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Heritage Collection Canadiana is undertaking a large-scale project to digitize 50,000 reels of microform from Library & Archives Canada. Collections include photographs, census data, central registries, church records, first nations, government documents, land, military and personal papers and fonds. Material being digitized is cultural heritage material with value for both English and French institutions. Canadiana will develop a bilingual web portal to host the content. Each year, 10% of the collections will be made open access. Images and series-level metadata will be part of the open access content. At the end of the tenth year, the full collection will be open access for Canadians. In the first ten years, access fees for the non-open access portions will be used to fund metadata creation. All funds raised through fee-for-service will be used to enhance the metadata creations program. Linked Open Data (LOD) will be used to promote broader resource discovery  and  to  make  Canada’s  heritage  collections  more   accessible. Services that will be monetized to pay for metadata creation include:  Image level metadata and linked open data  Transcribed content and detailed finding aids One-time contribution provides:  Perpetual access to premium service  Access to the portion of the material that is not open access during the first 10 years  Complimentary ILL for items in the collection that have not yet been digitized  Stakeholder status for determining priorities for digitization One-time contribution is approximately 2x annual Early Canadian Online fee. No ongoing access or service fee will be charged for premium services or access to content. Institutions that choose not to invest initially, but who in the future wish to access premium services or non-open access content, will be required to pay an annual fee and standard ILL fees will also apply.

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