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HSC On-Site Training

A Roine,A Remes November 14, 2012


HSC Chemistry On-Site Training

HSC Mineral Processing Advanced Course 2 Days
Working with experimental data Collecting and organising experimental data in HSC Sim Advanced element to mineral conversion with HSC Geo (working with mineral database)

- Mass balancing and data reconciliation - Model fitting - Changing to Particles Mode and running simulation From experimental data to full scale simulation - Setting up a continuous time simulation from model fitted flotation kinetics - Change to closed loop simulation - Scale-up and define the equipment dimensions Hands on exercises on circuit including several different minerals processing units (existing models, model parameters, limitations, customising models) - Grinding - Size separation - Flotation (TankCell, Flotation Column) - Thickening - Magnetic and gravity separation - Others Other optional advanced features of HSC Sim - Accessing mineral database from Microsoft Excel (HSC Add-in functions) - Sampler: determining sample and sample preparation error, defining required sample sizes

The Advanced Sim Course gives more detailed information of the Sim Flowsheet module and some of the advanced tools. The course will give for the course attendant skills to modify existing models and create their own simulations of minerals processing circuits from scratch. Especially, handling of experimental data and model fitting based on that is covered. The course will also give ideas on how to estimate the validity of different types of models. Lecturer Dr. Antti Remes Antti has been working with mineral processing applications and modelling for more than 10 years.