Ansonia wants to work with the federal government to arrive at a solution to the Olson Drive situation that is fair

to everyone. That is why I am scheduling meetings with Senators Blumenthal and Murphy as well as Congresswoman DeLauro to see if both the original Declaration of Trust and the conditions for demolition can be waived. We need to reduce our density and Ansonia needs to be treated fairly when compared to other communities in our state. Many of the neighborhoods in the central and lower sections of the city closer to the Naugatuck River were built long ago to provide housing for workers in the booming factories of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Often they were occupied by multiple generations of the same family. Much has changed in our city over the last 50 years since the project at Olson Drive was originally built. Large forces such as globalization, advances in technology and cheaper foreign labor have reduced, eliminated or taken our industrial jobs elsewhere. Meanwhile, those multi family homes have become places where people who are unemployed or unemployable have taken residence over the last generation or two. This long term development has taxed our schools and public safety systems and we need help. Even without Olson Drive, Ansonia’s average of subsidized housing is well above the state norm. The federal government should not apply rules that worked in 1960 to a changed community 53 years later. We need recognition that while we are always willing to do our part to accommodate people who are poor or financially challenged, it is unfair to ask us to do so at a rate far higher than neighboring communities that do much less. I will be providing more input to the public and our elected representatives and Senators in the coming weeks on this subject.

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