.dPSC provides full segmentation with logical and galvanic isolation . robust and reliable .Scaleable redundancy tailored to vessels’ design .

2008 14 . Mimic editor installed on OS Automatic update to all computers The view is displaying mimic editor - KONGSBERG May 27.K-Chief 500 ƒ - Mimic on Site Possible to modify mimic picture when the system is running by commissioning eng.

K-Chief OS 500 ƒ List view Shaded lines Possible to sort on all columns KONGSBERG May 27. 2008 15 .

2008 16 .K-Chief 500 ƒ - Short trend 24 hours history Log all changes for all tags (I/O and SW) the last 24 hours Possible to store 10 individual hours with data Save screen dump No need for selecting tags - - KONGSBERG May 27.

g 20min sample intervall = 100 days history KONGSBERG May 27.K-Chief 500 ƒ - Long trend Maximum 100 days history Maximum 100 tags to select for history Sample the data E. 2008 17 .

2008 18 .K-Chief 500 ƒ - Pdf viewer Instruction manual following SP Possible to add pdf files to document folder Not possible to access file system Easy search and zoom Printout facility if suitable printer - KONGSBERG May 27.

K-Chief 500 ƒ Pop up dialogs for control All control objects have popup dialogs for control If more un-normal operation shall be activated. the dialog will expand to a larger dialog when pressing expand button - KONGSBERG May 27. 2008 19 .

K-Chief 500 ƒ Pop up dialogs for displays New dialogs for user HMI Example beside is for “System information display” - KONGSBERG May 27. 2008 20 .

K-Chief 500 ƒ - TFT.LCD panel 8. 2008 21 . An option to the CRP panel Easy way of changing mimic picture and views Overview of alarm groups ƒ - Control Room Panel (CRP) Control Room Panel to be used in ECR and CCR. no backlight Roller ball and numeric keypad Alarm Ack and sound off Command transfer KONGSBERG May 27.4” with touch.

Bridge) A combination of two modules The two panels have exact the same buttons and I/O together as the Control Room Panel - - KONGSBERG May 27.e.K-Chief 500 ƒ Operator panel to be used on Bridge Panels with backlight that can be used where it is required (i. 2008 22 .

K-Chief OS 500 ƒ - Two Screen solution Possible to have 2 screen on one OS TFT2 TFT 1 KONGSBERG May 27. 2008 23 .

2008 24 .K-Chief 500 ƒ K-Chief 500 New Operator Panels History and trend functionality built-in New list views Dialogues for all control objects Process Mimic change on the fly Pdf-viewer built-in Dual LAN integration to K-Gauge Two screen solution No change in DPU HW/SW KONGSBERG May 27.

2008 25 .Automation Systems Water ingress. Draft & Level Gauging K-Gauge .fully integrated with Kongsberg sensors and transmitters KONGSBERG May 27.

2008 26 .K-Chief OS 500 LAN integration to K-Gauge Dual LAN Tank calculation in OS OS OS NCA DL-94 MSI Load Computer RCU Dual CAN LAN LAN/ LON DPU DPU DPU DPU LAN/ LON LAN/ LON GLK Ballast TK sensors Service TK sensors RADAR + 3 x temp 1 x IG GLK RADAR + 3 x temp 1 x IG GLK RADAR + 3 x temp 1 x IG KONGSBERG May 27.

K-Chief OS 500 LAN integration to Tank system KONGSBERG May 27. 2008 27 .

flexible flexible installation installation ƒ No centralised processing ƒ I/O and local processing in one unit ƒ Extremely reliable DPU’s ƒ No special maintenance skills required ƒ Open system network solutions ƒ From 16 to 20.000 signals KONGSBERG May 27.Automation System The K-Chief 500 The modular concept of K-Chief 500 allows flexibility in system architecture. 2008 28 . K-Chief K-Chief 500 500 -.

2008 29 .Example image KONGSBERG May 27.

2008 30 .Example image KONGSBERG May 27.

0340 0340 ADAD.0345 0345 ADAD.0353 0353 ADAD. log display Inhibit tags display Offscan tags display ROS ROS 31 .0336 0336 ADAD.K-Chief 500 .0407 0407 KONGSBERG May 27.0406 0406 ADAD. 2008 System information display Monitor & OCP dimmer display Alarm summary display Alarm history display Autolog display Tag details display Selected points log display & configuration Selected points bargraph display & configuration Selected points trend display & configuration Exhaust gas temp deviation Misc.0341 0341 ADAD.0339 0339 ADAD.0348 0348 ADAD.0337 0337 ADAD.Alarm & monitoring Standard graphics ADAD.0349 0349 ADAD.0342 0342 ADAD.0352 0352 ADAD.

0344 0344 ADAD.0331 0331 ADAD.0350 0350 ADAD.Alarm. monitoring & control Standard graphics ADAD.0332 0332 ADAD. 2008 32 .0346 0346 ADAD.0343 0343 Positioner handler PID controller Stand-by pump handler Starter handler Performance monitoring system Counter display OCP display Ships display Level correction display General tank display Cargo tank density ROS ROS KONGSBERG May 27.K-Chief 500 .0333 0333 ADAD.0330 0330 ADAD.0347 0347 ADAD.0335 0335 ADAD.0351 0351 ADAD.

0357 0357 ADAD. ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) Selected cargo pumps display ROS ROS KONGSBERG May 27.0355 0355 ADAD.0358 0358 ADAD.0157 0157 ADAD.0356 0356 ADAD.0359 0359 ADAD.0354 0354 ADAD. one touch auto sequence Heating.Example of customized graphics K-Chief 500 .0373 0373 ADAD. monitoring & control ADAD.0193 0193 ADAD.Alarm. 2008 33 .0417 0417 Lub. oil service system Fuel oil service system Cooling fresh water system Sea water system Inert gas system Ballast system Generator control system Power management system.

0372 0372 KONGSBERG May 27.K-Chief 500 .03680 03680 ADAD.0369 0369 ADAD.0370 0370 ADAD.0371 0371 ADAD.0367 0367 ADAD.Vessel applications Ferries & Passenger vessels Gas carrier Chemical tanker Oil tanker Container vessel Bulk carrier Ro-Ro vessel Small vessels 34 ADAD.0372 0372 ADAD. 2008 .0366 0366 ADAD.

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