MT LAWS MT LAWS, RELATED LAWS AND CODE OF ETHICS (35%) 10% MT Laws 1 entitled to a fifty pesos (P50.00) per diem while the members shall be entitled to twenty-five pesos (P25.00) each regardless of whether or not they receive regular salaries from the government. In addition, the Chairman and members of the Council shall be entitled to traveling expenses in connection with their official duties. Section 5. Functions of the Council of Medical Technology Education.- The functions of the Council shall be: a. To recommend the minimum required curriculum for the course of medical technology. b. To determine and prescribe the number of students to be allowed to take up the medical technology course in each school, taking into account the student-instructor ratio and the availability of facilities for instruction. c. To approve medical technology schools meeting the requirements and recommend closure of those found to be substandard. d. To require all medical technology schools to submit an annual report, including the total number of students and instructors, list of facilities available for instruction, a list of their recent graduates and new admissions, on or before the month of June. e. To inspect, when necessary, the different medical technology schools in the country in order to determine whether a high standard of education is maintained in said institutions. f. To certify for admission in to an undergraduate internship students who have satisfactorily completed three years of the medical technology course or its equivalent and to collect from said student the amount of five pesos each which money accrue to the operating fund of the Council. g. Formulate and recommend approval of refresher course for applicants who shall have failed the Board Examination for the third time. h. To promulgate and prescribe and enforce necessary rules and regulations for the properimplementation of the foregoing functions. Section 6. Minimum Required Course.- The medical technology course shall be at least four years, including a 12-month satisfactory internship in accredited laboratories, and shall include the following subjects: English Biochemistry Spanish Gross Anatomy Social Science Histology General Zoology Physiology Botany Clinical Parasitology Mathematics General Pathology College Physics Microbiology General Chemistry Biostatistics Qualitative Chemistry Clinical Laboratory Quantitative Chemistry Methods including hematology, serology, blood banking, clinical microscopy, applied microbiology, and parasitology, histopathologic techniques, and cytotechnology

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Laboratory Management Related Laws Code of Ethics including Bioethics

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Republic Act No. 5527 (AMENDED) Section 1. Title.- This Act may be also cited as the Philippine Medical Technology Act of 1969. Section 2. Definition of Terms. Practice of Medical Technology - A person shall be deemed to be in the practice of medical technology within the meaning of this Act, who shall for a fee, salary or other compensation or reward paid or given directly or indirectly through another, renders any of the following professional services for the purpose of aiding the physician in the diagnosis, study and treatment of diseases and in the promotion of health in general: a. Examination of tissues, secretions and excretions of the human body and body fluids by various electronic, chemical, microscopic, bacteriologic, hematologic, serologic, immunologic, nuclear, and other laboratory procedures and techniques either manual or automated; b. Blood banking procedures and techniques; c. Parasitologic, Mycologic and Microbiologic procedures and techniques; d. Histopathologic and Cytotechnology e. Clinical research involving patients or human beings requiring the use of and/or application of medical technology knowledge and procedures; f. Preparations and standardization of reagents, standards, stains and others, provided such reagents, standards, stains and others are exclusively for the use of their laboratory; g. Clinical laboratory quality control; h. Collection and preservation of specimens; Section 3. Council of Medical Technology Education, Its Composition.- There is hereby established a Council of Medical Technology Education, hereafter referred to as Council, which shall be composed of the Director of Higher Education as Chairman; the Chairman of the Professional Regulation Commission as ViceChairman; and the Director of the Bureau of Research and Laboratories of the Department of Health, the Chairman and two (2) members of the Board of Medical Technology, a representative of the Deans of Schools of Medical Technology and Public Health, and the Presidents of the Philippine Society of Pathologists and the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists, as members. Section 4. Compensation and Traveling Expenses of Council Members.- For every meeting actually attended, the Chairman shall be

Clinical Microscopy. 4655 and 1517. Microbiology. No. or removal of a member of the Board. (3) is a qualified Pathologist.No person shall practice or offer to practice medical technology as defined in this Act without having previously obtained a valid certificate of registration from the Board provided that registration shall not be required of the following: a. To prescribe the qualifications and training of medical technologists as to special fields of the profession and supervise their specialty examination conducted by the professional organization of medical technologists accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission. and two (2) members who are registered medical technologists who shall be appointed by the President of the Republic of the Philippines upon recommendation of the Professional Regulation Commission. To determine the adequacy of the technical staff of all clinical laboratories and blood banks before they could be licensed with the Department of Health in accordance with R. h. g. To classify and prescribe the qualification and training of the technical staff of clinical laboratories as to: Medical Technology. however. the Department of Education and Culture15 shall approve schools of Medical Technology in accordance with the provisions of this Act. that the same shall be issued only after the approval of the President of the Philippines.There is hereby created a Medical Technology Board under the Professional Regulation Commission. Senior Medical Technologist. and that the scope of activities of said laboratories offer sufficient training in said laboratory procedures. Duly registered physicians. which shall thereafter be referred to as the Board composed of a Chairman who is a pathologist. suspend and revoke certificates of registration for the practice of medical technology and medical laboratory technician. e. c.. The Department of Health16 through the Bureau of Research and Laboratories shall approve laboratories for accreditation as training laboratories for medical technology students or postgraduate trainees in conjunction with the Board of Medical Technology. i.Each member of the Board shall receive as sum of ten pesos for each applicant examined and five pesos for each applicant granted a certificate of registration without examination.. they are only practicing the said function. b. the requirements mentioned in number four (4) shall be reduced to five years . Section 12. Look into conditions affecting the practice of medical technology in the Philippines and. as amended. (4) has been in practice of laboratory medicine or medical technology for at least ten years prior to his appointment. in conjunction with the Board of Medical Technology. Medical Technology Board. conformably with the provisions of this Act. malpractice or unprofessional.The Board is vested with authority and required. Section 9. and f.Upon the recommendation of the Medical Technology Board. Parasitology. Issue. Section 13. Compensation of Members of the Board of Examiners for Medical Technology. Executive Officer of the Board. Medical Technologist and Medical Laboratory Technician. Administer oaths in connection with the administration of this Act. The laboratories shall show satisfactory evidence that they possess qualified personnel and are properly equipped to carry out laboratory procedures commonly required in the following fields: Clinical Chemistry. Medical Technologist. (2) is of good moral character. In case of death.. Removal of Board Members. Medical technologist from other countries called in for consultation or as visiting or exchange professors to colleges or universities: Provided. unethical. disability. whenever necessary. Section 14. Draft such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act: Provided.Any member of the Board may be removed by the President of the Philippines for neglect of duty. Serology. and Histopathologic techniques. b. . for this purpose issue subpoena and subpoena duces tecum to secure appearance of witnesses and production of documents in connection with charges presented to the Board. immoral or dishonorable conduct after having been given opportunity to defend himself in a proper and administrative investigation: Provided. That the incumbent members will continue to serve until the expiration of their terms. Functions and Duties of the Board. the President shall have the power to suspend such member under investigation and appoint a temporary member in his place. Section 10. Section 8. to: a. The Chairman and members of the Board shall hold office for three (3) years after appointments or until their successors shall have been appointed and duly qualified: Provided.A.1 Section 7..No person shall be appointed as member of the Board of Examiners for Medical Technology unless he or she is (1) is a Filipino citizen. adopt such a measure may be deemed proper for the maintenance of good ethic and standards in the practice of medical technology. incompetency. That for the first three years following the approval of this Act. d. that during the process of investigation. his successor shall serve only the balance of his term. Section 11. or a duly registered medical technologist of the Philippines with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology/Bachelor of Science in Hygiene/Public Health. Inhibition Against the Practice of Medical Technology. Investigate such violations of this Act or of the rules and regulations issued thereunder as may come to the knowledge of the Board and. Blood Banking. and (5) is not a member of the faculty of any medical technology school for at least two (2) years prior to appointment or having any pecuniary interest direct or indirect in such institution: Provided. Administer the provisions of this Act. Accreditation of Schools of Medical Technology and of Training Laboratories. Qualifications of Examiners.. Hematology.

....... Section 21. Medical technologists in the service of the United States Armed Forces stationed in the Philippines rendering services as such for members of the said forces only. with no rating below fifty percent in any of the major subjects: Provided.. b... Is in good health and is of good moral character. Cytotechnology. that upon application filed and the payment of the required fee of one hundred and fifteen pesos (P115. He or she passed the civil service b... however. examination for medical technician given on March 21. shall.. The duly registered medical technologists shall be required to display his certificate of registration in the place where he works...... 20% Clinical Microscopy .... 20% Hematology .. 10% Histopathologic Techniques... that such performance began prior to June 21.Except as otherwise specifically allowed under the provision of this Act. Section 15..... Issuance of Certificate of Registration. if such performance began prior to June 21. Provided. further..... Department of Health........ All certificate shall be signed by the members of the Board and by the Commissioner of the Professional Regulation Commission...... That the candidate has not failed in at least sixty percent of the subjects computed according to their relative weights.. Written notices of such examination shall be published in at least three newspapers of national circulation by the Secretary of the Board of least thirty days prior to the date of examination.... further....... that the Board may change...... Section 18. Section 17........ 1969 and also to all other persons who having graduated from other professions have been actually performing medical technology practice for the last eight (8) years prior to filing of the application....... Provided..... college or university in accordance with this Decree or having graduated from some other profession and has been actually performing medical technology for the last five (5) years prior to the date of the examinations. Scope of Examination. Provided... Provided..1 c..... and Davao as the Board may designate. subject to the prior approval of the Professional Regulation Commission.... .. a candidate must obtain a general average of at least seventy-five percent in the written test. Related Laws and its implementing rules. Provided..All successful examinees shall be required to take a professional oath before the Board or before any person authorized to administer oaths prior to entering upon the practice of medical technology in the Philippines... and publication of the change or amendment at least three (3) months prior to the date of examination in which the same is to take effect... Qualification for Examination... 1969.....Every applicant who has satisfactorily passed the required examination for medical technologist shall be issued a certificate of registration as such: Provided.... or in foreign countries if such performance began prior to June 21. That in case of the latter. and the Code of Ethics ... Cebu..... Section 16. Oath Taking...... That graduate of paramedical profession other than Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology/Bachelor of Science in Hygiene admitted to an examination under the provisions of this Act shall not be given further examinations after the provisions of this Act shall be given further examinations after his failure to qualify for the third time.The examination questions shall cover the following subjects with their respecTive relative weights: Clinical Chemistry . unless and until he shall have completed 12 months refresher course in an accredited laboratory: Provided....00) show evidence satisfactory to the Board that: a... add to or remove from the list of subjects or weights above as progress in the science of Medical Technology may require....Every applicant examination under this Act. and in addition shall have been in the practice of medical technology for at least three (3) years prior to the filing of the application in laboratories in the Philippines duly accredited by the Bureau of Research and Laboratories.... That no such certificate shall be issued to any successful applicant who has not attained the age of twenty-one (21) years.......... the standard of medical technology education is substantially the same as ours... or Has finished a two-year college course and has at least one (1) year of experience as medical laboratory technician... furnish the Board satisfactory proof that he or she: a. The Board shall compute the general average of each examinee according to the above-mentioned relative weights of each subject..... . 20% Blood Banking & Serology .. 20% Microbiology & Parasitology ... Has completed a course of at least four (4) years leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology or Bachelor of Science in Public Health conferred by a recognized school... Report of Rating...... Section 19.... Provided.. Rating in the Examination. Section 20.. all applicants for registration as medical technologist shall be required to undergo written examination which shall be given by the Board annually in the greater Manila area. prior to the date thereof.... Examination..... Medical Technology Laws. Provided.00) the Board shall issue a certificate of registration as medical technologist without examination to persons who have been graduated with Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology/Bachelor of Science in Public Health in duly recognized schools of medical technology in the Philippines or in any foreign country.... 1964. 1969. that an applicant who has at least ten (10) years of experience as medical laboratory technician .........In order to pass the examination...... that for every year of deficiency in college attainment two (2) years of experience may be substituted.. 10% The Board shall prepare the schedule of subjects for examination and to submit the same to the Commissioner of the Professional Regulation Commission for publication at least thirty (30) days before the date of examination. No further examinations.. that the Board shall likewise issue a certificate of registration as medical laboratory technician without examination to any person who upon application and payment of the required fee of fifty pesos (P500..

Any person who shall impersonate any registrant of like or the same name. Fees Section 23. after due warning by the Board to display his certificate of registration in the place where he works. by majority vote.The revocation or suspension of a certificate made by the Board shall be subject to appeal to the Civil Service Commissioner whose decision shall become final thirty days after its promulgation. Section 27. The suspension shall run from the date of such surrender.The Board shall refuse to issue a certificate of registration to any person convicted by the court of competent jurisdiction of any criminal offense involving moral turpitude. Section 22. finally. or for unprofessional conduct. and in such shall be give to the applicant a written statement setting forth the reason for its action. and to the public upon request. in the discretion of the court: c. furnished all Department Heads and all bureau. Roster of Medical Technologist. unless the respondent within the same period has appealed to the office of the President of the Philippines. or imprisonment for not less than six months nor more than two years. placed on file in the Office of the President. f. Any person who shall practice Medical Technology in the Philippines without being registered or exempted from registration in accordance with the provisions of this Act. to confront and cross-examine witnesses against him or her. The suspension of a certificate shall be re-issued to the medical technologist concerned upon request without prejudice to further actions by the Board for a. the following shall be punished by a fine of not less than two thousand pesos nor more than five thousand pesos.The Board may. Any medical technologist who shall knowingly make a fraudulent laboratory report. Any duly registered medical technologist who shall refuse or fail. date of registration or issuance of certificate. address and citizenship of each registered Medical Technologist. violation of the provisions of this Act or conditions imposed by the Board upon the medical technologist during the period of suspension. b. Reinstatement. Administrative Investigation. even if duly registered. commencing on the year following that in which this Act shall become effective. or of unsound mind. Any medical technologist.. or incurable communicable disease. and other data which in the opinion of the Board are pertinent. the certificate of registration of another. The roster shall be open to public inspection and copies thereof shall be mailed to each person included therein. or serious ignorance or gross negligence in the practice of medical technology. offices and instrumentalities of the Department of Health and to such other offices. upon application and for reason deemed proper and sufficient.Revocation or Suspension of Certificates Administrative investigation shall be conducted by at least two members of the Board with one legal officer sitting during all administrative proceedings. the respondents shall be entitled to be represented by counsel or be heard in person. or any person guilty of immoral or dishonorable conduct.A roster of Medical Technologist shall be prepared annually by the Secretary of the Board. private or governmental.1 as of the date of approval of this Decree regardless of his academic attainment may qualify for registration without examination. the latter however not to exceed two years.Without prejudice to the provision of the Medical Act of 1959 as amended relating to illegal practice of Medicine. reissue any revoked registration certificate. that a registered medical laboratory technician when employed in the government shall have the equivalent civil service eligibility not lower than second grade. The Board may. g. Penal Provisions. The Board may. e. . to have a speedy and public hearing. Section 26.. Appeal. incompetency. When the penalty of suspension or revocation is imposed by the Board the medical technologist shall be required to surrender his certificate of registration within thirty days after the decision becomes final. No penalty of revocation shall be imposed unless there is a unanimous vote of all the three members of the Board.. malpractice. Section 29.. impose the penalty or reprimand or suspension. unless the country or state of which he is a subject or citizen permits Filipino Medical Technologist to practice within its territorial limits on the same as the subject or citizens of said country or state. c. or be given a certificate of registration or be entitled to any of the rights and privileges under this Act. Refusal to issue Certificate. Any person presenting or attempting to use as his own. or Has failed to pass the board examination for medical technology but had obtained a general rating of at least 70%. or both. and to all other rights guaranteed by the Constitution.. Provided. Section 25. which statement shall be incorporated in the record of the Board. after giving proper notice and hearing to the party concerned reprimand an erring medical technologist or revoke or suspend his certificate of registration for causes mentioned in the next preceding section or for causes enumerated in section twenty-nine (29) of this Act. Any person who shall give any false or fraudulent evidence of any kind to the Board or any member thereof in obtaining a certificate of registration as Medical Technologist. Section 24. Reissue or Replacement of Certificate. d. This roster shall contain the name. Foreign Reciprocity.No foreigner shall be admitted to examination. who shall practice medical technology in the Philippines without the necessary supervision of a qualified pathologist or physician authorized by the Department of Health. under the pain of perpetual disqualification from the practice of medical technology in the Philippines for inexcusable failure to do so. Section 28..

use or advertise any title or description tending to convey the impression that he is a Medical Technologist without holding a valid certificate of registration. the remainder of this Act of the application of such provisions to other persons or circumstances shall not be affected by such declaration. the Clinical Laboratory Act of 1966 (R.. that if the offender is a firm or a corporation. however. R. rules and regulations. 2007  Classification of Clinical Laboratories o By Ownership • Government • Private o By Function · Clinical Pathology · Anatomic Pathology  A. executive. Section 32. or parts thereof inconsistent with the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed: Provided. No. including coagulation procedures Immunology Microbiology – culture and sensitivity · Limited Service Capability (for institution-based only) – provides the laboratory tests required for a particular service in an institution such as but not limited to dialysis centers and social hygiene clinics · Special Laboratory – a laboratory that offers highly specialized tests that are usually not provided with a general clinical laboratory Any person who operates a clinical laboratory without proper license from the DOH shall upon conviction be subject to imprisonment for not less than one (1) month or a fine of not less than Php 1. revoked or suspended certificate of registration. Section 31. 1517). rules and regulations. executive. Any person or corporate body who shall violate the rules and regulations of the Board or orders promulgated by it after having been duly approved and issued by the President of the Philippines upon recommendation of the Commissioner of Civil Service for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Act. Any person who shall attempt to use a i. 4688  Clinical Laboratory Act of 1966  June 18. however. 2001  Classification of Laboratories by Service Capability o Primary Category · Routine Hematolgy · Routine Urinalysis · Routine Fecalysis · Blood Typing – hospital-based · Quantitative Platelet Determination – hospital-based o Secondary Category · Service capabilities of primary category · laboratory Routine Clinical Chemistry . and the Blood Banking Law of 1956 (R.O.A. Repealing Clause.All acts. o By Institutional Character · Institution Based · Free-standing o By Service Capability · General Laboratory · Primary Category Routine Hematology Qualitative Platelet Determination Routine Urinalysis Routine Fecalysis Blood Typing – for hospital-based · Secondary Category Services of primary category laboratory Routine Clinical Chemistry Quantitative Platelet Determination Cross-matching – for hospital-based Gram staining – for hospital-based KOH – for hospital-based · Tertiary Category Services of secondary category laboratory Special Chemistry Special Hematology.A. k. 1966 A. 2001  Rules and Regulations Governing the Establishment.A. No. Any person who shall in connection with his name or otherwise.. Operation and Maintenance of Clinical Laboratories in the Philippines  November 19. Approved. as amended by R. or parts thereof inconsistent with the provisions to any persons or circumstances is declare invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction. Effectivity.All acts. Section 30.. Provided. 4688). June 21. Separability Clause. that nothing in this Act shall be construed as repealing or amending any portion of the Medical Act of 1959 (R.A. 1969. 2007-0027  Revised Rules and Regulations Governing the Licensure and Regulation of Clinical Laboratories in the Philippines  August 22.O. the managing head and/or the owner(s) shall be liable to the penalty imposed j.000 or both at the discretion of the court.1 h. 2382. Any person or corporate body who shall allow anyone in his employ who is not a registered medical technologist/medical laboratory technician to engage in the practice of medical technology or recommend for appointment anyone to the position of medical technologist/medical laboratory technician knowing that he is not registered as such.This Act shall take effect upon its approval. assume. 59 s.A. 4224).000 and not more than Php 5.

 Conduct health education and counseling. 4. 8504  Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998  Approved on February 13. retention. 2.  Processing and provision of blood components. transport and distribution of units of whole blood and/or blood products to hospitals and other health facilities. · Director-General of NEDA or his representative · Secretary of DOT or his representative · Secretary of DBM or his representative · Secretary of DFA or his representative · Head of the Philippine Information Agency or his representative · President of the League of Governors or his representative. B. Service Capability 1. issuance.  Compatibility testing of red cell units. if hospital based. transport and distribution of whole blood and packed red cells. R.  Storage.O. Blood Collection Unit (BCU)  Advocacy and promotion of voluntary blood donation and healthy lifestyle. Ownership 1. 2008 Classification of Blood Service Facility (BSF) A. 1994 A.  Provision of whole blood and packed red cells. Hospital-based 2. Blood Center (BC)  Advocacy and promotion of voluntary blood donation and healthy lifestyle. retention. · Chairperson of the Committee on Health of the Senate of the Philippines or his representative. issuance. if hospital based. 7719  National Blood Services Act of 1994  Approved on May 5. 1998  Philippine National AIDS Council o Composed of twenty-six (26) members as follows: · Secretary of DOH · Secretary of DECS or his representative · Chairperson of CHED or his representative · Director General of TESDA or his representative · Secretary of DOLE or his representative · Secretary of DSWD or his representative · Secretary of DILG or his representative · Secretary of DOJ or his representative.  Screening and selection of voluntary blood donors.  Transport of blood to BC for testing and processing. and care of voluntary blood donors. BCU/BS – all services stipulated under BCU and BS.A. Private (for hospital-based BSF only)  Storage and issuance of whole blood and  blood components obtained from a BC.A. 3. · President of the League of Mayors or his representative. Non-hospital-based (government-owned or PNRC-owned) C. 2008-0008  Rules and Regulations Governing the Regulation of Blood Service Facilities  May 2. Government 2. and care of voluntary blood donors. No.  Recruitment.  Storage.  Recruitment.  Compatibility testing of red cell units. .  Conduct health education and counseling services.1 · Cross-matching – hospital-based o Tertiary Category · Service capabilities of secondary category laboratory ·Special Chemistry ·Special Hematology ·Immunology/Serology ·Microbiology R. Blood Station (BS)  Advocacy and promotion of voluntary blood donation and healthy lifestyle. · Chairperson of the Committee on Health of the House of Representatives or his representative. The following services shall also be provided: · Compatibility testing of red cell units · Direct Coomb’s test · Red cell antibody screening · Investigation of transfusion reactions · Assist the Hospital Blood Transfusion Committee (HBTC) in the conduct of post-transfusion surveillance (hemovigilance) 5.  Collection of blood (mobile or facility-based) from qualified voluntary blood donors. Blood Bank (BB)  Advocacy and promotion of voluntary blood donation and healthy life.  Testing of units of blood for transfusiontransmitted infections (TTIs). Institutional Character 1.  Collection of blood (mobile or facility-based) from qualified voluntary blood donors.

and shall serve for a term of two (2) years For members representing medical/health professional groups and the six (6) nongovernment organizations.Any violation of medical confidentiality shall suffer the penalty of imprisonment for six (6) months to four (4) years. nurse or midwife. without prejudice to the imposition of administrative sanctions such as. No. the vice-chairperson shall be elected by its members from among themselves. 2008-0026 o o o  Penalties for Unsafe Practices and Procedures oAny person who knowingly or negligently causes another to get infected with HIV in the course of the practice of his/her profession through unsafe and unsanitary practice or procedure is liable to is liable to suffer a penalty of imprisonment for six (6) years to twelve years. except for the representatives of the Senate and the House of Representatives. as well as the cancellation or withdrawal of the . without prejudice to administrative sanctions such as fines and suspension or revocation of the violator's license to practice his/her profession. subject to their being reappointed for additional three (3) years period for each extension.A. endocrinologist.O. including the Secretary of Health who shall act as Chairman o The other members of the Committee shall be as follows: · Executive Director of the NIH. they shall serve for a term of two (2) years. fines and suspension or revocation of the license to practice his/her profession. however. A.  Establishment and Accreditation of Newborn Screening Centers o DOH shall ensure that Newborn Screening Centers are strategically located in order to be accessible to the relevant public and provide services that comply with the standards approved by the Committee upon the recommendation of the NIH o At a minimum. from either the public or private sector. 2004  Performance of Newborn Screening: o Newborn screening shall be performed after twenty-four (24) hours of life but not later than three (3) days from complete delivery of the newborn o A newborn that must be placed in intensive care in order to ensure survival may be exempted from the 3-day requirement but must be tested by seven (7) days of age  Advisory Committee on Newborn Screening o The Committee shall be composed of eight (8) members. who shall act as Vice Chairperson · Undersecretary of the DILG · Executive Director of the Council for the Welfare of Children · Director of the Newborn Screening Reference Center · Three (3) representatives appointed by the Secretary of Health who shall be a pediatrician. but not limited to. The permit or license of any business entity and the accreditation of hospitals. every Newborn Screening Center shall: · Have a certified laboratory performing all tests included in the newborn screening program · Have a recall/follow up programs for infants found positive for any and all of the heritable conditions · Be supervised and staffed by trained personnel who have been duly qualified by the NIH · Submit to periodic announced or unannounced inspections by the Reference Center in order to evaluate and ensure quality Newborn Screening Center performance. laboratories or clinics R. family physician. laboratory. or clinics may be cancelled or withdrawn if said establishments fail to maintain such safe practices and procedures  All results of HIV/AIDS testing shall be confidential and shall be released only to the following persons: oPerson who submitted himself/herself to such test oEither parent of a minor child who has been tested oLegal guardian in the case of insane persons or orphans oPerson authorized to receive such results in conjunction with the AIDSWATCH program oJustice of the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court (as provided under Subsection (c) of RA 8504 and on accordance with the provision of Section 16) oPenalties for Violations of Confidentiality . 9288  Newborn Screening Act of 2004  Approved on April 7. who shall be appointed by the Senate President and the House Speaker respectively Secretary of Health shall be permanent chairperson of the Council. The three (3) representatives shall be appointed for a term of three (3) years. obstetrician.1 · Two (2) representatives from organizations of medical/health professionals · Six (6) representatives from nongovernment organizations involved in HIV/AIDS prevention and control efforts or activities · Representative of an organization of persons dealing with HIV/AIDS All members of the Council shall be appointed by the President of the Republic of the Philippines. renewable upon recommendation of the Council license to operate any business entity and the accreditation of hospitals.

galactosemia and G6PD deficiency. 2010-0016  Guidelines on the Process Flow of Communication within the Department of Health Administrative Order No. rural health units. 9288 Otherwise Known as the "Newborn Screening Act of 2004"  August 8. Prescribing Penaltie s for Violation Thereof and Appropriating Funds T herefore  Approved on May 25.00 Kit to be charged by the NSC Maximum allowable service fee for the50. health centers and other collecting NBS samples Newborns are screened for congenital hypothyroidism. No.doh. 2010-0018  Revised National Policy on Living Non-related Donation and Transplantation and Its Implementing Structure Amending for the Purpose Administrative Order No. 9482  Anti-Rabies Act of 2007  An Act Providing for the Control and Elimination o f Human and Animal Rabies. 2010-0031  Adoption of the 2010-2016 Philippine Plan of Action to Control Tuberculosis (PhilPACT) and its Implementing Structures Administrative Order No. 2011  The mandatory basic immunization for all infants and children provided under this Act shall cover the following vaccine-preventable diseases: 1. 6425.A. lying-ins. 2005-0005  Cost for the Newborn Screening and Maximum Allowable Services Fees for the Collection of Newborn Screening Samples in all Newborn Screening Collecting Health Facilities  February 8. PKU.Mumps 6. Administrative Order No.O.Tuberculosis 2.H. congenital adrenal hyperplasia.00 collection of newborn screening samples to be charged by the health facilities such as hospitals. 1972) Disorder Screened Effects Screened Republic act No.Rubella or German measles 7.Diphtheria. 2010-0028  Policies and Guidelines in the Conduct of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Counseling and Testing in Community and health Facility Settings. 2010-0009  Guidelines in the Prevention of Disabilities due to Lymphatic Filariasis Administrative Order No.Measles 5. 2010-0024  Requirement of Permit to Construct in the Establishment of Free-Standing Screening Drug Testing Laboratories Nationwide Administrative Order No.Such other types as may be determined by the Secretary of Health in a department circular. Influenza type B (HIB) 9.  The mandatory basic immunization shall be given for free at any government hospital or health center to infants and children up to five (5) years of age. 2010-0002  An Act Declaring May 7 of every year as "Health Workers Day" . 10152  Mandatory Infants and Children Health Immunization Act of 2011  June 21. 2010-0037  Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines Paragonimiasis for Administrative Order No.ph/node/1611 Effect if Screened and Treated Congenital Severe mental Normal hypothyroidism retardation Congenital adrenal Death Alive and hyperplasia normal Galactosemia Death. otherwise known as the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1972 (March 30. 2008-0004-A Administrative Order No.Poliomyelitis 4. 2007 Republic Act No. tetanus and pertussis 3. 10069 Administrative Order No. Administrative Order No.gov. Normal kernicterus R. 2008 (www. 2005 Fee/Cost for NBS Specimen Collection550. cataracts Alive and normal Phenylketonuria Severe mental Normal retardation G6PD deficiency Severe anemia. http://www.gov.doh. 2002  Repeals Republic Act No.ph) A.1  Addendum to the Rules and Regulations Implementing Republic Act No. 2010-0019  Establishment of a National Program for Sharing of Organs from Deceased Donors Administrative Order No. 9165  Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002  Approved on June 7.Hepatitis-B 8. 2010-0017  Guidelines in Surveillance and Response to Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) R.A.

Control Hep B and Other Vaccine Preventable Diseases  October 2. No.O. 2009 A.O. 2007-0015  Revised Guidelines in the Management and Prevention of Schistosomiasis  May 7.O. No. 2008-0018  Guidelines for the Implementation of the Programmatic Management of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (PMDT)  May 26. 2000 . No. No. 2008-0011  Revised Guidelines for Implementing Tuberculosis Control Program in Children  May 21.O. 2009-0020  Interim Guidelines for the Disposal of Health / Medical Records of Private Healthcare Facilities Damaged by the Typhoon  October 22.O.O. 2008-0004 on Revised National Policy on Living Non-Related Organ Donation and Transplantation and Its Implementing Structure  May 29.O. 2008-0025 A. Quality Care and Patient Safety  Guidelines on the Implementation of the Integrated Drug Test Operations and Management Information System (IDTOMIS) for Screening and Confirmatory Drug test Laboratory Operation July 29. No. 2009 A. 2007 A. 2008-0002  Posting of Schedule of Fees for Laboratory and Other Diagnostic Services of Hospitals and Other Health Facilities  January 15. Eradicate Polio.O.O.O. 2008 A. No. No. 2008-0004  Revised National Policy on Kidney Transplantation from Living Non-Related Organ Donor and Its Implementing Structures  March 3. 2008 (www. 2009 A.O. No.O. 663 "Implementing the National Commitment for Bakuna ang Una sa Sanggol at Ina". No.O. 2007-0028  Implementing Guidelines of EO No. 2009-0001  Revised Policy and Guidelines on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Malaria  January 13. Plans and Guidelines Pertaining to Influenza A (H1N1) Virus  May 4. No. 2009-0009  Application of Department of Health Policies. No. 2009 A.O. 2009 A. No. No.O. 2008 A. No. 2010-0001  Policies and Guidelines for the Philippine National Blood Services (PNBS) and the Blood Services Networks (BSN) A. 2009 A.1  Policies and Guidelines pertinent to the Establishment and Operation of Local Blood Councils to Support the Implementation of the National Voluntary Blood Services Program for Blood Safety and Adequacy.O.ph) A. 2009 A. 2008-0007  Schedule of Fees for the Licensure of General Clinical Laboratories and the Registration of Special Clinical Laboratories  March 14. No. 2008 A. No. 2009-0021  Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines for Capillariasis Infections A.gov. 2009-0016  Policies and Guidelines on the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)  May 20. 2008-0004A  Amendment to A. No.O.O. 2008-0022  Policies and Guidelines in the Collaborative Approach of TB and HIV Prevention and Control  August 8.doh. No. No.O.O. 2009-0014  Guidelines for the DOH Integrated Drug Test Operations and Management Information System (IDTOMIS) Subscription / User Fee Collection and Utilization  May 19. 55 s. Attaining the WHO's Goal to Eliminate Measles and Neonatal Tetanus.O. 2008 A. 2008  Administrative Order No. 2009-0003  Technical Guidelines for Implementing DOTS Strategy in Jails and Prisons  January 8. No. 2009-0006  Guidelines on Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Among Adults and Adolescents with Human Immunodeciency Virus (HIV) Infection  January 13. 2009 A. 2009-0013  Declaring the Month of July Every Year as the Mass Treatment and Awareness Month for Schistosomiasis in the Established Endemic Areas in the Philippines  April 14. 2009 A. 2007  November 16. 2008 A.2008 A. No.

2007-0014  Guidelines on the Issuance of Certificate of Product Registration for Equipment or Devices Used for Treating Sharps. PROFESSIONAL’S OATH I. and that I impose this obligation upon myself voluntarily. criticisms. Uphold the dignity and respect of my profession and conduct myself a reputation of reliability.1  Guidelines in the Implementation of MASS  Treatment Strategy Control/Elimination May 30. that I will bear true faith an allegiance to the same.0026  Implementing Guidelines in the Conduct of the National TB Control Program . Treat any information I acquired in the course of my work as strictly confidential.O. No. 2007-0011  Repeal of A. 118-B s. legal orders. 2007 A.Directly Observed Treatment Short-Course (NTP-DOTS) Certification  July 4. Restrict my praises. 2006-0024  Rules and Regulations Governing the Accreditation of Laboratories for Drinking Water Analysis  May 10. D. No.O.0015  Implementing Guidelines Immunization for Infants  June 23.O. Standards and Guidelines for Medical Technology Education CMO 6. 2007 A. 2006 A. Share my knowledge and expertise with my colleagues. s.O. No. 2000 for Schistosomiasis  Guidelines for the Accreditation of Clinical Laboratories Involved in the Training of Medical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology Interns P. I hereby subscribe and pledge to conduct myself at all times in a manner befitting the dignity of my profession. 2006  Policies. 1976 A. No. s. No. views and opinions within constructive limits.O.O. 2006 . s. No. I further solemnly swear that at all times and places I will adhere closely to the ethical and professional rules generally accepted by the Medical Technology Professions in the Philippines. 2006 BOARD OF MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CODE OF ETHICS As I enter into the practice of Medical Technology. Act in a strict spirit of fairness to all and in a spirit of brotherhood toward other members of the profession. Accept employment from more than one employer only when there in no conflict of interest. 2006 A. Perform my task with full confidence. To these principles. Uphold the law and shall not participate in illegal work. on Hepatitis B A. Pathological and Infectious Waste  March 14. 2007 A. 2003 CHED Memorandum Order CMO 14. 2003  Rules and Regulations Governing Accreditation of Hospitals Engaged in the Conduct of Kidney Transplantation  September 1. Contribute to the advancement of the professional organization and other allied health organizations. 2006 . absolute reliability and accuracy.1992 entitled "Rules and Regulations Governing the Accreditation of Clinical Laboratories for the Training of Medical Technology Interns"  April 4. I shall:  Accept the responsibilities inherent to being a            professional. 2007-0019  Guidelines for the Implementation of the Quality Assurance System on Direct Sputum Smear Microscopy (DSSM)  April 11. and decrees promulgated by the duly constituted authorities of the Republic of the Philippines. 2008 . without mental reservation or purpose of evasion. 81. (NAME) of (RESIDENCE) hereby solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the republic of the Philippines. 893  Reconstituting the National Schistosomiasis Control Commission into the Schistosomiasis Control Council and for other Purposes  February 16. Be dedicated to the use of clinical laboratory science to promote life and benefit mankind. No. Report any violations of the above principles of the professional conduct to authorized agency and to the ethics committee of the organization.O. honesty and integrity. and I will well and faithfully discharge to the best of my ability the duties and obligations incumbent upon a legally authorized Medical Technologist. that I will obey the laws.O. No.

by calling is to the vocation of Medical Technologist. si (PANGALAN). Our Lord. PANUNUMPA NG KASAPI Ako. na akoý tunay na mananalig at tatalima rito. ay taimtim na nanunumpa na tuparin ko nang buong husay at katapatan sa abot ng aking makakaya ang aking mga tungkulin bilang kasapi ng Philippine Association of Medical Technologists sampu ng iba pang alituntunin ng kapisanang ito. PANUNUMPA NG PROPESYONAL Ako.1 So help me God. grant us by Thy divine light a deep insight into the serious responsibilities of our tasks. By Thy divine wisdom awaken us a growing zeal and determination to increase our knowledge of how to search for the underlying causes of sickness and disease. at kusa kong babalikatin ang pananagutang ito nang walang ano mang pasubali o hangaring umiwas. how to recognize the evidence of physical changes. Amen. na susundin ang mg utos na legal. at matapat kong gagampanan ng buong husay sa abot ng aking makakaya ang mga tungkulin at pananagutan iniatang sa isang itinakda na Medikal Teknolohist. Kasiyahan nawa ako ng Diyos. PATNUBAYAN NAWA AKO NG MAYKAPAL. na wala ano mang pasubali o hangaring umiwas. si (PANGALAN) ng (TIRAHAN) ay taimtim na nanunumpa na itataguyod ko at ipagtatanggol ang Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas. how to make important chemical analyses. . Taimtim pa rin akong nanunumpa na sa lahat ng panahon at pook na kinaroroonan. Who. na aking igagalang at ipagtatanggol ang batas ng aking bayan. and other valuable tests so helpful in caring for the sick. at kusa kong babalikatin ang pananagutang ito. that thus we may be constantly working through the Eternal Physician. has placed upon us the obligation of being a constant help in the scientific care of the sick. By Thy divine love permit us in this way to share with those who directly care for the sick. at mga atas na ipinahayag ng mga sadyang itinakda ng may kapangyarihan ng Republika ng Pilipinas. MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST’S PRAYER O God. Christ. ay mahigpit akong manghahawakan sa mga etikal at tuntuning propesyonal ng mga Medikal Teknolohist sa Pilipinas.

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