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Journal Creation

Balancing segment value is not valid for the current ledger

The effective date of the BSV assigned to the LE is after the JV date 1.The segments values are not Budget enabled Though the Value is budget enable, GLCC created before it is disabled for Allow Budget in the GLCC window -

Change the effective date of the BSV assignment to LE Enable Budget "Allow Budget" in the segment qualifier



You cannot budget for this account



You cannot budget for this account

Enable the "Allow Budget in the GLCC window for that code combination


Budget Budget

JV fails Funds Check even when the Budget amout is available JV Fails Funds Check even for the GLCC for which no assigmnet is done/Budget control is done


Receiving Error 0 and 95353 in the Create Accounting Process [ID 753585.1] -

GL Secondary Ledger

Subledger Accounting was unable to derive an accounting code combination using the account derivation rule Realized Gain Account owned by Oracle. Please review the account derivation rule and make sure it derives a valid accounting flexfield combination for the source values passed for the transaction

Foreign Exchange Charge A/c Is not given in the Bank Setup

Give an A/c In the Bank

Legal Entity

Unable to enter City and State while creating Legal Address


MRC is obsolete in R12 and is now referred to as Reporting Currency in R12.

Primary ledger has been setup with reporting currency defined with subledger level. Enable subledger level reporting, transactions are getting converted to reporting currency. Sub ledger level the transactions are converted to the RC Currency. But unable to run the MRC reports. Ledgers Question for Reporting Currency ledger with Subledger level option: a) Do you need to have separate responsibility to view transactions in reporting currency? Is this the only option to see the native transaction in reporting currency? b) Is there a list of those reports (MRC) available for subledgers if this the expected function? -

a) No, you don't need MRC responsibility in R12. From your subledger transaction UI, you will be able to select View Accounting in the menu to view the accounting entries for the transaction in multiple ledgers, including reporting currencies. You can also use reports to view accounting data in reporting currencies. b) Check each individual subledger's user guide to see which report provides reporting currency data. Look for reports with a Ledger parameter.

Reporting Currency Function With Subledger Option In Release 12 [ID 785385.1]


When Running Revaluation the concurrent Errored out with eteh following error: ">> glvinit() 12-OCT-2010 12:47:57 SHRD0001: Error in afpoget() - trying to read GL_REVAL_INC_ACC_RULE Cannot read value for profile option GL_REVAL_INC_ACC_RULE in routine &ROUTINE. SHRD0001: Error in afpoget() - trying to read GL_REVAL_MRC_FROM_PRIMARY_CURRENCY Cannot read value for profile option GL_REVAL_MRC_FROM_PRIMARY_CURRENCY in routine &ROUTINE. SHRD0001: Error in afpoget() - trying to read GL_REVAL_VALIDATE_GAINLOSS Cannot read value for profile option GL_REVAL_VALIDATE_GAINLOSS in routine &ROUTINE."


Profile Options to be set: 1.GL Revaluation: Tracking by Cost Center-> Yes 2.GL/MRC Revaluation: Use Primary Book Currency Instead of Entered Currency->No 3.GL Revaluation: Validate Gain/Loss Accounts-Yes 4.GL: Income Statement Accounts Revaluation Rule-> PTD To implement the solution, please execute the following steps::



chennai oracle tutorials.7 12. Designed by VAR Infotech www.GL.GL. chennai oracle careers. Noticed that for the new journal created.NEXTVAL FROM SYS.1: patch/115/sql/glujecpb.B 'R12 AutoCopy Journal does not copy the NO1 segment in the Enter Journals: value DFF' 2. chennai localization.Patch 8506412 or Patch 1218782 Journal Auto Copy GLXJEENT: used Autocopy function on a journal. Confirm the following file versions: 12. Ensure that you have taken a backup of your system before applying the recommended patch. In order to correct the present data.7 Set Profile "Flexfields:Shorthand Entry" to "Always" Solution To get this functionality an enhancement request needs to be logged.6.1] Home | Documents | Issues & Fixes | Useful Note ID | Author's Note | About Me | Disclaimer | Enquiry | Sitemap © w w w . when attempting to change one account/code combination. Apply the patch in a test environment.oracleapps. Bug:1731331 APXINKWB Click Distributions Button .6/21/13 Oracleapps. 3.1 to correct this issue.12010000.0: Patch 6521457:R12.1] Shorthand alias Shorthand Alias is not shown when entered Profile "Flexfields:Shorthand Entry" is not set - Document Sequence Was not able to save the Journal & the following error was encountered "The SQL statement being executed at the time of the error was: SELECT FND_DOC_SEQ_24_S. Please use the instructions found in Note: 210440.DUAL and was executed from the file &ERRFILE" The ORA-1455 is caused by a document sequence setup with sequence values with more than 9 digits.6. Download and review the readme and prerequisites for 12.APPFND-01564 ORACLE error 1455 in fdsgsv [ID . chennai oracle. 4.1: Patch (chennai oracle localisation.0: patch/115/sql/glujecpb.All Rights Reserved. ch… the following steps:: 1.html 2/2 .A 'R12 AutoCopy Journal does not copy the NO1 segment in the Enter Journals: value DFF' 12.12000000.pls 120. the following error occurs: ERROR Please enter the required value for the No segment in the Enter Journals: Value Added Tax flexfield This is caused by Bug 6521457 'R12 COPY JOURNAL DOES NOT COPY THE NO1 SEGMENT IN THE ENTER JOURNALS: VALUE DFF' R12: GLXJEENT Using Autocopy On Journals Throws 'Please enter the required value for the No segment in the Enter Journals: Value Added Tax flexfield' [ID 120.oracleapps. chennai oracle forums.