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Adilson, Jogey, Zack

Sojourner Truth: They sold my family and they expect me to stay
calm. What do they expect from me? They treat me like i'm not a women.

Born 1797 – November 26, 1883) was the self-given name, from 1843 onward, of Isabella Baumfree

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Abe Lincoln: I am proud to say that Sojourner is a great impact
on our society.

Harriet Tubman Abe Lincoln Nat Turner

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Sojourner Truth: Thank you Abe for acknowledging my
moment in history.

Sojourner Truth: That was such a big moment for me and I'm
glad that I fought so hard for it #GOML

Dorothea Dix

Dorothea Dix: Yes!! Ever since I've prepared myself for the Mass.
State Legislature, I've been going to different states to abolish slavery :) omg this is a big deal!!

Born on April 4th 1802. Dorothea Dix was an American activist. She went around abolishing slavery.She also helped start mental asylums

Nat Turner: Continue what i couldn't cutie <3 Please help me abolish slavery and complete what i just couldn't do for my family and friends. Dorothea Dix: I will try my hardest to complete what you couldn't
do, and thanks for the compliment.

William Lloyd Garrison Frederick Douglass Harriet Tubman Nat Turner


Dorothea Dix: I'm sorry ,but I don't remember you...


Dorothea Dix: You're getting blocked.

Nat Turner

Nat Turner: Today I stood tall in front of all my brothers and
sisters in the name of God to abolish slavery. I couldn't believe how bad it backfired in my face. Nat Turner, born into slavery on October 2, 1800, on a Southampton County plantation, became a preacher who claimed he had been chosen by God to lead slaves from bondage. On August 21, 1831, he led a violent insurrection.

Frederick Douglas: Deaths must be made during these times to achieve
freedom. I'm sorry to hear it backfired, but as long as you tried you will be remembered.

Harriet Tubman: Yes! Thank you Frederick for those words. It's
what we all need to hear during these harsh times. If only you came to me Nat. I could've helped you out through my "railroad".

Abe Lincoln Harriet Tubman Frederick Douglas

Nat Turner: Aww your so right! I should've came to you when I
had the chance, If i could get that chance.

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weapons end to slavery

Frederick Douglass: Free at last!! Free at last hallelujah :)

Frederick Douglass was born in a slave cabin, in February, 1818, near the town of Easton, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Separated from his mother when only a few weeks old he was raised by his grandparents. At about the age of six, his grandmother took him to the plantation of his master and left him there.

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Harriet Tubman: Yes!! This day has finally come

Abe Lincoln
Harriet Tubman Nat Turner

Frederick Douglas: God has seen what they did to me and he set
me free! Thank the lord!

Harriet Tubman: Just freed another bunch of my brothas and
sistas.God is going to be on my side and only my side! #GOML
Harriet Tubman was an American bondwoman who escaped from slavery in the South to become a leading abolitionist before the American Civil War. She was born in Maryland in 1820, and successfully escaped in 1849.

Sojourner Truth: yes sista... thanks to you our brothas and
sistas are free at last!!

Ralph Emerson: Just remember our Lords Prayer and
everything in life is blessed and granted Abe Lincoln
Sojourner Truth

Kunte Kinte: wen you com vir kunta??

Nat Turner kunta kinte

Tesla Manor: you ain't going nowhere boy! Get back on my
fields and continue what you were told!

Harriet Tubman:Sir, did you just come onto my page and
comment that? Your getting blocked and I will save Kunte from your hands.

Horace Mann: I want all these children of the future to have a
better education!
Horace Mann insisted that free, universal public education, paired with well-educated teachers, was the best way to ensure that the nation's children became upstanding citizens.

Frederick Douglas:Indeed, as well do I. Our children of the
future ARE the future and we need them to succeed.

Jogey Peguero: Because of you... we do have a better
education. #EducationIsLife

Jogey Peguero Zack Tsunami Adilson Fernandes Mr.Martinelle Frederick Douglas

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Zach Tsunami: Thank you for thinking about the children of the
future. #Much Respect!!

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Mr.Martinelle: As a teacher of the future I can truly say I'm proud

Education Abolition of slavery Books

of our education system

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William Lloyd Garrison:Ive fought for about 30 decades to put
an end to slavery.... One day soon slavery should perish.
William Lloyd Garrison was born on December 13, 1805 in Newburyport. He was one of the founder of the American AntiSlavery Society. He died on May 24th 1879 in New York City

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Dorothea Dix: Yes indeed. Slavery needs to get put to an end!
Right now im going through the states trying to end slavery while at the same time caring for the mentally sick.

Dorothea Dix Nat Turner Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass:Wow Dorothea, thats quite a lot on your
plate, but yes slavery must end.

Nat Turner: Amen to that William. Slavery is wrong on so many
levels and I don't understand why we have it.

The Union agrees with your tremendously. Slavery isn't necessary! As a general I will crush the confederate and help end slavery.

The study of the Reform Movement reveals how people fought the in different ways against slavery and fought for a better future.

a "takeaway" for future citizens should be: know your rights. people fought hard for your rights. Don't let it be in vain.

The reformers that would friend each other most likely will be Dorothea Dix and William L. Garrison because it seems as if they both are fighting for the same reason. They both are not colored people but they're still against slavery, trying to abolish it together.