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Markisha Aristide Unit 11 Essay Was Westward Expansion Ethical?

March 28, 2013

During the nineteenth century America was battling weather or not United States was Unethical or Ethical based on the events that occurred. Between the periods of time 1803 through 1848 the Westward expansion was happening It was a tragic time in this world History.The Westward Expansion was unethical for many reasons. Why the Westward expansion was so unethical because slavery had increased and the government was being really greedy for cotton. In Addition U.S and Mexico went at it and went to war. Also The Trail Of Tears was devastating and thousands of Cherokees had to be forced to walk a lot of miles.

As a result of the Westward Expansion Cherokees were also treated unfairly during this time frame. Andrew Jackson forced the Cherokees out of their homes in Georgia. Thousands of Creeks who refused to leave Alabama were rounded up and marched west (History Alive TCI 2002). Four Thousands died during their long walk to Indian Territory (History Alive TCI 2002). This was unethical act because this isn’t fair to the Cherokees people, also their families. Andrew Jackson despises Indians, he says they were children and he did this to better their nation. But really all this did was tear them apart even more. The Idea of Segregating Indian onto poor land was first suggested by Thomas Jefferson ( American anthropological Association, 2007). During these these years the Cherokee been through a lot their kids had to go through this also. Even though some made it they had to deal with terrible diseases. In 1830, Congress passed the law which was called the Indian Removal Act, thats when the khaos all started. ( Terry Hongell, 2011).

As a result in the Westward Expansion slavery also the Louisiana purchase was very unethical.. The Westward Expansion carried slavery down to the southwest, into Mississippi, Alabama, crossing the Mississippi river into Louisiana. Finally by 1840, it was pouring into Texas ( Yahoo, 2009). At this point I basically think they were being selfish, and greedy. Slavery was always around it just elevated to a higher extent. Annexing Texas was just for slavery to grow, plus they did it without permission. States formed Louisiana purchase was Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Oklahoma (Wikipedia 2013). At the time, the purchas. The United States purchased the Louisiana from france at a price of $15 million, or approximately four cents an acre (,2009). Really this was unethical because now that their population is double the size the have to take care of more people. Everyone should have the same of care, unless it would be unfair.

Annexing Texas was a dramatic time in the Westward expansion, also better for some but worst for others. 1821 Mexican independence from Spain. Also in 1822 Stephen Austin leads American settlers into mexico to grow cotton (Military Academy, 2008). Texas was originally a part of spain,so these two places were close. The people in Texas were complaining about the language (History Alive,2002). When Santa Anna’s troops from Mexico reached Texas the texans had no chance, they were outnumbered. They eventually lost the battle terribly, they surprise attacked the Santa Anna’s troops. But Texanas wanted to become apart of United States for more slavery. The Northerners and Southerners divided about what to do with Texas, because they were afraid of it being a slave state (History Alive,2002). This event basically prevented more slavery which was not the plan, which make it unethical.

In conclusion, during the 1800’s the westward expansion was an up and down rollercoaster of unfairness and khaos. Former presidents tried but did not succeed, and end up causing trouble. The Indian Removal was very unethical it was wrong and caused the Native Americans their lives and more. Some other may say that the westward expansion was ethical, not everything was horrible actual, there were was some good things. For example the Mexican War has protection from invasions which is good. Also Annexing Texas made more land which means more farming for farmers. Americans had goal to expand, but It didn't necessarily fall through.