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We lead our students to lead our country [Presidential Training Academy


Dean Adilson Fernandes 1/28/2013

The Dean of PTA
I am Dean Adilson Fernandes. I built this school to educate our future leaders to be more responsible and more eligible to make and take actions that will benefit the U.S. We have two different mottos. Our main one is We lead our Students to Lead our Country and “There's a Difference between The Right Choice and The Best Choice
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Semester 1 With all your hard work you have earned this “A”. With your decisions and modesty you have showed your determination. You relied on help from your fellow citizens and managed to make a variety of departments to make running your government easier. The only thing that kept you from that “A+” was the pledge of Alliance you broke with France and the policy of Neutrality. With that you sent your country into isolation.

Semester 2

Once again you managed to finish strong. Your work as president was beneficial to both you, the citizens, and your country. The fugitive slave act was the only thing that brought you to an A-. You wasn’t hurt to bad because it was the best choice you could choose. You continued to keep peace and avoided war and for that I am happy to say you passed.

John your work as president was very good. The alien and sedition act was understandable, but it was a little to much. The alien and sedition act gave you a little bit too much power. It isn't fair to deport someone based on suspicion. With all that said I’m happy to reward you with this B-. I'm sure you can do better though.

You managed the country very well. Although you retaliated against the French and a started a half war, you did your best to avoid going into a full fledged war knowing that your country’s safety was at stake. You realized that your country was unprepared for war and knew that the people wouldn’t be able to survive. Even though you weren’t re-elected, you were still an amazing president. Presidency isn’t a popularity contest.

You managed the country well. Even though the pirates were attacking your ships, you still were sending your boats out. You made a good choice sending troops out to stop the pirates. The only thing that lowered your grade was stopping all trade with your embargo act of 1803. your citizens started losing jobs and that lowered peoples respect for you. I know you were only trying to prevent France and Britain from attacking your ships but it was a waiste of time. They still attacked your ships

I’m not quite happy with your thoughts and opinions on the African Americans. Especially because of your contradicting acts against the African American women. It was a hypocritical and unjust way to treat Americans. On the other hand, this was all before you became president. I cannot grade you based on your actions before your presidency. I have to give No Credit.

You were very successful in defending America. You showed the Great Britain that the USA isn't weak. On the other hand you let your government building get destroyed. The British came in and burned down the white house. It was one of the consequences of your decision to go to war. Your decision was still a good one.

You was an exceptional president. You showed that you were kind and considerate your native Americans but your choice to go to war wasn’t a good one. The consequences of the war lead to the death of both the leader of the natives Tecumseh and their hope of getting their land back.

Well done. I respect your decision to support Latin America’s