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June 20, 2013

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Breaking News - Denial of Restraining Orders
Las Vegas, NV - Dear Sisters and Brothers in LULAC,

Events of the last week have found it necessary that the membership of LULAC be addressed o issues which have arisen in the Arizona and in federal court in El Paso, Texas. It has come to ou attention that an avowed candidate for National Office and his allies are spreading mistruths a distortions of those events. Why these individuals would take this approach in addressing the membership of LULAC is suspect, however LULAC is able to report that Mr. Domingo Garcia a his allies pressed two court actions this past week.

First, Mr. Garcia funded a lawsuit in the State of Arizona to disqualify all of LULAC’s Arizona membership from voting in the upcoming elections. Mr. Garcia and his allies told the Judge in Phoenix, Arizona that delegates to the LULAC National Convention were selected at the LULA Arizona State Convention. Anyone who has been in LULAC knows that this is complete fabrica The first effort in the Arizona was to obtain a temporary restraining order without LULAC bein present at the time the temporary restraining order was issued. The Court refused to issue a temporary restraining order, and scheduled a hearing on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 in Superior C in Phoenix, Arizona. After hearing evidence, the judge in that case denied Mr. Garcia’s and his allies’ request for a temporary restraining order. LULAC was not chastised nor otherwise admonished by the Judge. LULAC was totally victorious at the hearing in Phoenix, Arizona.

Second, Mr. Garcia and his allies attempted to obtain a preliminary injunction in federal distri court in El Paso, Texas. Upon appearing before the court, the first question from Federal Judge Frank Montalvo was, “why are we here?” Judge Montalvo told Mr. Garcia’s paid lawyers that h not believe there was an issue before the Court that required his intervention. Judge Montalvo not state at anytime that the Texas state director and legal advisor “conducted an illegal ruling” Judge Montalvo did not rule that Luis Vera, Miguel Ortiz and Roger Rocha were biased and ruthless in anything done in Texas. Judge Montalvo did not declare that Luis Vera, Miguel Ort and Roger Rocha acted in bad faith nor did he overturn their ruling. Judge Montalvo did not ru that anyone was corrupt or abused power. The only thing Judge Montalvo ruled was that the cl raised by Linda Chavez, Bea Martinez, and Joey Cardenas, Mr. Garcia’s allies were “moot.” Interestingly, Mr. Garcia’s comments mirror in almost total detail those made by Mr. Bernardo Eureste, a person who would destroy LULAC. Mr. Eureste was not present in El Paso, Texas wh

Judge Montalvo said he would not issue a preliminary injunction. Yet, Mr. Eureste’s comments that mirror Mr. Garcia’s comments were sent out on the internet within five (5) minutes of the Judge’s ruling. The membership of LULAC can draw its own conclusion as to why Mr. Garcia i being untruthful. However, the reality is that nothing Mr. Garcia states in his emails to the membership of LULAC is accurate. In reality, Mr. Garcia’s comments are blatant misrepresentations, distortions and deliberate attempts to mislead the LULAC membership. Luis Roberto Vera,Jr., LULAC National General Counsel Manuel G. Escobar, Jr., LULAC National Legal Advisor

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