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CSI Civil War Suspect

Possible Suspect : Mother Nature CSI American CIvil War Case
Possible Suspect: Mother Nature

Police Department of Justice

CSI Civil War Suspect Case
Reward: 1,00000000

Agent: Markisha A.
Possible Suspect: Congress

Reward: $10,00000000000000000 000000 Temporary Suspect #1 Mother Nature
Federal Police Department of Justice Markisha Aristide

620,000 Americans dead… Who’s responsible?
Who is guilty


Who is responsible?

Based on my prior knowledge the American Civil War was basically a war between Northern and southern states. The two couldn't compromise at all. Usually people go into war because they can't compromise. when you can't compromise on things people get mad. Also when people get mad they go into war. I think Southern states also didn't get enough rights and privileges than the Northern states. Southerns and treated differently back then because the African Americans mostly lived in the South. Also there was a lot of slavery in the South. So maybe the southern states thought they should have more rights and be more civil. But the Northerners did not agree. It eventually ended up to war, and that my theory of the American Civil War.

Day 2
Suspect #1: Mother Nature
Today in my investigation I found out the suspect. Its not really an actual person. It Mother Nature! She is the reason for all this madness.She is very sneaky and suspicious. In the south she make the weather hot and humid, and sometimes with some heavy rainfall. She changes the climate in the North and make them have cold frosty winter and less sun. So the Southerners have an advantage. So the southerners can grow their crops easily. Now the north is furious with them and they think they should have the same privileges and advantages. But how ill they compromise?

Suspect #2: Congress
In today's investigation we found a positive suspect. Its not a specific person. The culprit here is congress! They are the reason for the North and South's bickering. The congress are playing both sides instead of doing the smart thing and compromising. I think they need to compromise because everyone will get what they want and everyone will be satisfied. If you compromise none of this madness would even began in the first place. The congress's initial plan was to keep a number of slave states and free states then they switched it up. The slavery will help out the southerner but the Northerners will be left in the dust. So now there is a big feud between both sides.

Day 3

Day 4

In today's Investigation the suspect here is henry clay. He just made the fact about slavery worse. He is definitely an abolitionist in my eyes, and a good one at it too. The compromise of 1850 made everything worse because not everyone was happy. after the death of Taylor the president, everything went downhill. Henry worked with douglas and passed the fugitive slave act. But it didn't solve anything, It actually raised tensions. So they this led up to a congressional truce.

Suspect#3:Henry Clay

Suspect#4: congress In today's investigation my suspect is
definitely congress. They are the ones who made this decision! They should take all the blame for this. Also 'Uncle tom's cabin made it even worse and put slaves in a very bad light. The author (Harriet B.) is just a terrible author for putting these poor slave in this dark shadow. COngress is always trying to compromise but everything turns down wrong. If you compromise both sides have to be satisfied. I think northerners and southerners will always fight. Congress is pushing aside the problems but you will be captured sooner or later!!!

Day 5

Suspect#5: Supreme Court

Day 6

In todays investigation the culprit is clear! Its obviously the supreme court in this case here. They made slave (african americans) have no rights at all, and really made the northerners hate them. Dred scott tried suing someone and they (supreme court) but they wouldn't let her because she wasn't a citizen. Then she tried becoming a citizen and he couldn't because he was african american. Chief justice taney was trying to figure and settle this whole thing out but couldn't really. if they would give equal freedom to everyone maybe the whole civil war wouldn't happen in the first place.

Final Charges & Letter to the Jury
Dear Jury, I found the guilty culprit today! After all these investigations and all this hard work the guilty people are mother nature, congress, and the voters! These people have been pushing aside all the important stuff and focusing on the less important things. They have been hiding behind the curtains for so long, and now they are found. Mother nature has been preventing the north with cold snowy winter and the south with rich soil and sunny skies. why would you do such a thing, to all these innocent people?You think you can just pass through every state and torture there weather. Also congress lets not forget about you, you are not a great decision maker. You are on both northerners and southerners sides. Also making bad compromises even though no ones is really satisfied. None of this madness will happen now that i have the culprits. Congress just wants to make money they don't give a crap about the nation's feelings? oh! and let not forget the voter the reason why these terrible president are even where they are now is because of you. You didn't think of anyone but yourselves. So no all of you have to pay for what you all did. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty , and you all are definitely guilty! This whole American Civil war is your fault and you will pay one way or the other. Let's remember the other suspects as well like harriet., Henry Clay, also the abolisist. Finally we are free.